May 20 your careers might end: Letter from Sapitwa

Finally we all agree, the debates have not told us anything new and there are strong suggestions either to cut numbers of pretenders or simply abandon the talk shop  panel discussions. Reverend Helen Singh of Mbatata fame spoke for everyone when she admitted last Tuesday “What we are saying is almost impossible, but UIP can try to do it.”

You see, this woman and Friday Jumbe admitted that the wish list did not have anything new. Nobody among all aspirants, as other observers indicated afterwards, told Malawians how they will create jobs for the job seeker except  Atupele mentioning that he look into transport.

Reverend Chakwera sounding very desperate he charged that the MCP which failed to move Malawi out of donor dependency in 31 years, it will do a miracle in 5 years. I thought it was a sick joke from the man who dumped heavenly calling for a political job which he now begged “ndipatseni mwayi ndikulamulileni.”

One direction for Malawi: Candidates show unity at the first debate
Opposition presidential candidates at the first debate

Professor Peter Mutharika was the toast of the day. We quickly forgot the mbatata first debate, we now had “Mabanja wosweka” and “boyfriends and girlfriends” charade. I was horrified when someone suggested that he be called the new Mr. Bean of Malawi, the guy is a joke, utter
joke. Simple advice, stay away from the final debate it might push the old DPP to number 7.

Numbers, is what prompted us to deploy this memorandum this week. You see the debate organisers failed to learn from Zodiak format where only four and not every jim and joker or comedian who the Electoral Commission had given a platform to irritate us further. One question
was answered in a record of 20 minutes, repetitive, boring and to say the least uninspiring. How can all chorus about protecting children when they cannot say which part of the current Child Act has

When we, from Sapitwa branded them liars in the other letter, some people roasted us, but look someone went to the public without knowing that the new Business Licensing Act already reduced the time of registering business to 7 days, he was busy parading his ignorance about DPP to reduce the numbers when laws have already been passed.

For heaven’s sake questions were given weeks ago and the guys cannot do simple research and they want to be head of State?

Yes, back to numbers. Everyone is trying to play with numbers as days draw closer to election. We know the DPP is busy writing a court submission to reject elections, and charge rigging and demand a Government of National Unity if they lose the May 20 elections.

You see, Professor the DPP will lose the election, not number two but number three or four after the lousy performance, the denial of GAY rumours and indeed simply the other part of its poor record which it does not want to be reminded, arrogance, blantant nepotism, shooting Malawians, Academic freedom, muzzling the press, suicide creations of murdered Robert Chasowa, disrespect to Vice Presidents and most of all insulting Malawians and hiding dead Presidents.

It will be a curse for Malawians to have DPP and another Mutharika in office. The Professor personally, needs to return Malawi Housing House in Nyambadwe if he is serious that he wont abuse public resource. Of course the other matter is that we will have a Mayor for Lilongwe very very soon, but his house was also taken up by the Professor, we could arrange to give new plots and he should build himself houses and not occupy what belongs to the public officers.

Dear Professor, while your apologists are busy denying the current opinion polls, be reminded that none of your MP’s will win in the North and at least only two seats can be won in Ntcheu. If you did not notice, even in your presumed backyard of Phalombe and Mulanje the Peoples Party and the UDF are making inroads. Without being a mathematical genius, we at Sapitwa allocate you 15 percent of the vote. We can debate on 23rd May, 2014.

We know some will be screaming every strange thing on earth to brand us Orange. But the truth be told, Professor Peter Mutharika’s running mate is unknown entity, cannot campaign on his own in the North or even in the centre. He is busy following the Professor everywhere, he
won’t bring any new vote, a wasted choice politically. Forget the online noise. Look at the statistics on President Joyce Banda’s Facebook page has 500,000 plus likes, the highest in Malawi
combining all news, gossip or celebrity groups. That’s the only online platform worth watching.
Forget even registered voters at 7.5 million voting. Many went to collect voter’s identity card to pen bank accounts or use it for fertiliser coupons. Only 5 million will vote, many thinking already
that President Joyce Banda is the only one with a real programme. We will debate manifestos in our last letter before elections.

Before you scream, Airtel and TNM claim to have between them 3.5 million voters, who we would expect many own cell phones are above 18 years and would have registered to vote. If you want to see why many who are on Facebook or technologically complaint and are voting, so far the figure is slightly below 100,000. That should be telling how many voices you should trust.

For Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, he volunteered to lose in 36 constituencies before the election, almost 900,000 votes thrown away in a close election. He is not fielded candidates in 36 or the 193
constituencies. He has not campaigned in many of the Southern and Northern areas and surely his promises lack specifics. For such a man to wilfully not field MPs in 36 constituencies, fail to
effectively campaign in rural areas and only rely on some fanatical Pentecostal youngsters to spread the message is a joke. The MCP surely in its present form, relying on old people in villages to campaign to new generation, failing to effectively campaign and expecting to win on goodwill is a big big joke in politics.

Be assured that the gross MCP will get in the Southern Region is 10 percent, around 12 in the
North and only 55 to 55 percent. We would give MCP a decent 18 percent in the election.

We will today avoid the UDF, because the young man has managed to campaign across the country but again, he has a very weak campaign team. A political novice for a runningmate and Secretary General and no worthy leaders in Central and Northern Regions to fight the battle. Poor media team.

The only time the UDF, MCP and DPP generate news is the time their leaders travel. It will be challenging these next last days for them to cover all the constituencies, even where Reverend Chakwera is not standing.

From Sapitwa, we write to Dear Professor, Reverend and Baby, not to accept opinion polls, but to accept the fact that they have failed to campaign, offer Malawians anything new and more important to start recognising that after losing, that might spell end of your careers.

In MCP the Kamata’s , Lobin Lowes and Felix  Jumbes are holding secret meetings for 2019 leadership. In DPP it’s the Dr. Ntaba’s and Dr. Kalirani’s alongside the Henry Mussa and Dr. Chaponda already looking beyond 2014 loss….this is not from us, it’s the truth, as much as it
hurts, it doesn’t matter to start preparing one for big loss on May 20, 2014. Opinion polls or not………

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