MP Kamlepo found at Kwacha Roundabout in Blantyre

Firebrand opposition politician Kamlepo Kalua who was reportedly missing has been found tied both legs and hands at Kwacha Roundabout in Blantyre.

Kamlepo now found

Kamlepo claims he does not know where he had been after his family had reported him missing.

He looked out of sorts, weak and frail but a bit smart.

Kamlepo claimed he was abducted and that he was dropped there.

He said he didn’t know where the “hell” he has been.


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Let’s hope the hon. MP is not just trying to shift people’s attention. Remember he has issues with MRA & also his vehicle is on interpol wanted list. Just recall how the said mp managed to register his vihicles RTD. I can smell a rat in this.

Amaduh Cassim

a DPP mpasen unduna kapena u board member asiya kubwebweta mkuluyi


Tisamaweruzane abale, mkwiyo uzagwera paife. Lets see, there is no secret under the sun. Have you ever bitten with the idle parasite? Notherners, Southerners, Central we are all branches of this beautiful country, regardless the tribe. When we raise a point, someone should learn something, we mustn’t look at the latitude. I fall pity on my country, big city like Blantyre, no cameras. That could be the best way to invest how he has been found there.


Oh fuck off Winston, don’t even try to oppose what ovambwiyanga commented. that is your kind of style. that’s how you see all lhomwes when one has gone evil. Kamlepo just like all other tumbukas is a trouble maker in every government that comes into power if they don’t give him udindo. ask MULUZI he knows him. panopa wakumana ndi mulomwe akumudziwa ma style ake onse, munyera muona.

Kamlepo Kautsilu

Anali kuchibwenzi uyu mkazi waku Namiwawa uja akufuna yolowera kwa mkazi wake tsopano hahahahahahahahahaha kikikikikikiikiki,….wayaluka


kamlepo wapenga misala anthu kumathumiza anthu openga kupalamenti maziona lero

kachamba kachapira

mumafuna apezeke atafa kut mukhutire?mulungu si james khalani chete ndikudikira ukulu wake.mungotenga matemberero zachabechabe.khalani tcheru mmawa ndi inu ndi ine ndi ana athu


Osatembelera anzanu. Pelekani maganizo anu basi

Angah Maganizo
Behind any abduction there is a motive. The Hon. MP was abducted for seven days , no ransom was demanded and he was released without any harm. He was well looked after while in custody of his abductors. That leaves a lot of unaswered question on what might be the motive of the abductors. If it was to eliminate him , they could have killed him and dumped his body some where. If the motive was to make him suffer they they could not have bothered to look after him well as they did. They could have dropped him off… Read more »

Mkuluyu ndiwamisaladi, no wonder achair sntamupatsa,Toyota colors anakhala ziii KKKK chizereza chioneni, kuchenjera ko se kuja basi kudzipanga abduct, I dint know that ur such a coward kamlepo

Ovahambwiyanga, does it make sense to you that just because you do not believe that Kamlepo Kalua was abducted then all Tumbukas are stupid and mad? How do all the Tumbukas come into Kamlepo’s scenario? If you have nothing to say why not refrain from writing instead of insulting innocent, respectable people? If there is one known prostitute from your tribe, would it be correct to classify all the women in your tribe as prostitutes? Such a wholesale classification would include your own mother, your wife, your sisters, your aunties, your grannies and all the respectable women of your tribe!… Read more »

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