MCP turns to unity: Mia, Msowoya clear mist on gulf

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarous Chakwera has said the party has resolved that it will direct the energies of the party entirely working towards the unity of the opposition movement in the run up to 2019 elections.

Chakwera with Msowoya and Mia at Nkhotakota rally

Mia addressing MCP crowds in Nkhotakota: Msowoya is my good friend

Chakwera was speaking in Nkhotakota at Old Airdrome  on Saturday during a political rally which he brought together his party’s vice president Richard Msowoya and new entrant Sidik Mia on same podium.

There has been fevered speculation that MCP is in cracks because Msowoya, who is also Speaker of Parliament, and Mia are fighting to be Chakwera’s running mate in 2019 presidentia race under the nabber of MCP.

But Chakwera said members should concentrate on working for both the party’s and country’s unity and development.

He said the party is welcoming everyone who is against nepotism, regionalism and will be happy to see Malawi move out of poverty.

“There are some people who left the party but are returning now. They are like the biblical prodigal son. We need to embrace them because it means they have renewed their confidence in MCP.

“We should embrace ‘one Malawi, one nation’. And one vision,” said Chakwera.

In his remarks, Mia said there is no gulf between him and Msowoya, saying their relationship is cordial.

“People are saying I am talking bad about Richard Msowoya but he is my friend. He is the Speaker of Parliament of course but to me he is a good friend. If we are to battle then we will be battling in our family,” Mia said amidst laughter from party members.

In his address. Msowoya welcomed Mia and others joining the MCP and  told the gathering not to vote for the people who are currently stealing from them during the 2019 elections.

Msowoya said he was welcoming everyone joining MCP – leb by Shire Valley political giant Mia.

“I have deeo respect for all those that are joining our party led by Honourable Sidik Mia. It simply shows that they have confidence in MCP,” said Msowoya.

Msowoya said in the 2019 elections, Malawians should be willing to reject corruption and poverty by voting a leadership with vision and clue on transforming the nation.

The MCP vice president and Speaker, claimed there ua cartel un the country that us holding taxpayers’ money in their pockets “while people are wallowing in poverty and suffering.”


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Kunena Mosapsyatila
@Wiston Msowoya. You speak as if you haven’t gone far with your school. A form 2 student can beat you on Human Rights as well as Malawian Citizenship qualification. Just to enlighten you a little bit; A person can become a citizen of Malawi by Registration after he has stayed in the contry for a period of 7 years or by Naturalisation after he has clocked 12 years. Through these two ways, in case Sadik Mia was not born in Malawi might have obtained his citizenship. But I have a full conviction that Mr. Mia was born in Malawi basing… Read more »


So Chakwera can talk of 2019 opposition alliances thinking he will lead the alliance block. By the way, which parties can form a grand alliance with MCP and win? Aford had an alliance with MCP led by Chakwamba but failed to dislodge the UDF. In 2009 MCP was given a chance to lead the MCP-UDF alliance (njobvu ziwiri) with the aim of dislodging DPP but it flopped. Soon after the 2014 elections MCP started preparations of the 2019 elections by wooing PP to form an electoral alliance inorder to win the 2019 elections. Now that the PP is no more… Read more »
winston msowoya
It will be shameful for Malawians to be ruled by an Arab Muslim.I have travelled to some of Middle East States and I have seen how the Arabs treat Africans and Christians.It is a criminal offence to carry the Bible openly and Christians are hiding in their homes when they are praying.Why do we go to the Arabs in our country with our knees? Do we have to send Mia to represent Malawi in African Conferences and if so,how would our brothers and sisters think of us? The Zambians could not accept the white becoming President of Zambia despite the… Read more »

This is very stupid allegation..I didn’t know kitia educated survives alipo be..chanzelu chomwe mwayankhula ndi chiti pamenepa? Mia and chakwela is the only ans nothing else..iwe ndikupanda nzeru zakozo ukagwele uko anthu osakonda dziko ,opanda nzeru


You are a very boring stuff here man, you have never traveled to any of African Countries , why out side? just by looking the way you do your things zikungoonetseratu kuti iwe ndi Dzungu.

mateyu yosefe

I don’t see it working. Remember what Mia did for PP. He grabbed the position from Brown Mpinganjira but resigned from the party when Joyce Banda chose Sosten Gwengwe as her running-mate.


The Nsanje by election due October this year will be a big litmus test for MCP as it will determine whether the party is making in-roads into the South or not.


This is mature politics. I know that someone elsewhere is shivering with this unity of purpose. Dr Chakwera is truly a leader that Malawi needs.



igama lami

This is good for the country. These thugs must go. MCP need both Msowoya and Sidik. Losing one to get another will be zero-sum game. Thanks Hon. Msowoya for the maturity shown


well done, keep it up we are MCP come 2019


Boma iloooo! Can see vingwangwa all over the blue camp.

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