Meshogate: Kasambara tips, Wonderfold Bengo adds humour

A text chat between a married and a senior banker alleged to be Henry Kamowa of Malawi First Merchant Bank and the  receptionist believed to be an extramarital affair has taken center stage in social network in Malawi.

The conversation between Kamowa and his ‘ girlfriend’ Ellen went viral on social network after his wife with the help of the receptionist’s  boyfriend emailed their  romantic chats  when they discovered they were bring cheated.

Kamowa: In Mesho-gate

Kamowa: In Mesho-gateEllen in the Mesho gate

Kamowa who referred himself as ‘Mesho’ in the conversation is trending in Facebook and Twitter  social media platforms with close to 80% of Malawi users  talking about it.

However there are mix reactions from Malawians.

critics argues that the sharing of their phone conversation public is a major invasion of their privacy.

“The invasion of these people’s privacy is  frankly disgraceful,” comment one lawyer on Twitter.

Prominent lawyer and former Minister of Justice, Ralph Kasambara attracted many comments on his Facebook Timeline when he weighed on the ‘Mesho-gate’. He also raised issues of privacy and went further to tip users  on how they can retrieve Whatsapp conversations which have been cleared by the user.

Many hailed him for sharing the knowledge.

” Memory card formatting in progress,” Commented one of his friend James.

” If your girlfriend don’t trouble you for money, ask around. Ali ndi Mesho ameneyo”  one tweeted @Ndingogunditsa.

One Tabitha tweeted: ” Why suffer when you can get a Mesho? “ And a tweet from  Nyakwawa said ” you’re not a thief until they catch you, untill then be free to participate. That’s how our society works, #Mesho.”

The ‘Mesho-gate’ took a humourous twist when the trending Facebook satirist  Wonderfold Bengo posted his comments. Bengo communicated his satire comments in rather broken English but hilarious

He wrote in his jokey English: “ Some persons when their phone is thiefed they weep very much.when you look at them and think ‘why weep like is just phone.’ but now I know they weep for the because of many many ‘Mesho and Elen’ talks in the phone.”

Bengo went more comical to question  about who  “went them underground” in apparent reference to who invaded leaked their texts.

The unanimous public opinion is that, “there are many Mesho’s around”.

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Mwana Mlomwe

Mlaliki chapter 3 vs 7 , Ndani yemwe sanachimwepo(sanapambukepo)

Nane ndineneko



May the Lord have mercy. There is no justification for cheating, we just ought to accept our weaknesses and repent.


koma Ellen wakeyo, or ine sinkadamudutsa kulibwino anidure mmasakalamento

Big up to Ulemu for the board decision you made to leave Mr Henry Kamowa. Much as the SDA church doesn’t advocate divorce, you couldn’t stay with him as the illtreatment was too much. How can a then SDA elder for soche for years, be beating up his wife for years much as he says he was born a difficult person to people who have talking to him about his issues. How can he even beat up his wife when the wife was carrying pregnancies of their two boys. As if this wasn’t enough, he also always has a string… Read more »

Stupid Malawians.I like the name of the managing director of FMB though.its called Dikshit.How much dick is getting on other peoples wives and girlfriends and how much shit is being sifted in this bank???And then there is the name Kamowa!!! Really guys,are we surprised?The disgruntled wife and the useless boyfriend nawonso ayambe kudyana,Malawi is starving for such stupiness.Lets get it in good measure until we are suffocated by it.Shit,if God is watching and listening to this crap,let him punish Malawi right now.right now!!!!

jane sichoncho

Too bad, Mr Henry Kamowa zibwenzi zitakoma anapangitsa vasectomy last year, so he doesn’t impregnate girls….. Too bad.

Man okwiya

Zamanyazi vuto siiwo koma chiri mwaiwocho ndicho chiri choipa


Those who have not sinned, let them cast the first stone…


adibwe basi


Comment 31 Nike

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