Movement ask India High Commission to stop meddling, let investor face justice in Malawi

A movement of Concerned Citizens has warned that it will be forced to mobilise Malawians to hold protests at Indian High Commission in Lilongwe if they continue meddling in the cases of  Indian businessman Chandrashekar More with Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

Indian High Commissioner Kumar Menon: More has hired police security

The group said it has learnt with concerns that  Indian High Commission in Malawi is using its weight of its diplomatic immunity to reach out to Government of Malawi authorities to “defeat justice” in More cases.

Anil Kumar, the Head of Chancery High Commission of India, Malawi confirmed  More will meet government of Malawi authorities “to resolve the case  that is pending against him with MRA.”

Nyasa Times understands that the Indian High Commission has had meetings with MRA director Felix Tambulasi and Mesy Chalunda the head  of internal matters in the tax body to discuss with the authorites towards closure of the court case that has been lodged against him.

The Indian High Commission opts for withdraw of the case.

The Commission also asked MRA to fix a meeting with More  who cannot use any Malawian lawyer  for fear that they  are either not competent or compromised, and his India-based lawyer, Neelkanth Aher.

The Indian High Commission however claims its  role is to  “ensure that as an  Indian Investor in Malawi, Mr More’s   interests are fully protected as the High Commission is making  efforts to promote investment by Indian private sector in Malawi.”

However, the movement said the due process of the law must be allowed to take place without Indian High Commisison meddling.

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times, the movement through its spokesman  Bruce Banda said the High Commission is meddling with the authorities to buy freedom for More.

“We will be compelled to hold protests at the Indian High Commission if they will continue to make Malawians second class citizens and undermine our country just because they have money to invest.

“This Dziko ndi wanu, ndalama ndi wathu [Malawians own the land but Indians own the cash]  nonsense must stop,” the movement said.

The High Commission of India said it  is not a party to the dispute that  More has with the MRA or other  Malawian Government authorities or partners in his business venture

More, who  accuses Malawi government of  “grabbing the properties of foreign investors who are investing in Malawi” has since sought services of two armed security guards from Malawi Police for securing the protection of him and his Indian lawyer.

Despite Indian High Commission claiming More is not enjoying diplomatic community, the investor is bossing around Malawi authorities to get his way around the issues .

The kind of treatment he is receiving could not be accorded to a Malawian businessperson who could be in the wrong side of the tax laws.

The movement noted that four Malawians face due process of the law and have been sentenced to 22 years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) for attacking and robbing a Blantyre-based businessman, Pallis Rajesh.

They robbed Rajesh about K15 million on 23rd February this year at his residence in Blantyre town.

“These Malawians have faced justice for robbing Rajesh, let Mr More also face same natural justice for robbing Malawians millions in tax,” the movement said.

“Do not push us to have an appetitie of expelling all Indian nationals from Malawi,” the statement added.

More launched Mansi international company in 2006 and only paid tax in 2010 and then sarted another company in a multibillion-kwacha agribusiness Tamanna Solvex Africa  in 2013 .

The Indian and his family then went to India after being granted bail on tax crimes of about K8 million.

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muwapia nganya
5 years ago

Another Tumbuka (Bruce Banda) with a protest, kodi Atumbuka munakhalabwanji, inu ndianthu antopola kwambili nchito yanu ndikumema anthu kuti apange ziwonetselo zimenezo ndizimene mumaziwabasi?. Atumbuka ndi anthu omvetsa chisoni kwambili and ndi mtundu wotembeleledwa mpaka kalekale.

Mbuzi ya Munthu
Mbuzi ya Munthu
5 years ago
Reply to  muwapia nganya

Dziko silingatukuke ndi anthu autsiru ngati iweyo.Basi Kutereku ukufuna a mwenye azapanga Zimene akufuna kuno kwawo alinako? iweyo ndikumagona zimenezo . Ndinawawuza autsiru kwambiri.Anandipa Choncho chifukwa maganizo ndiwoti a kupanga zimenezi ndintumbuka.Kodi Zabwino Zonse ku Malawi potions amayambira ndi atumbuka omwewo ndiye ikafika nthawi yavoti ndiye amadzatenga atidye tokha chifukwa chochulukana.

5 years ago

Ine Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada

Mkhango wa Malawi
Mkhango wa Malawi
5 years ago

If it was in western countries or other African countries would even high commission get involved this mwenyes they think
as if they can talk loud for what ,Chinese have done great in Malawi but you never hear a guilty Chinese moaning about
the competent of judiciary .
Congrats to the concerned citizens let’s not allow stupidity

5 years ago

Bravo Mr Bruce Banda. These Indians have been taking our kindness for weakness. They come to this country to exploit the poorest of our people. They are a racist kind who do not want to assimilate even though they have Malawian passports. All they know is separating themselves with their little communities and that in my book is being racist. Malawians are fed up with their ways and soon people will rally to fight the scourge of these people. This is Malawi and they should abide by our laws or go back to India.

5 years ago

Kwacha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kamuzu never allowed makape from India to drop Ndowe like the
way they do now. This is all because of Amudyomba. Ndiye mwati mwana wawo amafuna kukhala
president? Za nsete! This mmwenye bastard must go to Maula full stop.

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