Misa urge Malawians to demand answers on Information bill

Media watchdog Misa-Malawi has urged Malawians to rise up and demand answers from government on its failure to table the Access to Information bill in parliament.

Khanje: Information Bill is being suffocated

Khanje: Information Bill is being suffocated

President of Namisa Thom Khanje on Thursday cast doubt the sincerity of the cabinet to send the bill to the cabinet’s legal committee, saying the government has never been committed in ensuring that the bill is brought into parliament.

“The bill went through so many stages and scrutiny before it was sent to cabinet. It is surprising that a cabinet has sent the bill to the same cabinet,” said Khanje.

Khanje’s comment follow revelation by Information Minister Jappie Mhango who said the bill would not be tabled in this seating of parliament because the cabinet has noted some “some inconsistencies in the bill” that should e ironed out before it is tabled in parliament.

Mhango, just three weeks ago, clashed with Leader of the House Francis Kasaila who told the press that the bill would not be tabled in parliament but Mhango issued a strong statement contradicting his cabinet colleague insinuating Kasaila was lying.

Khanje said it was now up to Malawians to press for answers from the government they ushered into power.

“From the reports, the President did not even read the bill. There has never been any commitment from this government. They don’t want it enacted,” said Khanje on Zodiak radio.

The Democratic Progressive Party campaigned on Access to information Bill, among other issues.

Khanje said the bill is aimed at preventing issues such as cashgate, mismanagement of public resources among other key issues.

“They don’t want people to know what they are doing;” said Khanje.

Minister Mhango said cabinet has not yet finished at the bill.

“Cabinet has not some inconsistencies in the bill and has since sent it to the cabinet legal committee for further scrutiny,” said Mhango.

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You have a case but you lack soberness and strategic thinking – you want all things to be done at a go, which is NOT practical in life. Patience pays my friend. You lack leadership and organizational skills to manage MISA Malawi Chapter. Stop acting as politicians – you will regret one day

The only answer
As long as we continue to pay our taxes to this government, they will continue to take us for granted. This government does what donors want if donors threaten to withdraw aid. It’s time all Malawians and all companies to unit and refuse to pay tax until this bill is passed. These people are stealing our hard earned money and they want to manage pupils funds in secrecy. Let us all unit and stop paying our taxes to government. They will respond very quickly. MISA Malawi, please mobilize people to stop paying taxes. This is the way out to demand… Read more »
Malawians never cease to amaze me. Those of you who think this government is willing to pass this bill without pressure from you Malawians are either blind followers of the current leadership or have deliberately decided to suspend their reasoning capabilities. This bill has been withheld from being deliberated in parliament for a long time. Last year I actually commented that if Malawians think they will see this bill enacted into law easily, they must be dreaming. Without this bill becoming law, politician can do whatever they want to do just like they are doing now, without fearing too much… Read more »

A few weeks ago, you journalists and media practitioners branded Mayaya ‘mad’ when he spoke for us Malawians kuti tatopa. Now because passing of the ATI bill has been postponed, you want all of us to fight for you…after it has passed, we are on our own again? Ayi… Menyani yanu, ifenso timenya yatha.. In any case ours is more important coz we are also fighting for you.

This is a rare opportunity for Malawians to show who is government between those given the power to govern and those who give the power. Let people be mobilised, deliver a petition so that the bill should be discussed as private member bill and on the day the bill will be discussed people should camp at parliament urging all their MPs to pass it and when it is passed as sent to the head of state, people need to give him enough time (through a petition) to sign the bill into law and should the time elapsed before signing then… Read more »

The moment Malawians will realise that RIGHTS are not pleaded but DEMANDED all thugs and looters masquerading as leaders will stop seeking elected offices for fear of people justice. All people who rejected the bill have skeleton of corrupt cases hanging over their necks.


Ndi bill yomweyi mmavuta nayo mmakampeni munali musanaone zili nkatimo a peter ndi anzanu,. Nanu a khanje mukuona ngati izadutsa imeneyii

Chizeleza Ngwira

Thieves like Peter Mutharika thrive in darkness they are Low Lives


Cool down Mr Kanje. Don’t make yourself a hero outvof nothing. DPP promised to pass this bill not because of somebody’s influence but by fulfilling what they Promised in the manifesto.

Kanje you always want people to spot you why? The president said when he was opening parliament that people will witness the passing of that bill only under his leadership, so you want when the bill is passed people should say it was Misa under Khanje who pushed for it?

Go to hell Khanje!


If Khanje goes to hell where will DPP thugs and looters led by their leader go? Hell is meant for looters and thugs not a level headed man like Khanje. Waipa lero chifukwa zamudima zanu zayamba kuwonekera ndi kwa mwana yemwe?

Happy Eduardo

Kodi nanunso a Khanje who told you that the ATI Bill will not be passed? Did you expect the bill to pass with ilegularities as explained by the Cabinet? There is still three more years to go on APM’s first term so don’t worry the bill will be passed into law. Don’t rush, we need to deal with urgent matters first. ATI Bill omadya kodi? Ask Justin Malewezi.

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