MP Kamlepo found at Kwacha Roundabout in Blantyre

Firebrand opposition politician Kamlepo Kalua who was reportedly missing has been found tied both legs and hands at Kwacha Roundabout in Blantyre.

Kamlepo now found

Kamlepo claims he does not know where he had been after his family had reported him missing.

He looked out of sorts, weak and frail but a bit smart.

Kamlepo claimed he was abducted and that he was dropped there.

He said he didn’t know where the “hell” he has been.


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79 thoughts on “MP Kamlepo found at Kwacha Roundabout in Blantyre”

  1. Phiro says:

    Let’s hope the hon. MP is not just trying to shift people’s attention. Remember he has issues with MRA & also his vehicle is on interpol wanted list. Just recall how the said mp managed to register his vihicles RTD. I can smell a rat in this.

  2. Amaduh Cassim says:

    a DPP mpasen unduna kapena u board member asiya kubwebweta mkuluyi

  3. Kalekeni says:

    Tisamaweruzane abale, mkwiyo uzagwera paife. Lets see, there is no secret under the sun. Have you ever bitten with the idle parasite? Notherners, Southerners, Central we are all branches of this beautiful country, regardless the tribe. When we raise a point, someone should learn something, we mustn’t look at the latitude. I fall pity on my country, big city like Blantyre, no cameras. That could be the best way to invest how he has been found there.

  4. pathfinder says:

    Oh fuck off Winston, don’t even try to oppose what ovambwiyanga commented. that is your kind of style. that’s how you see all lhomwes when one has gone evil. Kamlepo just like all other tumbukas is a trouble maker in every government that comes into power if they don’t give him udindo. ask MULUZI he knows him. panopa wakumana ndi mulomwe akumudziwa ma style ake onse, munyera muona.

  5. Kamlepo Kautsilu says:

    Anali kuchibwenzi uyu mkazi waku Namiwawa uja akufuna yolowera kwa mkazi wake tsopano hahahahahahahahahaha kikikikikikiikiki,….wayaluka

  6. teenage says:

    kamlepo wapenga misala anthu kumathumiza anthu openga kupalamenti maziona lero

  7. kachamba kachapira says:

    mumafuna apezeke atafa kut mukhutire?mulungu si james khalani chete ndikudikira ukulu wake.mungotenga matemberero zachabechabe.khalani tcheru mmawa ndi inu ndi ine ndi ana athu

    1. Asantheli says:

      Osatembelera anzanu. Pelekani maganizo anu basi

  8. Angah Maganizo says:

    Behind any abduction there is a motive. The Hon. MP was abducted for seven days , no ransom was demanded and he was released without any harm. He was well looked after while in custody of his abductors. That leaves a lot of unaswered question on what might be the motive of the abductors. If it was to eliminate him , they could have killed him and dumped his body some where. If the motive was to make him suffer they they could not have bothered to look after him well as they did. They could have dropped him off some where in a very remote area, tied up, beaten to the pulp and naked. But to the contrary they dropped him off in the middle of the city, well fed, well dressed, well shaven with no any scratch mark. Funny indeed! Arsenal 2 Man U 0 remember!!! Not funny if you look at all this scenario from a different angle. The Hon. MP does not remember any thing. This is serious, what if he was druged upon his being abducted, and being unconcious taken some where safe, his clothes taken off, his abductors administered him with Poloninum 210, then dress him back in his clean clothes, shave him clean, and drop him off in the middle of the city knowing pretty sure that the PO 210 will now take its toll on him. Though the period is not adding up! Never underestimate the capabilities of proffessional abductors. Lets not judge the Hon MP yet. Lets wait for few dayif not weeks and monitor his healthy very closely . He may be eaten from inside.

  9. Mchawa says:

    Mkuluyu ndiwamisaladi, no wonder achair sntamupatsa,Toyota colors anakhala ziii KKKK chizereza chioneni, kuchenjera ko se kuja basi kudzipanga abduct, I dint know that ur such a coward kamlepo

  10. Charles says:

    Ovahambwiyanga, does it make sense to you that just because you do not believe that Kamlepo Kalua was abducted then all Tumbukas are stupid and mad? How do all the Tumbukas come into Kamlepo’s scenario? If you have nothing to say why not refrain from writing instead of insulting innocent, respectable people? If there is one known prostitute from your tribe, would it be correct to classify all the women in your tribe as prostitutes? Such a wholesale classification would include your own mother, your wife, your sisters, your aunties, your grannies and all the respectable women of your tribe! If you have nothing to offer it is better to avoid posting anything at all, let alone, offensive material. Know that many Tumbukas played a big role in bringing about the freedom of speech/writing which you are abusing today. Do you realise that it is possible to trace you although you are hiding behind your pseudonym? Do not encourage hate writing, unity and love should be our binding force.

  11. simbweni mhango says:

    Livingstonia synode u hv bin vocal on nonsense issues can u comment on what ur empty tin son kamlepo has done, this is redicurus. Tumbukans ndi mbuli not sited to be politicians see what ur hv done. plz malawi police arrest him soon after parliament. chindere chakufikapo

  12. winston msowoya says:

    OVAMBWIYANGA !!!! I think you have lost your sense of civility,please come to your senses.You cannot include all the Tumbukas on Kamlepo’s misdirection.It seems to me you have a vicious hatred against the Tumbukas,however,you are just exposing your illiteracy,SHAME!!!!!

  13. mtete says:

    Exactly what the abductors wanted: Disbelief.

    The truth will eventually come out. At least he should tell us where from he was abducted. There may be people who saw him in the area; unless anali ku chibwenzi, which is very difficult to reveal.

    I only hope its not another Kunkuyu drama.

  14. Becks says:

    I feel for Kamlepo and Malawi Police. I expected the police to handle the matter with professional suspension. Police must prove that indeed Kamlepo was hiding somewhere. Otherwise he was abducted

  15. Hon Pwhisi says:

    Dada kamlepo iyi ndi drama.taka joina kwathu, ukampeza mzako jakobo.
    If what im hearing is true then this man is incapacitated.Rumphi east get ready for by elections .the Hon sono ni chindere chakufikapo please take this lunatic to Zomba mental, when he recovers let him face MRA.
    We dont need these tricks from Russia I read alot of these in James Hardly Chase.munthu ndevu wameta bwino bwino zobala, za zambee mxiii

  16. DOBO says:

    Typical of witchcraft or of skull and bones.Yale university style.

  17. martin says:

    Kamlepo whom are you trying to fool? The fact is that you were not abducted,your intention was to confuse people when you vanished from the eyes of the people.You can not be more cleaver than the majority of the people.Another thing,you have never studied in Russia any time,if you did,in which field you were in? Mr.Kamlepo,with due respect,you were working in South Africa as a dish-washer in one of J’burg’s Hotels why cheating Mr so-called vocal MP? To some of us who lived in exile for authentic reasons,we knew exactly that you were cheating the sleeping Malawians,but one day you will be cornered,there you are now.An empty bucket makes a lot of noise.An MP like Kamlepo makes our most venerated PARLIAMENT a laughing stock of Africa and the World.Kamlepo represented the most backward Constituency in the country,take the Chiweta-Mlowe road which is only 11 KM far,it is in horrible status today and if the government does not take effective action on it,we can aswell,expect another vicious accident,this time on land.Kamlepo must face the law of the LAND for cheating the people of Malawi that he was abducted and that he denies that he did not steal the cars.SHAME UNEDUCATED MP!!!!!!

  18. North korea says:

    I was there when it happened , was passing by when i was going home from kamba around 4 am the car that dropped him was a white pajero and saw two big guys dropping a man and speed away!

  19. Benjamin Ngwira says:

    Tikhale Kaye Chete Tiwone Zotsatira Osathamangira Kudzudzura Wabodza Aziwika.Kugwira Somba Osadya Kukaiponyanso Mmadzi,aaaaaaaaaaa

  20. BlackImage says:

    Malawi the warm heart of Africa a country of wonders dziko limene wankulu amakhala ngati mwana mwana ngati wankulu. Chikhala ambuye amafunsa kobadwila zikanakhala bwino nkadasankha kutali

  21. Vincent Mlelemba says:

    Iwe Kamlepo,don’t fool us and ur family wamva? Munthuyu anali ku chibwenzi uyu, nde wafuna kuipitsa boma kuti tidziti DPP govt njoipa?!!!! A Malawi sitingakumvere chisoni, ndiwe wabodza. Tambwali weniweni!!!!!!

  22. odandaula says:

    why is he tied?

  23. Paul Njola says:

    Sibweni why should you abduct yourself? People in Mlowe will no longer take serious. Elections are around the corner, why can’t you concentrate on that. STOP JOKING.

  24. m'busa wa ku balaka says:

    Sayenera kukhalanso MP chifukwa wapenga uyu kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. Kamlepo says:


  26. Mlhomwe wa pa phata says:

    DPP mwamulephera uyu mwana wa kukaya. Mfuti zanu zonse zimangotuluka madzi & mipeni yanu imachita ngati macandle wax osungunuka Mulungu wake atamuteteza. God Lives & glory to You for saving Kamlepo’s life!

  27. chaz says:

    Even a 2yr old can undo those ropes on his hands using his teeth, then untie his legs. What you playing at bwana Kamlepo? I have always respected you but now i am not sure. Am left a bit confused

  28. nyasaland says:

    The police arrested Kamlepo. The police have the burden of explaining his whereabouts and how he was found there. It bis NOT Kamlepos burden to explain that ……. wake up people

  29. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    I believe kamlepo was abducted. Most people comment here are playing exactly the mind of abductors not to believe Kamlepo thinking he is lying. They made sure he is clean and smart and no one will believe him and put him as a mentally sick. Trust there something there played. Think like you are abductor you want to destroy someone but you afraid reaction and with the mind of the people. I’m sure he was abducted

  30. martin says:

    Kamlepo is a damn liar,he has never been in Russia for what ? What I know is that he had been in South Africa washing dishes in J’burg Hotels. His education is dissapointingly low that he could not even teach in class one and where did he get the scholarship to Russia ? Malawians, you are easily cheated,this man is just a street crook and a thief he is not fit to be a PARLIAMENTARIAN OR A MESSENGER,poor Malawians,any foreigner can rule Malawians because they are dead sleep. The fact of the matter is that Kamlepo stole those cars and he must face the law of the land.It is a shame to have an MP of that calibre in our highest Institution of the land.Tumbukas don’t do such heinous crimes,SORRY!!!!!



  31. JJB says:

    Uchitsilu suposa apa!!

  32. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    Its really surprising that people believe what Kalua is saying.

    Somebody who was adducted, not knowing who abducted him, can such a person really sit on the road side after being dropped by abductors, waiting to have a picture taken, with hands and feet tied?

    Did he shout for help!!

    This is Bullshit, this man will now try and bore us with his shit in parliament.

    And Malawian simpletons believe him.

  33. Mvalo says:

    This is the end of DPP regime. This is prophetic.

  34. mwalale says:

    Many of you who are writing silly comments here are DPP and you want to present Kalua as a comedian or is faking what happened. Common sense tells you that he was abducted by DPP. So the truth is that he was kidnapped by DPP cadet thugs. They did not want to kill him because that would trigger a civil war. Northerners will rise up. Just and see. They are watching!

    1. chamba says:

      rise up for what lunatic

  35. Psyuta says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk! A fucken fool !

  36. penjani says:

    mdala wadwala uyu

  37. kaluwa says:

    he needs mental assessment doctors don’t hastate

  38. kaluwa says:

    chindere chakufikapo ichi, kaluwa ndiwe chidzete ngati Ali ndi mulandu mmangeni amaguliranji magalimoto obedwa?

  39. be humane says:

    koma Kamlepo ndiye sakukumbikira chilichonse? It happens kuti sakumbukira anything he might have been subjected to terrible torture which does not reflect in the way he looks. Stop gimmics Kamlepo

  40. Hollywood says:

    Firebrand honourable actor! self-abductor! mollywood woyee!!!!!

  41. Zemazema says:

    Mr Kamlepo, you say you were abducted, then you were dropped at this roundabout and yet you don’t know where you were. In the first place, who abducted you? and who dropped you at this place?

    Soon or later the truth shall be known

    I don’t believe that real abductors (criminals) could leave you unhurt and clean as you look. The way I see you on this photo, you have been sleeping and eating comfortably wherever you were (a situation that can not be granted by any serious abductor )

  42. Gwedemula says:

    You are playing wc Kamlepo? You cannot kill him ask Bakili…

    1. Honourable says:

      gwedemula..kupusa..Bakili never tried to kill kamlepo..if he wanted him dead,anakachipa easily..and no one was going to ask after him..

  43. nzika says:


  44. siphokazi says:

    tiuzeni zoona where was our good man? Tate wafuko aneyo

  45. okhudzidwa says:

    we want to. know more where kamlepo was. zachibwana ai pankhani imeneyi tidziwe zinizeni pa zimenezi

  46. penjwano says:

    Kamlepo is a big joker in Malawi

  47. zaboza says:

    Zaboza izi. He is seeking sympathy after he has been caught red-handed with stolen cars. This is obviously an attempt to frame government so that people should be preoccupied with the ‘alleged abduction’ and in the process lose concentration on his stolen cars. He, together with his relatives, skimmed this plot. Apa pokha ndiye nsana waonekere pantunda. Muyese zina izi zokha ndiye ayi

    1. Mlhomwe wa pa phata says:

      Mumafuna apezeke atafa kuti musangalale afiti a DPP inu ndi chief nthakati Mathanyula wanuyo? I hate DPP & God is about to do something on your Mathanyula. Mungoti phee sipachedwa. Gertrude asanduka namfedwa muona. Mxiew!

  48. zabodza says:

    Zaboza izi. He is seeking sympathy after he has been caught red-handed with stolen cars. This is obviously an attempt to frame government so that people should be preoccupied with the ‘alleged abduction’ and in the process lose concentration on his stolen cars. He, together with his relatives, skimmed this plot. Apa pokha ndiye nsana waonekere pantunda. Muyese zina izi zokha ndiye ayi

  49. Tired of this comedian kaluwa.

  50. Dzambo says:

    This guy is acting to buy public sympathy. There is need to investigate his claims


    Whether a Honourable Kalua zaonekelazi ndizochita kuzikozekela wokha ndi family yawo considering Mr Kalua is a jangle man or its by ill-intentioned enemies we say Malawi is degenerating into a dangerous nation back to old ages.And ngati ndinu ma thugs a DPP mangani mabuleke.Dont intimidate and harrass citizens of this country.let them enjoy the freedom and democracy they fought for. The truth will come out bcoz MULUNGU SIMUNTHU…..Amen.

  52. Charles says:

    Kamlepo knows where ‘the hell’ he has been. Its very doubtful that he was abducted. Its a face saver, he does not want to appear a coward who went into hiding when the going got tough.

  53. Dan says:

    Sorry Kamulepo for what you have gone through. That is the game of politics in your party.

  54. Yaruta says:

    Honourable Kamulepo, yowoyani unenesko. Ine nindapulikisye.

  55. Paul says:

    Peter Mutharika’s Government stinks

  56. alungwana says:

    Koma ya. Kaya

  57. ovahambwiyanga says:

    Kamlepo you are now an actor but with small brain. You mean you were thrown out of the speeding speading car and never got any bruises kkkkkk. Foolish man. No public sympathy man you will face the long arm of the law. Koma atumbuka ndinu opusa sizinawoneke. Apa mwaonesa usilu heavy. Nawenso Green Muheya firebrand politician angakhale opusayu hehehehe koma mulira simunati

  58. Dr tambala says:

    kamlepo anali kwa chibwezi hule lina lake la chitumbuka limakhala Ku machichiri! lakhala likumupatsa sex yabwino, za kudya zamagulu atatu plus kumuchapira zovala. this is why he looks well fed, clean and tidy and weak from too much sex. he remembers zomwe amamupanga kungoti it was all nice sex and delicious food!!!!

  59. kalongonda says:

    Tithokoze Mulungu poti apezekeka ali ndi moyo. komano mamangidwe ake amenewo sadakatha ngakhale kudzimasula ndi mano? Malawi politics at its best.

  60. Abiti says:

    Kamlepo that’s stupid and nisense.Stop that drama.
    Who can dump you at that open place for all these days you claimed missing. Police check his phones this idiot
    The way you are sitting there is no sign of abduction.
    More tricks to come you started this game you fool.
    Even a kindergarten child will know that this is a fiolinsj game you are playing
    Chitsilu Chinese iwe meanawakeithu

  61. Kenkkk says:

    This is very bad for you dpp thugs. Let us see what the dpp top hierarchy wil say on this. They should strongly condemn their thugs. How can you stoop so low?

    Kamlepo can consider himself very lucky for just seeing another. They changed their minds about killing him. He was drugged from the way he looks. SAD.

  62. Dan Zubu Man Kalamizu says:

    People don’t get momentum in Politics by playing games,

    Get matured in mind and we no longer vote for politicians who talk promises without guarantee…….NO…
    We vote for works on the ground.

  63. Namanyaru says:

    Kikikiki! Kamlepo watha maplani. Trick imeneyi was once played by Moses Kunkuyu and another guy from Dowa with a funny name langondithawa mmutumu!

    For a guy who claims to be trained in Russia those ropes sizikanamuvuta kumasula!

    Angopita akayankhane ndi a MRA pankhani ya tax evasion basi!

  64. pambulu says:

    Is it satanism or political abduction

  65. Phillip Lwayo says:

    ensemble theatre as the journey continues

  66. Mateyu says:

    Is this the Malawi we all had wished to be?
    Let’s change.

  67. bless says:

    May God help u kamlepo

  68. Why says:

    This is totally cheap politics by Kaluwa. He wanted sympathy by malawians. This is planned move so that people should forget of the hot cars he bought. This remind me Mr Kunkuyu who also claimed that pple abducted him after missing but it was jst a plan. Mr Kaluwa knws the truth of this. should we day those who abducted you took you to Barbershop bcoz you look smart than before. Totally cheap politics

  69. Hahahaha! Kamlepo is the best actor in 2017

  70. Aprofessor says:

    Koma ndiye ndale zafikaposo, lets see 2019

  71. William Tell says:

    Hahahaha now i have seen it all. It is disgusting how these politicians take us for cartoons.

  72. PeterMustFall says:

    Ha ha ha ha…Kamplepo Donald Trump..Ndale zapa Malawi

  73. mo says:


  74. Mmalawi says:

    kamlepo aaaaaaa wabodza wabodza

    1. Pastor Yona. says:

      My fellow Malawians let tell you that speaks words of tribalism can not help us,lets love one as one nation.Leave the issues concerning Kalua in the hand of God.if it is true or not about the abduction.Any tribe in Malawi constitutes Malawi,there is no single tribe that make Malawi alone all of us are one nation so be careful how you talk to each other.Pray fo Government to love its people and pray for kamlepo to enjoy good healthy.

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