Mithi’s post on Facebook draws anger on Malawi army soldiers for holding Madalitso Bus

A post on Facebook has triggered public reaction  about a Madalitso Bus Service, which was heading for Mzuzu and was reportedly being held at Kawale Police full of passengers after it damaged a side mirror of a Toyota Passo saloon car belonging to a soldier at Biwi Filling Station.

General Supuni Phiri: Recently spoke against military brutality

Madalitso bus held by soldiers

The bus held by soldiers

It is reported that the incident happened around 5pm on Wednesday and that the bus and its passengers were held for over two hours without reaching a compromise after a female driver of the Passo called in millitary police to assist with the situation.

“The surprise is, why hold the whole bus till now simply becoz of a side mirror? And why calling in millitary police for a simple scratch and side mirror break?” reported Julius Mithi  of Mzuzu on his Facebook profile.

Several people responded to say that was a simple issue to do with the traffic police to issue a report for insurance recovery process.

” I always wonder why our men in uniform are so heavy handed in small things. Sad!” responds Steve Sibande.

McDenis Kamende said: “This is pure waste of state resources.  What is the objective of insurance poilicies…I suspect one of the vehicles is not insured.Side mirror?”

Some people questioned that if we have such a vibrant military over such petty issue, why is it not active in some of the shortfalls that the country faces on daily basis?

Another suggested that maybe the public should ask MDF whether it has introduced its own traffic laws and that its officers would be going about detaining innocent people.

“I understand the procedure is that the police will issue the report thereafter the insurance will finalise everything after getting the three quotations, let’s move with time abale,” one said.

“Do you pay for car insurance without knowing procedures of claiming. If I was the owner of the Bus, I would start procedures to sue for loss of business!” responded Mike Mabvuto Missi

Max Biwi asked that the MDF General Sipuni should be informed that someone within his system is using Military Police to deal with an issue which the Traffic Police can competently deal with.

“[This is like] trying to instil fear. The General just spoke against such behaviour among the men and women in uniform,” Biwi said.

When contacted, MDF PRO Paul Chiphwanya did not respond to the questionnaire that asked if this is not abuse of power?

Nyasa Times wanted to know if the military personnel and their spouses and other relations should involve the military police over a traffic offence.

Malawian public is always disenchanted with MDF heavy handedness which amounts to abuse of their powers.

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Two things the nation can do without 1. MDF 2. National Football Team


The toy army called MDF is just a foolish pompous windbag that will soon be defleted by Tanzania Military. A real army can not waste its precious time engaging itself in internal matters meant to be handled by the police.

MDF, a stupid fearful spent force is pretending as if nobody is invading our territory when in fact the Tanzanians have taken what doesn’t belong to them but Malawi. I better take up arms myself and fight as a civilian citizen of Malawi other than join a bunch of toy army called MDF.


Soko high ranked officer damaging image of mdf at chikangawa. A gen. This man is a savage


Soko has committed atrocties on people around chikangawa.High ranking as he is taking away poor peoples property
This country has gone to the dogs

Baba Alishababu

Mupite mukaitenge Tanzania yo titibulane nayo.Ikazayambs nkhondoyo inu alayiya sikuthawira mma barracks athu muzaona za operation bwezani.Kodi m civilian ndi m civilian sazathekanso.

Helpless Help

these people are just loafing, apsidwe ntchito azitilimira chimanga dziko lisamakhale ndi njala ili. nanga munthu jc kakakaaa, ungakhale ozindikira mmene zinthu zimayendera? pitani ku school osamangodya kabichi pa dramair. tiwaitana anyamata a pa Moshco akupaseni mwambo ..


Pa 31 December some overzealous soldiers entered Little Havana and beat up 3 guys who were drinking and enjoying themselves simply because one picked a quarrel with a private soldier mpaka kuyitanizana nkuzasokoneza mu bar


soldiers they have nothing to do ,no wonder they r just responding to stupid request to the authorities they should make sure that the soldiers should not abuse their power in this country.bwana General pliz start wth dis issue of kawale bus.

P nsangu moyale
Malawi is not in a state of ergency therefore soldiers can not detain or arrest a civilian, soldiers have exactly the same powers to arrest as a citizen have, simply no powers or a citizen arrest in worst case. A soldier detaining or arresting anyone outside a military camp is commuting a crime as soldiers do not have powers to detain or arrest like the police. Soldiers are just anthu wamba in the eyes of the law, the military police works in military camps and on soldiers ,they tii can just detain you put they have to hand you in… Read more »
Latfi mahmood

Contrary to what everybody things only immigration officers and police have powers to detain and arrest, soldiers have the same powers as a civilian yi conduct a citizen arrest, the military police is there to police the military law to people under the military law I.e soldiers , they also deal with law enforcement in army barracks, out side army barracks citizen vs soldiers , the law of the land is used therefore civilian police, military police has not jurisdiction apart from when the soldier has been found GUILTY only.check the law of the land.

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