MPs Mwenifumbo, Chidanti Malunga in all drawn war over Zambia maizegate trip

Karonga Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo has accused chair of parliamentary inquiry on maizegate Joseph Chidanti Malunga of favouritsm following his failure to take on board Mwenifumbo on the Zambia trip.

Face off: Chidanti and Mwenefumbo over Zambia trip

Some of the inquiry members left for Zambia on Tuesday morning where they are expected to meet those involved in the sale of maize to Malawi after reports of suspicious deals allegedly by Agriculture Minister George Chaponda and Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe.

The two denies any wrong doing.

Mwenifumbo said Chidanti Malunga had shown all along that he did not want the Karonga Central MP, who took an active part in the investigations, to be part of the team that travelled to Zambia.

“When the issue of money came up, there were several options which were floated to him, to reduce the number of days so that I be accomodated, the Speaker of  Parliament be approached to help out but the chair never did this, may be he has issues with me,” said Mwenifumbo.

But Malunga said donors of the trip  Civil Society Agriculture Network (CisaNet), could not accomodate more people on the trip as their budget was modest.

He said he had no personal issues with Mwenifumbo except for the budgetary constraint.

The inquiry is expected to meet Chaponda soon after coming from Zambia.

Graft busting body, the Anti Corruption Bureau also went to Zambia on the same issue whilst the President Peter Mutharika appointed Commission of Inquiry says it intends to go to Zambia as well for the same purpose.

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16 thoughts on “MPs Mwenifumbo, Chidanti Malunga in all drawn war over Zambia maizegate trip”

  1. Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo says:

    Dear my fellow citizens
    I have read all your comments you have made as to regards to the story above . This is a democracy in which free speech is encouraged whether positive or negative . I take all your comments positively . It simply shows how much you care about our country Malawi especially where you hold everyone in a public office to account .
    However let me clarify on few issues for you to be well informed . Section 154 of our standing order provides that a joint commitee shall be formed to look to a matter of national importance . It goes to stipulate that. 5 members shall be drawn from each commitee concerning the matter at hand . I was privileged to be picked from public accounts commitee to serve on this joint commitee to look into a matter involving the procurement of maize from Zambia. I participated on the enquiry on the Malawi side. When it came to an enquiry to probe the Zambia side issues of funding came to being . Parliament was not able to meet the cost of travel and other costs regarding the Zambia trip . CISANET came about to the rescue of Parliament . Yes it true that that CISANET intimidated that.they.could only meet the cost of travel to a point. At that point only members of the commitee suggested to the chairman of the commitee to cut the number of days in zambia so that every member would travel . At that point it was left up to the chairman to decide . And we all hoped that the chairman would oblige . To our surprise the chairman stood his ground that other members ought to stay behind . I happen to be the only member out of the 10 MPS who was left because he was ill . Naturally I got disappointed not because I would lose on allowance but that this would tender me in effective in terms further participation on the commitee as I would suffer from information gap .
    From the onset of this enquiry I felt privileged and honored to serve my country in the oversight role on an issue of national importance and for me not to be able to finish the job was a betrayal of the highest order . You can speculate this and that and I Have no problem with that the truth is that you the tax payer are the biggest losers because your money has been worthless because what you have so far spent on me since has gone down the drain . Who do I blame . I want to put on record that I wholesomely put the blame on the chairman of the commitee for his inept and inability to live up to the leadership he was assigned. I singularly blame for displaying total disregards to what the commitee members suggested to him that we needed to preserve the integrity of the group and unity intact . For example Hon Richard Chimwendo suggested that we trim the number of visitors to Zambia inorder to compensate for the shortfall without putting a strain on the budget . That brilliant suggestion fell on deaf ears . Those that think I am crying and dying for allowances I forgive because you don’t know my background suffice to say I don’t live and survive on parliamentary emoluments. Please find time to visit my constituency and to see for yourself what charities I do using parliamentary emoluments . I am one of those that believe in hard work and when I start I see to it that I don’t just finish but finish it well and that’s my outcry . But as I said earlier on you are free to specualate, say anything , hate because that’s part of democracy . But I hope this spirit of hate , use of foul language is not your daily bread I wish you can invest that energy to develop your livelihood because I have done it well and better. Long live free speech Long live democracy @ Frank mwenifumbo

  2. Zude says:

    Hahahaha chitsiru chamunthu mwenifumbo iwe,ndizinthu zoti udzilira zimenezo.umafuna ma allowance ukapeleke kwa chibwenzi chako cha kwa msungama chija??wanya wagwa nayo.mpaka mwapita ku MBC tv kukalira.kkkkkk.

  3. Zude says:

    Mwenifumbo ndiwe munthu opusa kwambiri kulilira ulendo waku zambia??mumafuna ma allowance mukapeleke kwa chibwenzi chanu cha kwa msungama chija??idiot wanya mpaka kukaonekela pa MBC tv.hahahahaha koma zitsiru zinanu.kkkkkkk uyo.

  4. yaki says:

    This shows people have nothing to do . 3 groups going for one thing . dyera basi

  5. Maizegate says:

    Hon. Mwenefumbo please tell the general public how many members have gone and how many are left. Dont just make wild allegations of triblelism.

  6. Alfred Minjo says:

    All these people are corrupt…palibe wabwino. Kulira chifukwa akusiyani ulendo and wapa Zambia??? koma ngakhale dyera ndi ndalamazo!!! How much have this team spent during the intorragation seating in Lilongwe?? Anthu AKUBA NONSE INU!!!!!

  7. HIM says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Mwenifumbo my boss !!!!

    So, kusapita ku Zambia mwakuliratu….. this clearly shows that you (whole interrogating body) are not doing us (Malawians) favour and showing accountability. Mukungofuna muzitithera ndalama through allowances and whatever. Stop all these processes !!!!

    Nonse mukuimba nyimbo imodzi apa.

  8. victor says:

    Allowances are peanus. This issue is vital. Money should be found immediately so that Mwenifumbo should be in Zambia immediately. Leaving someone behind is doctoring the final report. Use money from cash gaters.

  9. Lawyer says:

    Is he the only one left from the Committee?? Why he suggests that any extra funding sourced would automatically entitle him to go, smacks pomposity, n self-centered greed n selfishself-centeredness. Do we need say more about how selfish these northerners are??? To hell.

  10. Phwado says:

    There are no personal issues here.In fact Honourable Mwenifumbo excused himself during the first week of the inquiry to attend to to his private business and was replaced by Hon Nyalonje.Just because it is now about huge sums of external travel allowances he wants to druze himself in?That is not fair.Please behave honoroubly Mr!

  11. Bushop says:

    Hon Mwenefumbo is childish… Being left is not an issue… in fact Hon Mwenifumbo cn sponsor himself to Zambia if ur really loving Malawi and hate corruption… The trip is sponsored by donors….so Frank could hv asked donors to increase the funding… By sponsoring yourself you could showed much patriotism.

  12. Mhone says:

    You have no shame Mwenifumbo.. What is honorable about crying to defraud Malawians further through allowances to Zambia?

  13. keimthyuin says:

    Now honourable Mwenifumbo, why are you worried for being left behind? Is it because you feel those who have travelled are incomptent, or is it because you are crying over the hefty allowances that you’ve missed?

    This raises interesting questions, like seriously, wouldn’t a delegation of three members suffice to unearthen the suspected clendastine deals? Mungofuna allowances basi… Plus, THREE public bodies conducting investigations pa nkhani imodzimodzi wth each grp wanting to go to Zambia, separately! A team of two/one from each group could’ve worked… while the rest proceed with any remaining interrogations back home. Palowanso dyera apa…

  14. Kabilaboza Kabila says:

    Anthuwa lakula ndi dyera kkkkkkkkk

  15. youna says:

    Dzina langa lasowa….mayo..!!! Dont worry Sir, Zimachitika siinu oyamba kusiidwa. Learn from footballers akasiidwa ku National Team samalira mokweza ngati mmene mukuchitiramu.

    1. Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo says:

      Kkkkkkk… are right about football but unfortunately this has some legal implications on the outcome of the whole exercise .

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