MRA Seizes Kamlepo’s two ‘hot’ cars for evading duty

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has confirmed that’s its officers on Wednesday pounced on vocal and controversial politician and Parliamentarian, Kamlepo Kalua and seized two vehicles for allegedly failing to pay customs duties.

Cars seized from MP Kalua

Kamlepo: Two cars seized

MRA seized Toyota Land Cruiser V8 registration number KA8966 and Mercedes Benz registration number RU5437 from Kalua after a search at his residential houses following a tip-off from concerned Malawians.

The two vehicles according to MRA were not cleared through customs, and duty and Kalua who is Member of Parliament (MP) for Rumphi East constituency, will answer charges in relation to evading customs duty contrary to Customs and Exercise Act.

Information in Nyasa Times possession indicates that the Land Cruiser V8 was registered as Nissan Vanette in the Directorate of Road Transport and Safety Services’ MALTIS system while the registration number for the Mercedes Benz RU5437 does not exist in the system.

Kalua, who is vocal on social media while indirectly commenting on the issue, accused government of intimidation and cooking up cases against the opposition political parties’ leaders.

“They are now planning to use the police to raid houses of opposition leaders (MCP and PP), and some civil society organizations to search us and plant criminating things,” wrote Kalua on his Facebook page.

“They want to create a similar scenario like that of the former ministers for opposition members. Wrong move! We will search the police first before they enter our houses. All this to intimidate us. Tell your master that he cannot even intimidate a child!”

Experts say such cases of dubious registration happen when the vehicle is suspected to have been stolen from another country. It is what is popularly known as “Hot Cars”.

The process of registration of a car involves physical inspection at MRA, Interpol Police and Traffic Directorate.

His case raises suspicion that he may have bitten the system using a corrupt syndicate in all three institutions.

Kalua, who has been at loggerheads with government over his whistleblowing on alleged corrupt practices in government,  denied any wrong doing.

He has been vocal on corruption in Parliament and the media especially on maizegate scandal involving fired Minister of Agriculture, George Chaponda and Admarc.

In a related development, the tax body on Tuesday, 25th April, 2017, conducted a search at the business premises of Pafs/Peks Auto Spare Parts & Accessories in Blantyre on suspicion of non-remittance of various types of Domestic taxes and Customs Duty.

The search resulted in the seizure of some financial source documents from the companies.

MRA says the operation follows tips from well-wishers, alleging that  Pafs/Peks Auto Spare Parts  owened by Ferdinand Okafor, Celestine Okafor and Patricia Jiah Okafor  are not remitting correct amount of taxes to Malawi Revenue Authority in form of Customs Duty, Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax, PAYE and Withholding Tax.

The vehicles and files seized during the two operations are being kept at MRA offices while the Authority is conducting further verifications exercise regarding the allegations.


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martin j
To some of us is not surprising,Kamlepo is not a real politician or leader,he is a first class opportunist and a great liar of all time.All the rhetorics we have been hearing from him since he was elected into Parliament was a prelude to his real political target thus,to sell himself to Malawians as a competent new leader.Now,the people of Malawi have seen and known who he is.He is greedy,ambitious,below intellectual level and a misguided deranged self-seeker.To majority of Malawians,strongly believe that he goofed on those two HOT vehicles and by the way,where did he get that billions of KWACHA… Read more »

Let justice take its course. Tione amene atuluke clean pa nkaniyi MRA or Kamlepo. Isathere panjira film imeneyi. Zimandinyasa zomaonesa ma movie osamaliza. Ndimalipira tax mu hall ya Malawi kuti ndizionera ma movie onse to the end. Pali ma movie ambiri M’Malawi muno amene anali pa part 1 . Ndikufuna ma part 2 ama film onsewa. I am waiting


Be careful “Cadets “.. We know someone was busy doctoring the documents somewhere. But the problem comes in you fail in these cases. That’s when people start questioning and you lose your propaganda mission


Cheap government propaganda you think malawians don’t think.


If you live in a glasshouse don’t throw stones, if you can’t throw blows my brother don’t throw blows….Peter Tosh


Let me agree with KING SOLOMON, when you are an ADVOCATE you must be a CREDIBLE messager. MRA is just doing its work but its influenced by the advocacy of Kamlepo. Its a lesson to all advocate, clean your houses before you can throw a stone. However you are doing a commendable job replacing the Chair all the time.

winston msowoya

What Iam reading about Kamlepo Karua,is both unbelievable and shocking in the sense that he has been in forefront in the fight against national treacherous corruption.Let’s deduce that the matter is preconceived and will be judged according to the law of the land.I wsh him all good ending.


Hot cars are all over .The treat Kamulepo would receive would be the same as others who had been caught with the same case,We should not think that this is the first case in Malawi.Is it?Chaponda naye alinazo Hot Cars

Chalo gogo

Kamlepo akafusa Lucius Banda ndi certificate yake yakuba kapena kasambara kkk. Kodi Kamlepo ndalama azipeza liti- Oooh paja anali ndi amayi eti (cashgate) Kodi mmesaso ameneyu posachedwapa ma track ake agwidwa atazembetsa chimanga. Andale onse ndi chimodzimdzi. Lero siuyu Chaponda akunjoya pamene atatibela misonkho yathu kkk


Don’t defend this man. He has caused many people to suffer. Kamlepo owe munganya it’s now your turn to start dancing to your own tune.
What goes around comes around. We have more and grace issues to drag you to court until you go bankrupt
Tikufinya uona munapita mbali.
Your days are numbered we are there to get you. We will fish you out

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