Muslic cleric says Malawi has ‘wrong people’ in strategic positions

An influential Muslim cleric has has faulted development strides taken by Malawi in the recent years, saying it is because there are wrong people in strategic positions.

Sheik Dinala Chabulika

Sheik Dinala Chabulika

Shiek Dinala Chabulika  expressed concern that eonomic development has been slow with Malawi now ranked among the world’s poorest nations.

“ We have wrong people in strategic positions,” he noted, adding “they are not there to serve the people.”

Chabulika said government reforms though welcome, there is need for human reformation.

“We need to reform the people not only the papers,” he said.

He also bemoaned the worsening corruption and inaction to fight the vice by the government.

“No one is implementing the law. The laws are there but we are not implementing them,” he said.

Recently, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM), an umbrella body for accounting professionals observed that  amid the various development blueprints crafted and adopted, Malawi still lags behind in attaining its development goals due to poor governance and lack of accountability.

Immediate past President for the institute Chiwemi Chihana made the observation at the opening of the 2016 ICAM Lakeshore conference in Mangochi.

“With the closing of the MGDS [Malawi Growth and Development Strategy] II this year, almost 10 years since the adoption, aren’t we at exactly the same place and maybe worse,” wondered Chihana.

He noted that over the years Malawi has formulated various development agendas whose fruit is yet to be traced.

He made mention of National Plan of Action, whose total budget was K2.3 billion, the Vision 2020 and the MGDS I and II whose common objective was to reduce poverty through sustained economic growth and infrastructure development as failed plans.

Chihana then said the successful implementation of the country’s development strategy depends on the prevalence of good governance.

“Icam shares the view that strengthening governance and accountability will be key to delivering the sustainable development goals,” observed Chihana.

Malawi ranks as one of  the  world’s poorest countries.

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Chabulika wayamba kunena chifukwa alibe chakudya. All along he has been blaming the Catholics indirectly for interfering with politics through the issuance of patrol letters and claimed that Muslims are neutral. Where Muslims’ neutrality now that he has said what he did? Akatolika amaona patali baba. Mdziko muno munabwera democracy yomwe mukudyererayi chifukwa cha katolika baba.

True Patriot
I said it before and I will say it again. Malawian politics is a cursed profession – everyone loses the ability to think and behave rationally the moment they attain political leadership positions! The vice president of this country was a star performer when he was in the corporate world. Everyone thought that he would transform our civil service. Look, he is eerily quite! Would one say he is ordinarily a wrong person in strategic position? The current minister of education is a thoroughly accomplished educationist. One would not look any further for someone to revamp the education sector and… Read more »

Simungawathe amenewa Shiek Chabulika!! Mbuyomu anthu a nzeru ayesayesa kunena zambiri ataaaaaaaaaaaa!! Panopo IMF projections are that the economy is likely to collapse completely because of uncontrolled expenditure in government, and all this was said during interface meetings (face to face) with Gondwe, Mangani etc but to no avail!!

Anthuwa akuti adazolowela ndipo sangathe kusiyaaaaaaaaaaa………………………… ndipo ife amene tikuona vuto ngati inuyo Shiek tiphulike ngati zatiwawa chifukwa iwo sangasiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kuonongaaaaaa!!

“God have mercy with us………!”

Our Educated elites have let this Nation down, most of them have the right papers Academic qualifications but lack the ability to perform and put to use those papers. Malawi needs performers not academicians, those need to go and teach in colleges. We need hands on people, most of our Engineers spend most of their time in offices doing white collar jobs while unskilled people do the job. Go to Escom graduate engineers spend most of their time driving around and in offices its only Technicians and Temporary labourers that do the work. In Civil service people are amassing themselves… Read more »
Bristone Mabichi

Sheik Dinala Chabulika, you have rightly and squarely put it. Simply, we have got pegs in round holes, hence, the entire system cannot benefit this nation. A Sheik mukanenan kuti wina achoke ndigwirizana nanu. Zayamba

M Sizini
Sheikh Chabulika and Mr Chihana are both right, and there is a simple solution to our problem: let the constituencies identify the most worthy candidates for standing for election. Don’t leave it to the parties. We all know the trustworthy, hard-working, responsible and effective members of our communities. Let us propose them as candidates. Why should we leave it to the gangs to select candidates from among themselves? We need change that we can be responsible for. Moreover, we don’t need anybody’s permission to do this. All we need is the determination to turn our nation around and set it… Read more »
We The best

True story but wrong spelling,Mbuzi writer


I thought you are the very people who elected these denderheads? Mulira simunati with your nepotism. To be frank here, Southerners are the most corrupt people in this country.


Please ! Please! a Malawi. Nobody in Malawi is interested in developing the country.It is about how much money one can make while in the government.Often we hear so and so is the first in the country to have this degree; but what do they do with it? Sit on their back side in the office waiting for 12 o’clock to go and eat nsima!.Komanso a Malawi are cowards.They cannot demonstrate cause they are afraid to die.Basitu mukhala conco!!

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