Musician Fredokiss reignites political rivalry with MP Lipipa; Gives the MP 24hr ultimatum to address challenges faced at Zingwangwa Health Centre

Performing artist, Fredokiss, whose real name is Fred Kalua, provoked some debate on social media that reignited political rivalry with Blantyre City South Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Noel Lipipa when he unruffled some feathers by implicitly insinuating that responsible politicians are neglecting some challenges being faced Zingwangwa Health Centre.

Fredokiss went on to give Lipipa a 24-hour ultimatum to “fix” the challenges he observed during his visit to the health centre.

One of the pictures Fredokiss posted of his visit

In what seems to be an underground political ambition visibility, Fredokiss — son to veteran politician Kamlepo Kalua — posted on Facebook on Tuesday, claiming that he was invited by Zingwangwa Health Centre health committee to visit the public facility and he got shocked to discover that doctors don’t have a functional toilet.

Fredokiss, who is UTM Party member and lost his bid for the Blantyre City South Constituency to Lipipa in the 2019 tripartite elections, also claimed that expectant mothers at the health centre take their baths in open space.

He further claimed the health centre’s pharmacy does not function because its room’s door has no locks and that most services are not working.

“This facility is in our city but in a very bad state,” he wrote. “Tomorrow (Thursday) we start doing some renovation works to fix immediate challenges.”

As responses to the post filtered in, some were targeted at Lipipa by insinuation that the MP might not be development conscious.

Fredokiss at the health centre

This forced Lipipa to react, jibing at Fredokiss with a short message: “One MP at a time. Show some respect” to which the musician responded: “Noel Lipipa, I am giving you 24hrs to fix this, don’t just talk.”

Lipipa also responded, indicating his incredulity at being given the ultimatum of 24hrs and schooled the musician that the responsible person for the development needs of the area, where Zingwangwa Health Centre is, lies in Soche West Ward Councillor Thoko Phekani —his fellow UTM member.

Lipipa said Phekani’s Ward, just as in others is allocated money for development needs and “I don’t even know what message you are trying to preach about your fellow UTM member”.

“And don’t lies that you want to fix a toilet [at the health centre] as the Councillor already fixed it — what’s remaining is the door to the toilet. Speak to your Councillor, she will tell you. Phuma silabwino.”

Lipipa said his focus at the moment for the Constituency is to finish building a clinic for Manase after he facilitated that at Ntonda which is is operational since last year.

“You may wish to go and fix a few outside toilets there [at Ntonda],” hinted Lipipa.

Blantyre City South MP Noel Lipipa

In a comment, Mac Sayeed advised Fredokiss that “if he means good to the Constituency”, then he should, at least liaise and “work with Lipipa to develop the said facilities”.

Chiyamiko Chiusiwa said everything aside, what he is “seeing is a good and charitable work being proposed by Fredokiss but the announcement was not done in good faith”.

The post was accompanied by pictures which showed some of Fredokiss’ entourage dressed in UTM Party colours and Chiusiwa was of the opinion that perhaps Lipipa joined in the debate “because of the party colours attached to the charitable work”.

He said he applauds Fredokiss’ helping hand which he has done before but being accompanied by people wearing party colours showed he was only doing it to gain political mileage.

“If the two can fix their issues — rivalry issues perhaps — people of Zingwangwa can benefit more.”

Shanie Kalonga also chided Fredokiss that “it’s a shame that you have taken this as a competition,” saying when Moses Kunkuyu was MP there he “developed Blantyre City South, when you were busy playing music and you are in no position to belittle him”.

Kalonga advised the musician that choosing to join the political world is good for him “but you have no right at all to think you are better than Kunkuyu. If you choose to fix the hospital, well and good — that’s part of your role as a patriotic citizen”.

He informed Fredokiss that whilst he was busy with his music career, Kunkuyu provided an ambulance that was used at the same Health centre before he even became an MP.

He reminded the musician that Kunkuyu built a police unit that took Fredokiss in when he tried to interrupt voting at Catholic Institute (CI).

Beau Chatama indicated that “obviously, Freddo was looking for attention” and he shouldn’t publicize it like he is just being “a good citizen”, saying this was just his underground campaign as next MP for the area.

In an interview, Lipipa said when he became MP there was only one health centre in Blantyre City South Constituency, which is Zingwangwa, but he managed to facilitate a clinic at Ntonda and plans are to construct another at Manase which should be operational by February 2022.

Lipipa said he has interacted with this Zingwangwa Health Centre health committee from which it was indicated they need an ambulance which he provided from personal resources and continues to meet costs of its fuel.

“It’s not the committee that agreed to invite him but its the chairperson, who happens to be his campaign manager during the last Parliamentary election which he lost to me.”

He said he has ever visited the health centre before where he donated electric steriliser and CoVID-19 preventive materials.

“I also went to cheer expectant mothers last December where we were asked to name a newly-born daughter whom we agreed on the name of Noella.”

On the challenge that he should fix the problems Fredokiss discovered at Zingwangwa within 24 hours as of Tuesday, Lipipa said: “I am an MP for five years, I can’t be given 24hrs.

“The people who voted for me gave me a five-year mandate to bring them tangible developments like the bridges that I am facilitating their construction and several planned future initiatives.

The future development initiatives include finishing the Manase clinic, building Chilobwe ring-road and upgrading roads such as that to the Village House, Manase to Blantyre CBD, Nancholi, Manja to Manja 3-ways as well as setting up Ntonda Secondary School.

Other projects he has initiated include the tarmac bypass currently underway from Stella Maris Secondary School to Chilobwe, tarmac road from the bridge at Joy Radio to the CI, Namiwawa by pass bridge as well as the bridge along Zingwangwa-Chimwakhunda road.

Other bridges that were built are that at Chatha-Makalani road, Manase-Pamanda, Kundembe and the Baluti-Msusa bridge which is under construction.

He also provided a water tank reservoir at Chatha, a mini stadium at Nakhaka and constructed houses for the elderly-headed households.

“I also support over 500 vulnerable youths with school bursary and I will soon introduce motor vehicle driving and vocational schools.

“The clinic we are constructing at Manase is going to help a larger population of my Constituency in line with the government’s target that there should be a health post within a radius of 5kms.

“I am fulfilling most of the promises I made to the people as well as those that are of immediate need as requested by my constituency.”

Lipipa indicated that the two have crashed before “as from what I can see he has a personal score to settle. He believed that he was going to win in 2019 but was surprised that people voted for maturity leadership.”

Blantyre City South Constituency covers a very wide area — Zingwangwa; Chimwankhunda; Malingamoyo; Green Corner; Ntonda; Naotcha; Chilobwe; Soche East; Soche West; Manja; Njamba; Nkolokosa; Chitawira; Naperi; CI; Manase; Sunnyside; Mount Pleasant; Gaka; Chiwandira; Mmango; Baluti and Chitsa.

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1 year ago

Shame that the Health Centres Administrator does not employ a maintenance team. Seems typical of Malawian mentality waiting to be assisted rather than be proactive an resolve their own problems to think outside the box. A facility constructed to assist citizens but unable to assist themselves. Donor dependency at its worst = Donor fatigue

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