Minister calls Land Ministry officials to desist from corruption

Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Paul Chibingu has called on the ministry officials to desist from fraud and corruption when dealing with issues of land and housing.

Chibingu:  Resist corruption

Chibingu: Resist corruption

He told the officers in Lilongwe during a meeting on Fraud and Corruption Prevention that corruption poses a threat to government’s efforts to provide equitable distribution of land and housing to the general public.

“Corruption in land has a devastating consequences to the country. It results in among other things loss of revenue by government through dubious sale of land since both the seller and the purchaser do not pay appropriate taxes to government,” he said.

In addition, he said, it leads to poor infrastructure development as those who corruptly access land have no capacity to put up proper structures in the long run making Malawi a less attractive nation to foreign investment destination.

He therefore encouraged the team to ensure transparency and accountability when allocating plots and houses, award construction projects and other activities in the ministry.

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director of Investigations, Daniel Mponda hailed the ministry for coming up with measures to fight corruption at work place.

“This is the first ministry to develop a policy that provides a framework for addressing issues of fraud and corruption,” he said.

He said the policy is in line with the National Anti-Corruption Strategy aimed at providing holistic approach to the fight against corruption in the country.

The strategy among others requires every ministry to allocate at least one per cent towards the fight against corruption.

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Timadabwatu kuti Cashgate inawadutsa anthu a ku Lands pamene ma Lawyer awo amangotilanda ndalama zambirimbiri mpakana kutilemerera pamutu pathu ndalama za katangale.


Corruption ku Lands ku Lilongwe, one plot having more than one title deeds, “ORIGINAL” signed by commissioner! all documented ku REGISTRY! how????? a LANDS chondee, konzekani. a minister apa muonepo bwino. mukhalitepo apa!

Hon Minister thank you for being honest that corruption is rampart at your Ministry. Hon Minister and Anti Corruption Bureau how come that someone buys a plot from Lands or MHC and without any development on the plot he sales the plot at 1000 times the price he/she paid to government? Where are your eyes and ears? In the Classified Ads it is there for plots in area 46, 43, 44, going at minimum MK6,000,000.00. ACB do you need investigation on this corrupt malpractice ! Just call the Estate Agents and you get the whole story. People who have built… Read more »

a paulo a paulo osangokhala phee bwanji mukufuna kuti anthu aziti ndinu achilungamo ndi za nziii zakozo fakeni zako.remember what you said when you were at home affairs about the identity issue. you just talk too much but all your talk are but a waste of resources. why can’t you just shut up this time.


Ok. Please prosecute all corruption. What about the VP’s issue. Why do we have selective justice.

Chonde bwana katengeni file ya VP ku ACB ndiyomaliza kale ma investigations. Justice for all not only the poor!


extend the warning to kk

Daniel Phiri

Empty rhetoric! The only way to combat corruption is by setting transparent systems. They should use IT solutions to keep a realtime status of plots. When one applies for a plot the system should be able to tell how many plots are available and generate a queue number. If my number passes with receiving feedback on my application there should be a mechanism for arbitration. Right now everything’s done in secrecy, in a black box. This is what creates room for corruption


Anthu a ku Lands Mulungu adzakuotchani mbambadi!

nsonga ciswe

Lol and pragmatic boy ! May. Zinena Paulo zi nza zii. Atiphimbe mmaso anti.
Ma locals tikusowa ma plot ma bwana mungopatsana nokha nokha pot I ndalama zotukulila malowo ndi za cash gate.
Malo a Ku area 10 zinatha bwa( Goodall) as mwatani in .nanga Ku Blantyre MHC acina ujeni aka? EE kaziopani mulungu ndi umbanda wanuwo

pragmatic boy

Which Lands Officials? The fact of the matter is that corruption starts with the Minister himself,the P/S and they force Senior Lands Officers to allocate plots to people who did not even apply for plots.Now a days for one to have a plot you have to be a politician from a ruling party or have a friend who is influential in the ruling party or a foreigner who is willing to give out money to the minister and powerful politicians from the ruling side.

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