Mother gang up with son to kill hubby: Malawi Police arrest her, son on the run

Malawi Police in Phalombe district have arrested a 25-year-old woman who ganged up with her son to beat up her husband who eventually died.

The woman behind bars

Police have identified the woman as Esnath Chinangwa and the deceased as Wilford Chinangwa,45, from Ndalama village, T/A Chiwalo in the district.

Meanwhile the 16-year-old son Samson Maliro is on the run and police are investigating him.

Police Publicist for the district, Augustus Nkhwazi told Nyasa Times that the suspects committed the offence on Friday 7th April, 2017 at around 5pm.

“At around 5pm the deceased came home from fishing and found his wife preparing nsima for late lunch. He ordered her to stop cooking as it was already late for lunch. This did not please the wife and her son. A fight ensued among the three,” explained Nkhwazi.

Neighbors rushed in to calm the situation and found he deceased badly injured. He was rushed to Nambazo Health Centre where he the following day.

Postmortem indicated that he died of internal bleeding.

Police arrested the wife and investigations are underway to apprehend Maliro who is at large.

Esther Chinangwa is expected to answer murder charges contrary to Section 209 of the Penal Code.

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11 thoughts on “Mother gang up with son to kill hubby: Malawi Police arrest her, son on the run”

  1. kkkkkkkkk! This is man slaughter not murder. muwapatse bello

  2. patrick banda says:

    So the father was 16,the mother 9 when the run away son was born?Sounds unrealistic!

    1. time says:

      Should be step son to the mother

  3. Namuchoro says:

    Olemba nkhani kunama ngati muna chita kuchekela anabeleka Ali ndi dzaka 9 nachengwa

  4. Mlomwe Opusa says:

    Hahaha! ndiye mwa amayi 25 mwana 16? Ok tiyeni tipange kaye masamu apa: 25-16 = ?
    25-16 = 9

    Ndiye amayiwo anabeleka ndi zaka 9? koma abambo anali ndi zaka 45?
    Ok tipange kaye masamu apa:
    45-9 = ?
    45-9 =36

    Hahaha abambowo anagwirilira mwana wa zaka 9 pamene iwo anali ndi 36!

    Anyway RIP!

  5. Kingpin says:

    If she gave birth at 9 then she’s had a tough life and life turned her into a savage. Si nanga amuna aMalawi mumakonda kubereka ana osawasamalanso?

  6. Detecitive says:

    Why is the boy called Maliro when the parents are Chinangwas? Maybe the boy felt the father was not his so the murder.

  7. yankho says:

    Amai anchiuno awa anabereka Mwana Ali ndi zaka 9?

    1. Nadzimbiri says:

      my point really……. giving birth at 9? zosatheka unless ngati ali mwana wa a bambowo wakunjira

    2. Deusi says:

      Amai ndi abambo akusiyana 20yrs
      size kukana

  8. Naje says:


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