Manganya set to hold special ‘address to the nation’ Thursday

Malawians from all walks of life will on Thursday 23rd March 2017 be glued to their radios as social commentator  and rights activist Michael Usi is expected to hold a special ‘Address to the Nation’.

Usi: To address the nation

The special address will be aired on four local biggest radio stations according to an advert that is being aired on various media houses.

The selected radio stations are Zodiak, Times, MIJ and Joy.

In previous similar addresses, Usi who is also popularly known as ‘Manganya’ in the Comedy Industry has been critical to the government on its weakness.

Usi offers insights to the nation through the stage being an actor as well as an activist.

He has always maintained that Malawi has failed to make the best of independence and has been full of embarrassment 53 years after independence.

On the other hand, he also provide solutions and suggestions on how best to tackle challenges Malawian citizens face in their daily life but he has been given a deaf ear by authorities.

But Usi also expressed concern with the tendency of Malawians of not taking up matters affecting the mother Malawi.

“The problem we have in Malawi is that when organizations and individuals address social issues, nobody takes up the issues and it dies a natural death,” said Usi.

But he has always never to just sit idle and watch politicial monopoly.

It is obvious that Usi will again this time around pounce on President Peter Mutharika’s administration which has been marred by heavy corruption.

The famous scandal likely to be narrated on is that of the dubious purchase of Maize from Zambian government famously called Maizegate that led to the sispension and later firing of Agriculture Minister George Chaponda.

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winston msowoya
Candidly,Northerners have not in any way,misdirected the education system in the country.Quota System was introduced by Hastings Banda to undermine and enslave the people of the North,who themselves imported him from where he was.It is impossible for a human being to destroy the talents of people who had been talented by God the Almighty.There is no evidence atall that Northerners destroyed the education system by cheating on exams.These words are supposed to come from a deranged and a die-hard tribalist.Northerners have been leading in education since the colonial administration,why now they are accused of cheating on the system? The British… Read more »

A dpp mukanakhala mulungu bwenzi titatha ukusulani

Dzimwale wamkulu

The Big question is has he have anything to offer? or just to think of his belly? Manganya just concentrate on what you know best and leave politics for these politicians coz you may create your own demise


We hope you are going to make the big annoucement that you will be running for Presidency. Please start a new party, with fresh young blood, driven to really develop our beloved dying country. its time we flush out all these recycled brainless, loveless politicians, gondwe, dausi, kaliati, mussa to name a few. Malawi this is time for new fresh young politics and Mr Manganya would make a great President, a man of great integrity, fear of God, love for people. Please times beam this address on tv. its time to start campaigning 2019 is not far.

chief mpango

Southerners has no wisdom to run this country , Malawi is poor because of southerners leaders we had and we are having. Mr Manga you are westing your money and time, Malawians will not trust any more southerners, nonsense


atumbuka sadzalamulira dziko lino muiwale agalu inu


Mcp more fire


You are just gonna waste your money to pay the broadcasting stations, that man does not listen to anyone he’s like his late brother again he was not listening to anybody during his time.


Go ahead as long as there is objectivity and not just mere politics.

Kenneth leonnard

He is a man who come to the throng and tell pple with zero pluck to government where it fails. He is a man who knows what to avoid


Manganya addressing the nation. Lets wait and see. He is a leader in his own right.. go ahead sir, bola ku tsitsa fundo zabwino

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