MCCCI tips Malawi govt on extra maize stocks

The Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) has asked the government to speed up the process of identifying where it will buy maize supplies to cushion Malawians from possible hunger effects in the aftermath of the devastating floods that hit the country.

Kambala: Government should be proactive

Kambala: Government should be proactive

Consumers line up to buy scarce maize supplies at a market in Rumphi, northern Malawi © Sanje Msiska/IRIN

Consumers line up to buy scarce maize supplies at a market in Rumphi, northern Malawi
© Sanje Msiska/IRIN

MCCCI president Newton Kambala said it is crucial for the government to be proactive as unofficial crop estimates point to a gloomy harvest.

“The government should immediately start looking at where to source maize. This is a regional problem and we need to act now, so that people in the country are able to access maize in good time,” he said.

Kambala further argued that there are reports that countries like South Africa have already started preparing to purchase extra maize stocks outside the African continent.

“South Africa has identified Brazil as their source of maize. We also need to act fast because the maize markets are very far,” he said.

He also urged the private sector to continue with their support to the people who have been affected by the flood disaster as part of alleviating the problem.

Kambala said with the poor harvest the situation is likely to get worse.

“The private sector should continue assisting in alleviating the current problem while the government on the other hand concentrates that the market has enough maize supply, which is the country’s staple food.

“I urge those who have already made their contributions and those who have not to come forward as the situation is likely to get worse,” said Kambala.

Meanwhile, on the local market, the prices of maize have started going up.

In the Capital city, maize prices have gone up to K7,000 from K5,500 per 50kgs bag while in Blantyre a 50kg bag of maize is now selling at K6,500.

According to one of the traders in Limbe, most traders have taken their maize off the market in anticipation that the prices will go up to K10,000 per 50kg bag of maize.

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amayi ndipaseni bele, mayi Joyce Banda. Malawi government must learn not to politicize the issues. Fertilizer wangongole uja ayambirenso koma pakhale ndondomeko yabwinobwino ndiponso boma liyenera litengepo mbali kuwamema anthu kuti abweze ngongole nthawi yabwino basi

Thako Padepade

Zambia is the only country in southern Africa that is projected to have bumper harvest. Malawi should turn to Zambia as both Zimbabwe and Mosambique are as well setting their eyes on Zambia.

Eric Makhumula

The Gvnm should act fast about this essue

connery banda

Kambala has a point but how many tonnes are in the maize silos? Let the autholity do the best to save the nation from the future hunger by identfying the country that has a lot to supply to the country


From seasons of bumper yields with maize silos across the country we are already panicking of maize shortfalls well before we harvest the drought stricken crop. Why did we have these silos, what kind of time frame are these silos reserve supposed to take us,are they a short term remedy or vice versa. If the latter is true how come the ancient Egyptian could stay seven years safe without a good crop harvest?

Ambuje Apali

koma mavuto alipo.Ndi zero aid budget,flush flood and dry spell ndalama titenga kuti?

Alex Likoswe

Winter cropping should start now

mike mithi

osabisa chimangacho chifumbwadi amangwetu

S mswayo

The hunger stuation this year is realy realy badest if the Govt doesn’t act fast. Please you Govt come open, verify us don’t keep silence you are a Boss,a presdent, Ministers,MPs becoz of us. So this is your time to come forward as you did during election. Don’t leave us now,it seems there is no maize harvest this year. As a farmer my farm is totaly dry. We need maize now in all ADMARC dept. Wake up!!

njala n'chilombo

Govt shd disclose how much is in stock and not politicise such crucial issues lest people die as in 2001/2002 famine year

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