MPs Chilenga, Jooma predict doom for PP in 2019 elections: Orange party operating like headless chicken

People’s Party (PP) of former president Joyce Banda  will be reduced to spectators in the 2019 elections because it has no direction like a headless chicken, two members of Parliament (MPs) for the party have said.

Peoples Party MPs  who are accusing the party of poor leadership: Malawi Mtonga (left), Ralph Jona and Welani Chilenga

Welani Chilenga  of Chitipa South, who has been a vibrant voice of PP in Parliament,  and  former Chief Whip Ralph Jooma of  Mangochi Monkey Bay, has said the orange camp has lost direction  because of lack of mature and visionary  leadership.

The two expressed their discontent  after the party moved them from front benches in the House to be backbenchers on claims that they are now aligning themselves to ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chilenga was also removed as chairperson for the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources by the PP politburo.

In published report, Chilenga  said PP risk not even winning a parliamentary seat in 2019 elections.

“There is no leadership ,. You must expect more confusion, and if this continues, the party will not get even  a seat in the 2019 elections,” said Chilenga in quotes reported in the local press.

Chilenga aid even if Joyce Banda returns to Malawi from her self-imposed exile,  “it is too late, and people have already lost hope in PP.”

The Chitipa South constituency MP stressed that  PP “has lost direction.”

Jooma collaborated , saying PP will be  “reduced to a spectator” in 2019 elections because the party “lacks leadership.”

But PP  deputy spokesman Ackson Kalaile Banda dismissed the MPs, saying their remarks were “sour grapes” after being removed for working with DPP.

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Kani nkholokolo zili muzipani zambiri eti!

Can a party which was once in power remain in opposition for 23 years? If the party did well in its rule people would have brought it back after only 10 years. But remembering its 31 years of brutality rule Malawians do not think MCP is an alternative. The black cock is there to roast forever. The MCP LOST THE CHANCE IN 2014 WHEN THE VOTES IN THE South was divided into DPP, UDF and PP. Now the MCP knows which party is the strongest in the south. The DPP won while in the opposition and when the region was… Read more »
Alinafe Phiri

Commenting without reading the post,why attacking Chakwera yet the issue is about PP and it’s MPs? You have a personal hatred against Chakwera but this nation is in the hands of God and Chakwera will rule this country.


These are greedy guys. Opportunists.

Peter Mathanyula

Zavuta ku PP. Kumwera kwadzadza ndi zipani zapanja zomwe zikatuluka mboma zikumatha ngati makatani. UDF pano yangokhala sanza zokhazokha, kenako PP nayonso yang’ambika ngati makatani. DPP 2019 nayonso ulendo kutha ngati makatani. MCP is the only people’s party.


MCP idatha ngati makatani long time and will remain so for along time. They are failing to pay for water bills never mind city rates which are running in hundreds million kwachas. DPP remains the only vibrant party in terms of support and resources. Despite the noises from MCP, I foresee landslide victory for DPP. The northern and southern parts of malawi will vote massively for DPP. Ntcheu salima nkhotakota Lilongwe city centre will vote for DPP. Chakwera will be malawi Raila Odinga (kenya scenario)


Chakwera failed to wrestle power from a woman president Joyce Banda, how would he from nowhere do this time around, from a man muthalika. Chakwera and MCP are in dreamland. Campaign money MCP is banking on one man pocket sidic Mia. 2019 campaign will be too expensive for chakwera and miserable MCP. MCP is in a big and deep hole.

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