MP demands debate on Sec 65, deputy speakers ‘illegal’ allowances

Lilongwe Msozi south legislator Vitus Dzoole Mwale on Friday demanded debate in parliament on Republican Constitution Section 65 following the decision by the United Democratic Front (UDF) to join government benches in the House and allegations that the two deputy speakers were pocketing K500, 000 each in exaggerated house allowances.

Dzoole Mwale: We need Section 65 sorted out

Dzoole Mwale: We need Section 65 sorted out

Dzoole Mwale complained to first deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje that he had given the motions to the Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya and duly followed all rules as laid down in standing orders, a parliamentary set of rules that govern the 193 strong House.

But Chilenje told the legislator he could not ambush her and the House with an issue which was not on order paper, a paper that details authorised business to be conducted in the House on a particular day.

However, Dzoole Mwale, although he was not given chance to speak, managed to tell the House his intentions to bring to the House issues about Section 65 and the deputy speakers’ allowances.

But Chilenje told the legislator he was violating standing orders.

“It is not right to violate your standing orders. I rule you out of order,” said Chilenje.

She said parliament could not discuss the issue of allowances because the matter is now in court and that she is one of the concerned deputy speakers.

Chilenje and second deputy speaker Clement Chiwaya took parliament to court to force parliament reinstate the K500000 house allowance each after the National Assembly slashed it to K250 000 after it was learnt that they live in their own personal houses not in rented houses as they claimed earlier.

Chilenje however did not comment on on Section 65 issue.

Some parliamentarians petitioned the Speaker o declare seats of UDF legislators vacant following the party’s decision to relocate its MPs to government side in the House following the ruling Democratic Progressive Party alliance with the UDF in parliament, a move some opposition parliamentarians claim contravenes Section 65.

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No comment

Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi
Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi

Edson Jowelo you are the terrible schemer, very dangerous who don’t wish your country the best. ” iwe siukuona kuti anthuwa akungofuna kuziunjikira chuma” shut your mouth……Kwalewera Zinyemba, Kavuluvulu you are wise people.


Malawi is heavily mismanaged in everything both governance and economically. Shame.

Bright Mkosi

Ngati oamulila, okozamalamulo ose ndi osadalilika dzikoli lidzakweladi?

Dr Haswel P Bandawe

Transparency is very important in the conduct of all public affairs (public expenditure/receipts, borrowing, policy-making,usage of public property and its disposal; perks etc).

Only transparency will ensure checks and balances and appropriate use of public funds and property.

There is need to reappraise Sections 64&65 of the Constitution.


Edson Jowelo you are the crap of a person and stinking shit.

Bikiloni Nachipanti

Tiyeni nawo amenewa.. Its high time we bring to rest s65 issue. Section 64 should also be tabled in Parliament. That will help bring real development now… Bravo Dzoole Mwale…. Uyo akuti ndi za ziii, apite akamwe acid


I agree with Kwalera Zinyemba.Why should a Deputy Speaker be entitled to a house worth K500,000.00 per month ?This is sheer extravangance.

kwalewera Zinyemba

Looks like Malawi needs to look at all areas of expenditure in the various ministries and institutions. Why should the deputy speakers stay in a house worth k500,000.00 when a house costing k200,000.00in rentals is reasonable for such aperson to live in. If these areas are not checked Malawi will still be crying of lack of funds in hospitals and schools yet always asking donors to help us. Let us wake up and stop this mudnes.

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