Mchinji again! Another woman murdered: Belief in witchcraft runs deep in Malawi

As Malawi is still remembering a teen girl who was brutally murdered by her cousin and had her private parts removed in Mchinji, police in the central region border district with Zambia are now hunting for Gift Mayibegi suspected of killing his fiancé on the night of Sunday the 3rd May 2015.

Kajawa Nyirenda- Suspsect is at large

Kajawa Nyirenda- Suspsect is at large

Mchinji police spokesman Moses Kajawa Nyirenda said Mayibegi is alleged to have murdered his fiancée Patricia Chirwa at Kaigwazanga village in the area of senior chief Mkanda in Mchinji district.

Chirwa was killed and dumped in the bush where she was discovered by members of the community who reported to police.

Clinician Kalipinde of Mchinji District Hospital conducted a post-mortem and reported that Chirwa died because of severe head injuries as she was beaten with a hard wood.

The suspect is at large.

Malawi Minister of Gender, Children and Social welfare Patricia Kaliati has since deplored acts of brutally murdering people to extract genitals for rituals.

Kaliati made the remarks on Tuesday when she visited the family of Janet Chitedze who was brutally murdered Selemani Medson aged 21. The suspect was arrested between Namitete and Mchinji boma on Friday the 1st May 2015.

“Government is concerned with criminal activities occurring in the district, and we are working with the police to ensure that there is security in the district,” she said.

Kaliati who also visited a victim of domestic violence Linda Phulani, who was severely beaten by her husband in the same district on Friday last week, said it is appalling that Mchinji is in the news for the wrong reasons.

“Where is humanity? How can a man murder his own cousin and remove her private parts just because he wants to get rich? If you want to get rich work hard and venture into farming,” said a visibly concerned Kaliati.

She also condemned men who abuse their wives, saying men should take care of their families,

Senior Chief Mkanda also condemned the brutal murder.

Meanwhile, the Magistrate court in Mchinji on Monday the 4th of May 2015 sent Selemani Medsoni on remand at Maula Prison and committed his murder case to High Court.

Medsoni says he was persuaded by a witchdoctor to remove genital of the deceased to be used for rituals to make him get rich quick.

Belief in witchcraft and traditional medicine run deep in this former British colonial nation, largely dominated by Christians.

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danny p

y nchinji bt y nchinji? wen we read the bible god says we must love our nearbour not kill them watchout this measure its gonna cme back n hunt u dont fil d pain devils god wll punish you 4real


Oooooooo God bwelani muzaweluze dziko lapansi ladzadza ndi machimo


What Is Lacking Is Love Among Us.We Must Learn How To Love Each Other.Why Kiling ?Why Mchinji?God Is Love.Pray That God Should Change Our Mind And Renew It.Oops!

mark dambalika

I gather mchinji should be the exact place where Satan fell upon being dislodged from heaven by God.


I think justice should be done on those people who are killing women and girls. I think for every human being to come into this world it is because of a woman. Why is the target on women and girls only? I think Goverment should take serious measures on this mode of act.


mchitidwe umeneu ndiwosafunika kungophana GOD has create us on his on creation with areason.Even those witchDoctor why dont they become rich be apology to GOD.


Tiyeni tingopeza njila yothetsela nchitidwewu mmalo momalozana zala,tiliyike mmapemphelo dzikoli,kuti zintchito zakumudimazi,zitimasule mmdziko lathuli.Winawe ukunena za boko halaam,zikusiyana pati ndizomwe zikuchitikazi pakuti boko halaam ukuyinenayo,kupha anthu osalakwa its their everyday bread?think b4 you talk.

George M

Something is wrong with him. At 21, doing such act, the witchdoctor should also be apprehended.

concerned Malawian
Arrest all the asing’angas now and this problem will be over. The police should be empowered to make these witch doctors “disappear” or to conduct extrajudicial killings of these evil satanic people. In Kenya, the police has been conducting thousands of extrajudicial killings of Muslims (even innocent ones) JUST IN CASE they could be al shabab. you can read this here: We can do the same on the asing’angas. They are the ones causing us problems. Eliminate anyone of them JUST N CASE they are encouraging magic. If they are eliminated, you will no longer hear of albino killings… Read more »

atakhala atumbuka bwenzi atukwanidwa koma ali pa khate khosweyo lero

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