Manganya says Chaponda’s tribal overtones unacceptable

Civil rights activist Michael Usi also known as Manganya in his comedy skits has condemned Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda for promoting nepotism when he alleged that the ‘Maizegate’ scandal was being championed by northerners.

Usi: Condemns Chaponda’s nepotistic remarks

Usi, who is also Adventist Development Relief Agency (Adra) deputy executive director, said the alleged corrupt practices in the maize procurement from Zambia is a “matter of national importance” and that Chaponda and all people being investigated should desist from using divisive tribal overtones.

According to Usi, who said is a Lhomwe by birth like Chaponda; it is “unacceptable” and “disturbing” for Chaponda to be promoting regionalism.

“The Constitution does not look at our tribes. It does not distinguish a Lhomwe from a Tumbuka or a Yao from a Tonga,” said Usi.

He said the Constitution of Malawi treats all citizens “equal before the law and no one, not a single tribe, is above the law.”

Usi said Chaponda “should be cautious” with his divisive words that can promote tribalism and hatred against the people of the north.

He called on the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to discipline Chaponda.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said Chaponda’s remarks were his personal views and not necessarily the stand of the party.

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) also condemned Chaponda’s nepotistic remarks.

In the statement signed by president John Suzi-Banda and Honorary Secretary Khumbo Soko, MLS says Chaponda’s remarks were unfit for high office holders and brazenly a promotion of regionalism.

“Malawi Law Society has learnt with grave disappointment remarks by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda, MP, in which he describes current efforts to establish his role in the procurement of maize from Zambia by Admarc as a ‘regional issue’ and evidence of ‘antagonism between the Southern and Northern regions of Malawi.’ The society denounces these remarks as being divisive, irresponsible, dishonourable and far beneath the dignity of a holder of the office of a Minister,” reads part of the statement.

Both the presidential commission of inquiry and the joint parliamentary inquiry have called for criminal investigation into Chaponda’s role in the procurement of maize in Zambia, christened as ‘Maizegate’.

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hail manganya!!!hail usi!!!thats wat we call maturity and reasonability…if all lomwe’s were like usi i think lomwes would have been occupying all gvnt departments,ministries and parastatals.But with chaponda sytle of mind…lomwes forget about being the drivers of malawi’s economy and civil service.most of u are distrustworthy,bogous,malicious,misguided,jealousy,lazy,unkind,unpatriotic,unreliable and nepotistic.Unfortunately no company can entrust aperson with such attributes and character.


fortunately i think people have lost their brains here.inter-tribal marriages have been there for centuries; thus there ain’t any 100% so-called lhomwes,chewas ..etc.chaponda might as well be from mozambique.any person,particularly politicians,who spews bile like that endangers the security of the are inviting war chaponda and if your philosophy in politics is based on hatred of the northerners,then you should be eliminated just like savimbi-for peaceful malawi’s is better without thee than you within-shakespear’s “macbeth”.

Some comments show that some people are still uncivilized. Let us go to school and excel then we will have jobs. Do we expect a standard 7 person to be a Manager just because we such and such a district to have a Manager. the Tea companies are foreign and the owners employee those who are capable, If you are not capable, they will not employee you for the sake of balancing employment, No. If employment is by the local, he will do so and his company will flop miserably. Go to school and you will have a good job… Read more »

We are all one DON’T BE SELF HANDLER OF THE NAME MALAWI ,N,C,S,E REGIONS makes the nation,be vibrant in speeches plz


Manganya Tulo. Please talk to Kapito for advice.

Can someone please open the skull of michale usi and let us see whats in there? The guy is too blind to see the tricks of backstabbing tumbukas. My friend Usi, wake up and smell the coffee. The northern plot is real iwe manganya. Is it too difficult for you to see that there is a systematic exclusion which wakwithus practice in order to put their siblings in positions in any company or Govt departments? Do you see non tumbukas working in the north the way tumbukas work in Central or South? Thats why the fruits of tea estates in… Read more »

I dont know why the DPP still keeps this criminal called Chaponda. He is a disgrace to the Nation and almost a younger brother to Lucifer. He can even eat a Northerner alive. Another one is Kaliati who has openly shown her disgust for Northerners. APM was once trapped by a radio personality when he talked bad about Chimunthu Banda that he cannot win because he is a Tonga and a Northerner. All DPP top brass is tribalistic and unfit to lead this impoverished nation of ours!

I wonder why people think Michael Usi can be a presidential material. People think running a government is as easy as making people laugh. If he is good in making others laugh it can not be a warrant that he can make a good statesman. The guy is good at dramatizing things while running a country needs seriousness. His seriousness if at all he has any cannot reach a single step to that of Du Chisiza Junior or Frank Mwase. You cannot even compare him to that lady Gertrude Kamkwatira. These people were making us laugh and at the same… Read more »

Let us stop all this thing about tribalism. Let us all be Malawian and chimalawi should be the language. It is a pity the country was changed from Nyasaland because then we were nyasas. There should not be northern or central or south instead give the areas other names like nyika province, lakeshore province, dzalanyama province, shirehighlands province, sapitwa province, lengwe province. The language chimalawi shall mean chinyasa. The other ethnic languages should just be spoken within the respected areas or within the community radios or TV BUT NOT on national TV or radio stations.


Anyone with a brain can see that Chaponda is not fit for high office… or office of any sort. And yet this government still keeps him in place! If he’s not speaking for them, he should at least be suspended.

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