Mota Engil withdraw hotel project along Lake Malawi

Portuguese industrial conglomerate Mota-Engil  has written the Malawian government of its intention to withdraw its investment of 160 million Euro tourist attraction project in Monkey Bay which could have seen the construction of a five star hotel and a golf course.

An artist's impression of what the new hotel will look like.

An artist’s impression of what the new hotel will look like.

According to Capital Hill sources who are privy to the issue,  Mota Engil decided to drop the bombshell because it was not amused with the way government has handled the acquisition of the land which gave the company bad publicity as a land grabber.

Government entered into an agreement with the multinational in Public Private Partnership (PPP) which could have completely transformed area which is touted as the most beautiful part of the whole Lake Malawi.

Recently Mota Engil has been in the media for all the wrong reasons mostly in the areas where the company is operating.

The development comes hot on the heels of the recent fracas that happened in the project area which resulted in the death of two people and the serious injury of several others including the smashing of Traditional Authority Namkumba’s vehicle.

Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa could neither confirm nor deny the development saying as government they are yet to receive the said letter.

Speaking in an interview with Nyasa Times,  Nankhumwa who also oversees the tourism ministry said he also came to know it from the media who were trying to enquire on the matter.

“We are yet to receive the said letter. If indeed Mota Engil has written it maybe we can say it is on its way. But there is nothing on my desk concerning this,” said Nankhumwa.

Asked on whether the withdrawal by Mota Engil has something to do with fracas that happened in Mangochi, Nankhumwa said he cannot speculate on that because he has not yet received the letter.

Mota Engil started operating in Malawi in 1990 through its Engineering and Construction area and during the early years of its operations in the Malawian market the Groups interventions were mainly centred on highway infrastructures, especially work involving the construction and rehabilitation of the country’s highway network.

The company is recognized for its work in projects like Nsanje World Inland Port, the Nsanje-Bangula Road, Kayelekera Uranium Mine and the Nacala Railway Corridor construction. Recently the government also gave the company a concession to run the Malawi Lake Service which has seen it introducing a passenger ship.

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This is disastrous . The powers that be should have negotiated properly with the company. & locals. This could have brought millions into the country as well as putting Malawi on the world map. They would have to have employed locals as well as bringing in highly trained personnel such as master chefs –etc to run the place efficiently. A very poor & disappointing outcome for which the locals must take “some” of the blame

No tribalist lomwe.
Boko good u’re the modern day colonist who we chased 5oyears can’t sale ur village bcz some body from china/potugal want it. U should know that the pple along the lake use the lake 4 commecial activities.u say they will b emproyed.. butwho told u the jobs will b satisfactory and 4ever compared to fishing?That land belongs to the natives who have a responsibility to safe guard it 4 their childrens’ children.thats why 2day the pple of ytholo are crying 4 their land.u are a persecutor, foolish idleit-.3rd march coming again. It seems mlw has lost instutional memory.emulate zuma’s… Read more »
It is not true that the hotel project was a Public Private Partnership (PPP), it is a big lie. Mota Engil on their own proposed to build a hotel. Government was not going to have a stake in it at all. Those in doubt can check with the Public Private Partnership Commission, anything contrary would be another lie on the part of the Public Private Partnership Commission. In any case, Mota Engil was going to employ Portuguese people for even the most menial jobs, such as receptionists, chefs, accounts clerks etc. Imagine, currently Mota Engil has uneducated Portuguese people employed… Read more »

Iwe Boko good you are not Boko Good but Boko Haram, chitukuko iwe wachiziwa liti, azigogo, azikagwira ntchito zanji ku motel?, chifuka anthu amene akufuna kwachosa ndi anthu amudzimo abadwira ndikukukira mmudzimo, iweyo wachitukukowe bwanji, osapasa malo kumudzi kwanu. Nxaaaaa


We have continued to put pressure on Moto Engil for engaging itself in dubious deals with corrupt administration of APM. We will continue tirelessly to expose organizations that do not respect the will of the citizens of this country. APM like his brother continues to abuse his position by engaging our government is secret agreements which do not benefit Malawians


The indigenous people are not supposed to be compensated, relocated. You can’t get somebody’s land and give him k50,000.00 nkumati zipita ukazionele wekha malo tatenga ma Portuguese amangepo midadada ya motel. Malo a hotel ndi golf course sikuti pachoka ma banja awiritu, ndi mzinda. Ndiye munawapezera kale kokawawika anthuwo. Osamawapatsa umphawi amalawi ayi!!!


I dont see a Hotel on this artistic impression. It looks more like a yard full of domitories. A Hotel should be an impossing structure, beautiful and elegant. From afar you should gasp with its splender and beauty.

Boko Good
Mijomba sopano. Kukana chitukuko. Dont you know that such a project has a multiplier effect? The same villagers who are resisting will be employed at the same place. Other facilities will come along with the project eg shopping malls, airport, good roads etc. They will also be able to sell produce and other things to the people and organisations that will sprout out as a result of the project. Please Malawians wake up. Just fight that the Government should do something to reallocate you to other good land. I remember there was land in Mangochi that was rejected by people… Read more »

For the impression of the artist, it does not seem to be a five star hotel. It is more classroom structures. Please build a hotel that has more than five storeys.
Malawi government should use our taxes to build the hotel. But the golf course should be removed. It is for luxury.


palibe munthu wobwera angatukule MALAWI,ngati alikuno amenewa chilipo chmene akufuna. Malawi tingamutukule tokha ife amalawi ngati
tingakhale wogwira ntchito molimbika kupanga ma business tizatukula dzikolathu, ndalama zanyhu zikutengedwa ndianthu amenewa,
malo amene anthu akulandidwa.tisagulitse dziko chifukwa chofuna kutukula malawi,ana athu akakhala kuti?

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