MP Botomani raps Chakwera over World Bank budget support: ‘Malawi under Mutharika is a country on the move’

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) MP for Zomba Chisi, Mark Botomani, has trashed Leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera for describing  the resumption of budget support by the World Bank as an act of mercy.

Botoman of DPP, MP for Zomba Chisi: Malawi is heading in the right direction

Botomani who  moved a motion to commence debate on the State of the Nation Address  (Sona) delivered by President Mutharika at the opening of the Sixth Meeting in the 46th Session of Parliament and the 2017/18 Budget Meeting in Lilongwe, said the remarks by Chakwera were wrong.

Chakwera had said World Bank’s $80 billion (about K60 billion) general budget support was in no way a vote of confidence for the DPP-led government, saying there is still a lot of loopholes in government and Cashgate is still taking place on President Mutharika’s watch.

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president cited former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda’s alleged involvement in the importation of maize from Zambia as an example that corruption is still rife in government.

But Botomani told parliament that  Chakwera’s views only shows “a lack of proper understanding of the credible and robust processes that inform the policy laden decisions of an institution of the stature of the World Bank. “

He said the  issue, however, it is not so much about the release of the budget support, rather the confidence that the World Bank and other co-operating partners are having in the government of President Peter Mutharika.

Botomani also accused pessimists  on the President’s economic growth projection  of Malawi.

“But Mr Speaker, Sir, one does not need to be an economist to understand that when inflation is going down (at 15.8 per cent as at the end of March, 2017) it is an indication of an economy that is on the rebound,” said Botoman.

“As a matter of fact, Mr Speaker, Sir, we have seen commercial banks responding to these by reducing lending rates which is a very positive thing to every Malawian.  And these are indeed signs of the economy that is on the road to full recovery,” he added.

Botomani said even cooperating partners are acknowledging the economic  gains, citing press reports that donors are encouraged with government’s strides it is taking to improve the economic status of the country.

He said the British Government and European Union delegation have said that the economy is showing signs of progress and hope for the better.

“ They cite some important reforms steps government has taken which will bring positive developments in the long and short term.  Any objective person, Mr Speaker, Sir, should acknowledge the good developments happening under the leadership of His Excellency Arthur Peter Mutharika,” said Botomani.


He told Parliament  thatMalawi, under the leadership of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is a country on the move.

He cited investments in water supply and road network as some of the areas which show that  “Malawi is heading in the right direction.”

Botomani applauded government for the successful implementation of food distribution to needy households affected by hunger.

He also noted that the Jobs for Youths Project funded by the African Development Bank (ADB) will help young people secure employment and create an entrepreneurship spirit among them.

Seconding the motion was  United Democrtaic Front (UDF) Chikwawa East MP Rodrick Khumbanyiwa who agreed with Botomani on the country’s economic performance as shown by the interest of some donors, who are now willing to help Malawi achieve economic growth.

Khumbanyiwa said “ because of good governance, the financial status of the country is now improving.”

He said: “  Because of good governance, Mr Speaker, Sir, donors are now showing interest to assist our country.  “

The UDF legislator said,irrigation schemes are being constructed across the country.  Community colleges are also being constructed in all our districts and the initiative is going to be beyond our constituencies.


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It is psalms 75 vs 6 – 7 and not 67


Mark Botomani thinks that promotion comes through corrupt means of DPP. He has already forgotten the righteous path of God. Mark, the former church elder , where are you heading to? Remember that promotion does not come from the east or from the west or from the wilderness….. Psalms 75 vs 67.


Honourable Botomani, learn from your former pastor ( Hon Chakwera ) to be constructive. Sapotani boma koma mwanzeru. Awo mukunenawo anali abusa anu and you know he is saying the truth. Do not politicians use you like this Mark. After being an MP you will still need pastors who can be truthful.

Respect your former pastor please.


Out of the 18 thoughts on this article, only 3 support Botomani. This should make those who blindly support APM/DPP wonder.




a MP botomani mukunena izi chifukwa mukudya bwino ndi boma la DPP.mmidzimu mumapita ndikuwona umphayi wa anthu? nde muziti Malawi is on the move… on the move for what? kodi Dr Chakwera mukumutsutsayu akunama ku mtundu wa a Malawi? 60bn Malawi kwacha ndi ngongole imene ife a Malawi ndi ana athu tidzapeleka kuchokela ku misonkho.Ndipo chimene muyenela kudziwa a Botomani ngati mumawerenga ndemanga pa tsamba iri 60bn imeneyi siwoneka ntchito imene boma ligwiritse pofuna kutukula miyoyo ya anthu ku midzi.


Guys l knw mr Botomani vry well. Jst forgv him. He thiks dat he is buyn himself a high rank position in dpp gvmnt. He has failed his own constncy. Pple frm Matiya r walkin long distance to gvmnt hospt to get nothin hence no medicines in gvmnt stores. He is sick in head


Mr Botomani, if wht u r saying is wht dpp gvmnt is doing on de ground then tell us developmntl projects in ur constncy the dpp gvmnt has carried out. Thr is no road netwrks, hosptls, commnty markets in ur area. Ku matiya pple r lookin 2019 to tek u out of parlmnt cos of ur ignars. Mayb u made de remks against Chakwera to buy a position in dpp party.


Maso ali nawo sapenya. Makutu ali nawo koma samva. That’s why he is fit to lead the opposition. He will be there if he cannot learn to use his brain wisely and Holy.


Malawians are now poorer than ever before. Nothing is moving in this country since Ngwazi Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika took over power. Things are getting worse every day. By the way what tangible development can this administration point to since they took over the government. They are pulling Malawi down with there tribalistic administration. There is no any other worse government administration in the world than this one.

It doesnt bring any hope.

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