MCP Secretary General Kaliwo calls for Emergency convention : Plans to Oust Chakwera

A plan to oust under-fire Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, Lazarus Chakwera is swiftly coming into fruition as a grouping of party rebels led by Secretary General, Gustav Kaliwo have called for an emergency convention slated for July this year.

Kaliwo addressing a news conference

Kaliwo flanked by MCP officials

Kaliwo on Saturday told the media in Blantyre in a news conference  that due to growing concerns by party chairpersons across the country and with the backing of the party’s constitution, it was necessary to call for the convention set for July 7th to July 9th at yet to be disclosed venue to resolve the internal squabbles that have plunged the party into chaotic state.

“I have had meetings with almost 23 committees from various districts across the country who requested me to call for a convention. Time is running out, as Malawi Congress Party we need to put our house in order if we are to have any chance in 2019. Therefore, I am today announcing a convention will take place on Friday 7th July to Sunday 9th July,” said Kaliwo to the jubilation of party chairpersons who attended the briefing.

“Delegates to the convention are those who attended the August 2013 convention. If anyone questions my authority, they should know I have been authorized by the Malawi Congress Party constitution to call for the convention,” he said.

According to Article 40 of the MCP constitution, an emergency convention can only be called if the party’s national executive committee resolves by two thirds of its membership, or at the request of half of the number of the district committees.

Kaliwo franked by his deputy Chatonda Kaunda challenged that he has a backing of more than half of the party’s district committees to call for the convention and his move has a blessing of some of the executive committee members.

“There might be some people in the executive committee who support me on this and others might have different opinion.”

Kaliwo accused Chakwera of snubbing his calls for a face to face meeting to resolve some of the issues have been making rounds in the media about the party’s leadership.

He argued his efforts to resolve the raised concerns by party supporters through their respective chairpersons hit a blank wall following Chakwera’s refusal to meet him.

Kaliwo then challenged that his decision is final and those who feel aggrieved should, instead of seeking legal remedy, engage in public debate on the legality of his call for the convention.

“The convention is the highest authority of the party. Some people might find this unacceptable, they are entitled to their opinion but the party belongs to these people (district chairpersons). Let us not destroy the party. We can disagree but let’s not be disagreeable.

“My decision is final unless the court of law decides otherwise. I am ready to comply with any decision courts may make. I have complied with MCP constitution. Those who feel I don’t have legitimacy to call for convention should not waste party resources going to court; lets have a public debate on this,” he added.

Asked about funds for the convention and if it is going to make leadership change, Kaliwo said the agenda for the convention would be decided by the party and that he has only following demands by the district committees.

MCP deputy Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka refused to comment on Kaliwo’s calls, asking for more time to analyze the constitution.

According to Article 38 (1) of the constitution, the convention being the highest authority of the party may remove the president, deputy president, or a member of national executive committee from office before the lapse of the period of which he or she was elected if he or she willfully and persistently disobeys the constitution.

MCP has been hit by a political whirlwind and cracks of division are now visible in the country’s oldest party with Chakwera being accused of corruption and lack of leadership.

Chakwera has been in the media accused of funds abuse, corruption and dictatorship.

The rebelling group accuses Chakwera of practicing tyrannical leadership which they regard as a threat to the country’s democracy once if he is elected as Malawi President.

They also cited diversion of party funds into his personal accounts as another ground aside from accusations of soliciting money from renowned business tycoons in return for positions and favours once the party gets into government.

The district chairpersons who attended the press briefing on Saturday hail from the districts of Nsanje, Kasungu, Zomba, Mchinji, Chiradzulu, Blantyre, Dedza, Mwanza, Salima, Machinga and NkhataBay.

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21 thoughts on “MCP Secretary General Kaliwo calls for Emergency convention : Plans to Oust Chakwera”

  1. DOBO says:

    Five things to consider before commenting.1. It is extremely difficult to remove party leader or president in Malawi and Africa as whole before expiry.2.Kalwo as Secrezary General is not inherited from any MCP convention.3. Who ever funding the the said convention will waste the money for nothing if it is not only treat. 4. The call for convention is ,by Malawi politics, coming. from unworthy politician considering the fact that Malawi is totally devided along regional and trihal line 5. What is happening now to Chakwera is glorifying and popularise Chakwera because large portion of. ellegible voters in Malawi hold votes of sympathx .Now,my comment is that Mr kaliwo and his group will not succeed but he can achieve a break away political grouping which can only have grassroot support from southern region or northern region.Secondary, politcal perception in Southern region is that state president should come that region coming sunshine or not So,that perception that Mr Kaliwo is holding using sidelined members of. MCP.

  2. Dr Patel says:

    Akutumidwa awa ndi Lovemore Munlo and Jessei Kabwira. Mark my word. Failures in politics

  3. Reality says:

    My question is, WILL MCP RULE THE COUNTRY AGAIN? If there is noa peace among the leaders themslvels,trust me 2019 it will be just a waste of their resources.

  4. Hatton says:

    Congrats Bwana Kaliwo, this is long overdue. Push ahead and have this done. indeed legitimately elected members as per 2013 polls must attend and vote at this decisive gathering. I salute you Bwana Kaliwo and do not allow to be intimadated. we are all behind you.

  5. Zakaliya says:

    Mr Kaliwo Mtima he thinks Malawians can vote for him in 2019. We know it very well that its game plan as he agreed the the ruling party. If this will be the case then Chilima will be the next President and not iwowa a Kaliwo.

  6. Ndndala says:

    Msowoya has vowed to remove Chakwera. Big plans if he is not careful chakwera will be surprised

  7. wa Mwale says:

    Mr Kaliwo, you are good and indeed a lawyer but you cannot do anything over this issue, Reason is very simple you are not a person equel to Dr Chakwera, if mcp produced a leader to lead it who is very good, that Dr Chakwera or else no one, if you as GS of the party can not even win a seat in your home district what can you do in mcp? I am not trying to think you should not put forward your views in the matter of the party, my point is simple, you can not lead mcp nor any other one as of now, all that you are doing is to help dpp win elections 2019, you guys from south your agenda is no different, we know it all you just want us to help you with mps from central but I would rather ask you to work in south and begin to produce votes from grassroots and show that party officials are working, its a fact they everyone south is waiting for Chakwera to conduct rallies we very little or nothing activities taking place in the south where Mr SG comes from.
    Its about time we stop being jealous and support the whould-be-the winning candidate if we can dream of winning an election, otherwise Kaliwosm, Chatinkhasm, and any other than unity will not work for mcp. I a m an MCP never ever to look backward, it is the only hope for Malawi but faced by enemies from within and without, dpp is fighting it, divide and rule system at work. Fine.

  8. Concerned MCP Member says:

    A Kaliwo musatisokonezere chipani. Inu timadziwa kuti udindowo mumawufuna, koma choti mudziwe ndi chakuti olo mutatani inu simungakhale mtsogoleri wa MCP. Ingodikirani nthawi yake idzakwana ya convention tione ngati mungadzapambane ndi Chakwera . Dyera la maudindo basi

  9. Richard Mwale says:

    MCP yatha ngati makatani if I am to borrow atcheya’s words. Eventually, there is no strong opposition party in this country thereby giving more chances for DPP to rule this country beyond 2019.

  10. Tadala says:

    MCP repeating history of 1997-1999 that saw the party being divided between the Chakuamba and the Tembo Camps. If Kaliwo is has memories he could have avoided this. He is bitter with his weaning popularity with the coming of Sidik Mia hence he has taken the root of sinking the party for all to loose. Why is he joining a group of change resistors and people who don’t want to accept failure? Some of the so called district chairmen have been there for decades but could not impart their political careers to their children and grand children so that now they could have been them advancing MCP popularity. Instead they are busy fighting new leadership in order for them to cling to power while sinking the party as they have no ideas of making the party popular. The tone of the press conference itself demonstrates lack of wisdom from Kaliwo. He should blame himself as he is the one who abrogated his position by fully siding with the failing district chairmen and distancing himself from the party leadership. On another note, where is Lovemore Munlo? Was he really a serious MCP member when he stood for presidency or he just saw that pavunda khola ndiye alowe? MCP needs him in the south for it to be strong.

  11. muuni says:

    a kaliwo mwasankha kutha choncho? mukudzipaka bibi ngati muja adachitira a ntaba ndi ena adyera. ulemu wanu onse mwataira galu. tikatopa naye mkazi timangomusiya osati kuotcha nyumba. dziwani kuti ulemu ndikutchuka kwanu zimachokera ku mcp. ask gwengwe, binton kutsaila, ntaba, and the fallen giants chaziya, gwanda.

  12. Em Cee says:

    My foot

  13. chikoti says:

    Ngati convention ingathetse mpungwempungwewo basi ichitike..koma iyi isakhalenso mphepo Ina yachisokonezo mchipanimu..tatopa nazotu za mu Congress…bata ndi mtendere zikufunika abale…eishhhh..ambuye tithandizeni….

  14. W.kazembe says:

    Dialogue its de only way to resolve issues,political squables wll always remain to be dere whether u lke it or nt.We would lke to see dese differences cming t an end bfore 2019 othrwise u ar exiting urself bcause current leadership wll hve room t amass de votes so tke we want a changed gvt 2019,we ar fed up wth corruption whch has been dip-rooted.De Chakwera’s show us dat u ar leaders all eyes ar on u being astrong opposition hpe u wll resolve de differences amicably.

  15. Linga Mowa says:

    All the best to Mighty MCP as you convene this July to elect legit leaders to take DPP by the horn. If you elect good leaders, you’ll never walk alone

  16. Earne says:

    This is utter nonsense. If u have eaten the cashgate money then go to hell. Bring on the convention and let us see where your votes will come. Who will vote for u idiot? U will get punished in 2019. Agaru inu.

  17. KADZIDZI says:

    Hahahahahaha ma chairmen amenewo analuza masankho a district. They don’t have mandate to call for convention. Akaliwo tamakhala ngati ndinu odziwa malamulo. convention 2018 tione ngati mukawine. Where is the regional chairman here? A former regional chair mulinawowo nyumba mwawo mutachitika maliro anayendetsa mwambo ndi a dpp. Ask any body around bvumbwe area, mwachulutsa dyera MA OLD AGE INU.

  18. King says:

    This is the best forum where all internal grumbling of the mighty MCP can be resolved. If Chakwera will snub this call it will be at his own political peril. Tatopa ndi nkhanza za Chakwera. More fire Kaliwo!

  19. Trendex says:


  20. chatonda Mvula says:

    This is the hand of DPP and money is really working for them. Kaliwo, the Lawyer, does he think there is anyone who can win against Dr Chakwera during his convention? Some people cannot see far. Before you join the competition, it is better to ask yourself whether you are worth joining it and if your intrinsic answer is no, do not join or start it.
    It will be naive for MCP to refuse the convention. It is better to have so that Kaliwo and his old District Chairmen can be beaten hands down and rest the case for good. All the DCs Kaliwo is talking about were replaced during the District elections. None of them is a DC at all but Kaliwo claims he had 23 DCs with him who gave him the mandate to call for the convention. Very bad for you because you are using expired or retired personnel to claim and advance your corrupt agenda.

    You better eat DPP money and keep quiet. We have a list of all of you who have been given money and where you received the money last week. No man is bigger than the country. Kaliwo cannot be bigger than the entire MCP. Money at work but you will be ashamed as this propaganda will now push you far from the next government in 2019. You will watch us from the peripheral……. I am sorry for you.

  21. Ruben Kacheche says:

    MCP instead of building the party you want to start be dividing……For new leader to start working ikhala general election yakwana. Am not prophet of doom but be assured you will lose next election inu. Inu mulibe tolerance ….why not call each other back rabels or genuine. DPP will have an easy walk over. UDF inagulidwa kale, PP is sleeping, amphamvu munali inu.

Comments are closed.

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