MP Malison Ndau thrown out of Parliament over dress code

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Dr Clement Chiwaya on Tuesday kicked out Member of Parliament (MP) for Ntcheu central constituency Malison Ndau from the House for defying the Parliamentary dress code.

Ndau: Thrown out of Parliament

Ndau came into the House without a neck-tie demanded by the rules.

He received  a dressing down from Rumphi East legislature, Kamlepo Kalua which prompted the second deputy speaker of Parliament to take an action in violation of rules.

“The dress code does not allow any member especially males to appear in the chamber without a neck-tie. I therefore sustain that point of order [by Kamlepo Kalua], and the concern member should leave the House,” said Chiwaya.

Ndau did not protest when he was hounded out of Parliament as he quietly followed the order.

However, in an interview he said MPs should be given an opportunity to debate the dress code.

“I think the dress code in this parliament needs to be discussed and we need to give our views,” he said.

In May this year during the same Parliament session, Chiwaya ordered the Mwanza central legislature Davis Katsonga to stop going to the House for a period of one week because of the same offense.

Katsonga appeared in the chamber while in cultural headgear which is also not allowed in the house.

For the respect of the august House there is a dress code to be adhered to by all members, particularly male members. If not, the members will be dressing like they are going to the market or to a party.

And some commentators say legislators should stop wasting time on this very trivial issue and start pursuing issue pertaining to economic growth, national security and disease killing millions of Malawians everyday.


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Anasiya ka chibwezi ku room uyu ne amafuna atulutsidwe then akapitilize kuphana


I will not comment on the dress code but on English proficiency o. Throughout the current sitting of parliament there are reporters that have been referring to LEGISLATORS as LEGISLATURES. Which school did these guys attend?


Just an attention seeker..ngati samafuna kugwira ntchito osangokhala ku nyumba.He waited for the kidnapped baby to remind him?Ku Malawi ziliko koma.


Dress code should indeed have an ideological basis.

Ours has inly got the basis of legacy really.

So awkward

The redefinition of national dress is overdue. Together with the national assembly should come a national rethink of this whole aspect of national dress.

pleasant qisho

Neo colonialism


Necktie is a sign of slavery. Get this!!!!
Why not coming with our own dressing code? Haven’t you seen the way your honorable friends dress in South Africa! Who is Mzungu these years????

Waawa Ndau

Zitsilu, nde kuti wanzelu ndi amene wavala neck tie…kupusa!!! Thats why mbava zambili mtown zikuvala neck tie eeti? Maalison bwerako kumphate tizacheza kkk


Malawi usually is hot. So why dress heavily . We are still not free minded.


Akulu! Mmene kukuziziliramu? Ah iyai kambani zanzeru!

Keen Observer
Indeed they must dress properly that’s why they’re called honourable members of parliament. They don’t have to discuss it there is no need cos if these current MPS change that dress code what guarantees are there that the next general elections they will retain to parliament? Which means every set of MPsix soon after the electionsuccess they must choose how theya want to be dressing? Every job has got its own set of rules. If you see an Army officer in civilian clothes if you don’t know him/her can one tell that this one is a soldier? No, so it’s… Read more »

Kulakwa kwadala. Iyeyu amadziwa dress code koma basi kusankha kulakwitsa, No wonder tikulephera mwadala kuendetsa dzikoli.

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