Manganya attacks ‘dirty’ Asians, urges Malawi govt to act

Malawi’s renowned comedian Michael Usi, aka ‘Manganya’ has made disparaging on  Asian-business persons and politicians for neglecting  commercial town Limbe Blantyre, citing an example of poor infrastructures and roads.

Manganya:  Lashes at dirty Asians

Manganya: Lashes at dirty Asians

Usi said in an interview with Nyasa Times that  government has to do “something” about Asians opening up businesses and dirty shops.

“Our politicians seem  to be neglecting social economic issues, especially in Limbe where we have allowed these Asians to operate in sub-standards buildings. I do not even know when was the last time those buildings were painted,” said Usi.

He said it is time for government and politicians to take an action on Asians, who have are operating in sub-standards buildings to demolish them and construct better buildings.

“I remember the first Head of State Dr Kamuzu Banda directed that most of the sub-standard buildings in Limbe be demolished. They even painted red stars on the buildings to be demolished, but up to now l wonder to see the buildings still being used. What is wrong with us Malawians that we cannot respect our laws,” quizzed Usi.

He emphasized that Asians are making a lot of money through business, yet it is difficult for them to make sure that Limbe is a well developed town by constructing standard buildings.

Usi pointed out that it is unfortunate that they cannot maintain the sewages which most of them in Limbe were broken some years back.

“As a social responsibility, l think these Asians should be responsible in making sure that Limbe is clean. Another question to our city council is why they allow these people to have their houses upstairs with shops down. You find that clothes, pants, bathing towels are all over making the town to look even worse,” said Usi.

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Unenesko pera

Munthu wamkulu, muyambitse chipani, muzawina


Mayor Chalamanda. That the job for you. Order these Indians to pull down the old structures and construct modern ones
Can u work,please


amwenyewatu amatiyamba dala.they r capitalising pa kupusa kwathu.but one dy when mother mw shall say enough z enough, we will b xenophobic and oust them out for once and for all.mpaka akakhuta nkumatimenyanso dziko lokhala lathu zitsiru zimenezi.its high time the govt of mw acted on this otherwise the gov is raising the devil in us and don`t regret the sour actions mwians r capable of doing.ndalama apusi amenewa angotumiza ku bombay apo ayi adzikapanga business ku bombay konko.shit and dirty asians!

Federalism can easily solve this problem, but people are afraid of going back to their home regions so they’ve given up on this noble quest for a Federated Malawi. Limbe is a colonial era shopping “Mecca” and needs some serious restoration to bring it to its former glory. I was surprised that MPICO had decided to build a shopping mall in LL but didn’t have any plans for another one in Limbe, and, of course, not one was planned for Nyika City. Looks like it’s all about a “Market Forces” battle which LLs is winning. Then, again, what about that… Read more »

Amwenyewa ndi a ubve ngakhale kwao. They shit in the streets. They have no regard of the country they are living in. They forget that this is Malawi, OUR country not the land of dirty Hindus. Tiyeni tithanenawo


Limbe ikuchitisa manyazi misewu,manyumba akewo pansi shop pamwamba nyumba..gvmt of malawi must do something osati kungoyang’ana zinazi..kodi amwenyewa akutiseweresa just bcz we malawian ndife awumphawi?..


This is always in Country which is ruled by corupt leaders. When a father is a thief even his children will become a thief. You Mr. Manganya you have been traveling in different countries, u can see that our friends they are living in clean and beautiful cities, why leadership. Thank u Mr Usi for your concern am also more concerned as Malawian.


Don’t blame Asians, blame local councils for not doing enough to maintain good standards.

naqeeb simunthu wamba Makomo

mfundo mwakambazo mzomveka koma poti inu ndi chosekesela anthu ambili akuganiza kuti mukungoponya ka nthabwala.


Munthu wamkuluyu is very right. City of Blantyre plse take it up

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