MBC bars Manganya from its programmes

Public funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has barred social commentator, activist and comedian Michael Usi from taking part in any of its radio plays barely five days after he delivered an objective nation address.

Manganya banned on MBC

Usi popularly known by his stage name Manganya has been one of popular actors in MBC’s radio plays especially Sewero La Sabata Ino aired on MBC Radio1 every Saturday evening. He has been featuring in the play for almost 20 years now.

And now MBC management has decided to kick him out of its programmes following his attack on government through the nation address he delivered on Thursday (23rd March) evening through Zodiak, Times, MIJ and Joy radio stations.

According to information in our possession, MBC management has ordered all its producers to never hire or feature Usi in any of MBC’s programmes including Sewero La Sabata Ino.

Usi is being accused of using his address to attack government especially on quota system which, according to our sources, was designed to control other tribes especially Tumbukas from dominating public universities’ student selection.

Most Malawians are backing Usi’s stand on quota system which he described as evil and a national disaster.

When contacted at first MBC Public Relations Officer, Thembi Malinki refused to comment on the issue until she consulted with her bosses.

She could not however answer her phone when contacted later on.

Usi confirmed the issue to Nyasa Times in an interview.

“I have been informed about it; in fact they are saying it’s a directive from above. There is no any other explanation from them,” explained Usi.

During his 40 minutes recorded address branded “Making Malawi Our Home”, Usi took a swipe on both government and opposition political parties, accusing them of failing Malawians.

He criticized the country’s opposition political parties for creating disorder and failing to demonstrate to Malawians that are capable of governing the country while hitting hard on the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for setting bad precedence with its thug-like type of administration.

In 2015 MBCtv stopped broadcasting Tikuferanji soap produced by Adventist Development and Relief Agency (Adra) due to Usi’s alleged criticism of Peter Mutharika led administration.

Currently Tikuferanji is aired on Times television.  It was initiated by Adra as an advocacy program and it addresses issues of human rights, gender, democracy and other issues.

In 2008, the radio version of the show received the radio play of the Year Award at MBC Entertainers of Year Awards, and it has been voted the best advocacy program in Malawi.

The focus of the drama series has slowly been widening to encompass not only HIV/AIDS issues but also addressing issues on human rights, gender, democracy and other social topics.

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24 thoughts on “MBC bars Manganya from its programmes”

  1. Watamiwa Nyondo says:

    Very sorry with what the current Government is doing. Imagine just only two from Chitipa district have chanced to pursue their courses at MUST.Only TWO koma abale dzikoli likuwawa. Ana ama poiñts 9–12 are just lingering about in villages. Manganya is just right.

  2. Chemanyi says:

    Guess what my prayer is. I am sure God is going to answer me and Malawi.

  3. Don’t Blam Manganya, MBC Or Makola Pple Coz Mbc Ikumapangid Lead Ndi Chipan Cholamula. If U Want 2 Blam. Blam Mr Presedent. Manganya Z Second 2 Ban At MBC This March. Malawi Should Fear Kudzudzula A Presedent. Linda Madzi Apte Aise Tionana 2019. Manganya Conteu To Enterten Us.

  4. True patriot says:

    This whole issue is not news to me at all. This was obviously going to happen sooner than later considering the way MBC operates. It’s actually surprising how they (MBC) didn’t act earlier than this!

    The way MBC operates reminds me of a certain deceased rich businessman in our village who had very funny rules about how hitchhikers in his Datsun pickup were to conduct themselves when they were given a lift. The underlying point was that the ‘matola’ should not be seen to be too comfortable during the ride, lest people would mistake them for the owner of the vehicle. This was despite that the passenger was bundled at the back of the pickup even when the owner was all alone in front! It was funny how he felt he would loose his respect and dignity of owning a car!

    This rich man’s behavior was very understandable and tolerated owing to his low level of literacy. In any case, he bought the vehicle with his own money, he never begged anyone to ride on his pickup, and he never broke any country’s laws from his treatment of the riders.

    Now, is MBC run by illiterates? Is MBC run on personal money? Is MBC not violating fundamental principles of democratic setting and therefore in contravention of the constitutional order of the country?

    It is so sad that some MBC employees have very short memories. One wouldn’t be surprised if these idiots don’t even forget their own genders as soon as they dress up! They easily forget how politicians in Malawi use public broadcasters like condoms to be discarded as fast as a man’s sexual arousal evaporates!

  5. J Chingira says:

    Manganya amanena chilungamo quoter siyabwino ndiyokomera mbari imodzi Dpp tionana 2019 dyeranitu. Anthu oyipa ongokhutitsa mimba zawo osaganiziraso anthu. piano ayambaso kuthawitsa chimanga China kupititsa Ku Tanzania akuti agwira ma track 30 atapakira chimanga waku Tanzania nkumanama kuti ndi mavenda pomwe ndi iwowo a DPP mudyeretu ndithudi Mulungu akuonatu zosezi ndipo tipemphera.

  6. Blessings says:

    Quota system is not only practiced in Malawi. Brazil and Pakistan also use this system for reasons similar to Malawi. Equitable/Equity must prevail. The principles of JUSTICE also take precedence here. Let’s not be selfish beings. The Rural education system in Malawi is not the same as urban education, academies etc. The government has to show love to all and that’s why Quota was introduced. No system is perfect, but quota is the better evil, Mr Manganya

    1. Wandale wamyee says:

      Rural education system vs urban education system. Are you sure quota system is based on this principle or you don’t know what you are talking about. If it was this I don’t think people should have been complaining

  7. santana says:

    Quota system started with Kamuzu in late 1980s. He directed that each district of the 24 should produce 10 students to the university. Points were competed between people of the same district. It happened that a number ten student in a certain district would go to university with 17 points while in a certain district a number ten would score 12 points. His aim was to have proportional entrance in the university. With this directive it was people from central and southern Malawi who were enjoying the show. So Usi should know that the quota system has a backing from people of central and southern Malawi. It is common sense.

    1. Malawian says:

      Your utterances lack common sense. The quota system is evil, doesn’t work on the same level playing ground. It stifles competition – based on what you said, can you justify why someone who gets 13 points gets left out from the selection process while another dimwit who gets 25 points gets selected? Not surprised Santana, I have read a number of your posts – your views are typically groundless! Better zip up rather than spouting tosh!

  8. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    I once read a judgment delivered by a judge in USA. Before him was an issue in which African Americans were complaining against the Dept of Labour for sidelining them when it comes to employment even if they register superior marks against White Americans. The judge went through a mass of records kept by the Dept of Labour. The information he found was astonishingly surprising. Before delivering the judgment, that went in favour of African Americans, he listed down the merits and demerits of apartheid system in South Africa; merits and demerits of affirmative action as practiced by some states in USA during the 1920s through the 1960s; racism, in particular why Jews were gassed in Nazi Germany; merits and demerits of tribalism, in particular why majority tribes in African are fond of stepping on toes of the minorities that excel unknowingly in a particular field; why majority tribes use quota system to subdue those they feel uncomfortable with; and merits and demerits of merit system. On quota system, I was sad to discover that its demerits were too many. There were close to thirteen points. Its merits were close to four, and apparently these were demerits in the merit system. While most that were listed as demerits in the quota system were in fact listed as advantages of the merit system. Looking at the two opposing systems, merit system was match better when it comes to freedom to access higher education without necessarily looking at somebody’s ethnic grouping. It is not then surprising that UNESCO does not approve of it because it is against anybody who is equally endowed. In Malawi, quota system would make sense if each district is allowed 500 students for admission in the public universities and not 10. Malawi has funds to accommodate that number from each district.

    In 2001, Malaysia revisited the thorny issue of quotas for ethnically Malay students at its 10 public universities. The then Prime Minister Mahathir Muhamad disclosed government’s action to amend Malaysian Constitution to allow quota system for university admission to be suspended, and that students enter into public institutions of higher learning solely on their scholastic abilities.

    For 30 years Malaysia was the only Asian nation that officially discriminated against a segment of its population in matters of higher education. Long simmering resentments against the policy came to a head in April 2001 after the Ministry of Education revealed that the total enrollment in 2001 at public universities was 20% below the target of 38 000, with some 7 168 university places still vacant because not enough Malays applied for lack of scholastic abilities. At the same time, the Ministry revealed that 560 Chinese Malaysians who scored among the highest levels on university examinations for the year 2000 failed to secure places at any of the public universities. Mahathir revealed that government’s quota system appeared to be foundering, and he believed that only shock results would make members of the Malay community who supported the policy to sit up and take notice of what he described as their academic failings. He even had the audacity to warn: ”But this is too serious a matter for us to be giving political consideration.” Roy Hauya, writing in Open Perspective Column in the Daily Times of October 30, 2014 had this to say on education in Malawi: ”Half a century of Malawians are still mired in politics of tribalism threatening regional divisions and hacking at the very heart of nation building. It is sad that education has been unwittingly used a tool for division and not unity!” With this hate ideology persisting in our society, Hauya got it right, and Michael Ussi may have valid reasons for his utterances.

  9. chinyomphiro cha nkhuku says:

    kaya zipangani mwatokhuta,ndye mwamva kuti mwamuchosa inu kwawo samakadya mumamudyesa ndinu nthawi yonseyi? ndisegula radio yanga ma drama ake azikapanga komweko ndye ndisakuonenitu mitu phwiiiiiii namumvesera

  10. Quota system is evil my fellow Malawians.It denies enrollment on merit into public university.No wonder to have have baked graduates whom are even failing to perform accordingly on the ground.Lets not politize issues of public interest.

  11. mkanthamachiyani says:

    Zopusaaaaa!!!! a DPP tikukuonannitu……………Chakwera 2019 Boma. Wina afune kaya asafune.

  12. Central says:

    Why is Malawi parliament just watching on this? What else are you expecting to see, and hear? And how long will you expose us to this jazzzzzz?

    Zinazi kuwawitsa mutu amangwetuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

    Sumbuleta and team, are you using DPP money or our taxes?

  13. Chimanga says:

    Morally bankrupt MBC……. just like mbuyawo Mapuya Petulo

  14. Dodolido says:

    I for one don’t watch the stupid MBC/TV or even listen to MBC Radios 1 and 2. To me they don’t exist. I will start listening in June 2019 when DPP has been kicked out of office.

  15. I personally considered Manganya as a grate man but after hearing on his address especially the issue of quota system i was shocked with him and now i see him as empty. The great philosopher Plato said and i Quote, ‘something is good if it does good to many people and if it has a good result to many’ when we talk of quota system it is good because is good to many people, Manganya tell me, how many Tumbukas do we have in Malawi? another way how many northerners (the makola makolas) do we have in Malawi? even if we include makolo awo and azigogo awa anamwalila kalekale? to compare with southerners and central region people?, so quota system is good at all cost, BRAVO THE LATE DR BINGU WAMUTHALIKA the great son of Malawi for coming up with quota system, mzimu wanu uyuse mumtendele, Manganya kagwele uko you think Tumbuka’s can help you? Tumbukas are not people they will never appreciate, Muluzi did alot to them but they never appreciated so Manganya don’t waste your time supporting Tumbukas.

    1. sho says:

      Quota system is bad. Education should be based on merit…

    2. Bravo North says:

      Muhalapa mhlomwe. Ndiwe mlomwe opusa ntchito kuchita mbwiza basi mkumaswana. whats wrong with creating more educational institutions than blocking a tribe. kodi tumbukas anakulakwilani chani? Manganya is great indeed and big up to him as he can see things from very far. quota system is working against malawi since you are dropping standards instead of working towards them. you dont strengthen the weak by weakening the strong no!!! why dont you emulate tumbukas so that you can match them. am sorry one day, there will be civil war in malawi. malawi is the poorest country in the world becoz of people like you faggots

    3. edomwah says:

      u r really sick bro I hop mukudya limodzi muzamagidwa tikukuuwonaniii

    4. Maizegate says:

      Tumbukas are very interigent people so don’t block them Remove quota system.Malawi is one country so why dividing.Maganya is right.Achewa ntchito kubabana nga ni nkhumba kulibe family planning.Mumutu mwanu mumangoganiza zobereka ana.

  16. nomono says:

    I second; no funding for MBC in the forthcoming financial year.

    It has ceased to be a public entity. It is a party media institution for DPP in particular.

  17. The Pillar says:

    a DPP akutenga MBC radio/TV ngati ya chipani not public funded radio station. Can’t MBC learn from BTV of Botswana? MBC is always busy castigating people of dissenting views to DPP. Anyone who criticizes DPP is an enemy and yet they tell the nation that we don’t offer solutions/ ideas to the problems we have in Malawi. May I propose that MBC should not be allocated any money in this year’s budget.

    1. TIONE says:

      Musamudulenso msonkho Manganya agalu inu! Ine sindimataya nthawi yanga kuonera MBC TV or kumvera radio yawoyo.

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