Mutharika 2025 candidacy is rejected, Malawi need fresh blood to excel

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential hopeful Paul Msikula Gadama has said Malawi now needs fresh blood with new thinking who are without colonial fighters mentality in order to excel.

APM with fellow DPP presidential aspirants

Gadama expressed his sentiments in a statement released on Friday. In essence, Gadama is opposed to the candidacy of his party leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) who is above 82 years old.

The DPP presidential aspirant claimed he had noticed something, which many Malawians were not aware of.

He said as a country, Malawi is passing through a lot of challenges which are immeasurable and the leadership is now idle without any concern and any plans to save the citizens.

“Life has become more difficult to live and to have two meals a day; it is like pushing a train to the next destination. We have two big parties which is democratic progressive party and Malawi Congress party but it has been proven that both parties have failed Malawians,” he said.

“Malawi Congress Party they came with prop but through what is happening they have failed big time everything is not adding. When you wake up in the morning, you hear the issue of no fuel at the pumps, issues of shortage of forex now have turned into the national anthem, no drugs in the hospital, no roads in Malawi,” reads part of his statement.

It adds, “We are remaining with jealousy and envy as prescribed in our nation anthem. During the DPP, things were not fine as some people described it, but the world economy was at a good level, we cannot compare the Muluzi time and Kamuzu regime.

“If democratic progressive party was better why did Malawi was still standing as one of the poorest country in the world, I strongly believe that if they were able to control our economy we could come out of poverty zone, but poverty margined was increased with 28% therefore for me DPP did nothing but they were good to decorate there problems and define it as better.”

According to Gadama, the key aspects in the economic growth is an increase in the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), which is a measure of the size and health of a country’s economy over a period of time (usually one quarter or one year).

He says Malawi has all important factors for it to develop, but just lacks strong leadership.

“The other main factor that makes countries in Africa to fail, especially in Malawi is the issue of nepotism, regionalism and tribalism and this happens so much with Chewas and the Lhomwe.

“During DPP it was only one tribe while MCP is also passing through the same suits, during DPP it has six ministers from Thyolo district only while the whole central region had one minister, just for example. Do you think the country can prosper! The answer is NO!

“We need fresh blood, people like Mbakuwaku, Gadama, KENAN and many more, they need to come together and come up with a new leadership frame.

“You may find that some people in DPP are in the wrong place and are not well embraced, if DPP could be a good party they could just agree to give the party to people like Gadama and southern region they could just give Vice but not five candidates from one region and one from central region, some parties are keeping hold without knowing it.

“This should tell you something, you Malawians, if these people could be one, they couldn’t be fighting for the position, which they are not supposed to take.

“If we can remove our tribal elements in our parties I strongly believe we could be more unified and develop easily. Malawi Congress Party once tried to give it to Gwanda,” he suggests.

He says, there must be a change in the country’s politics  where no one tribe can rule Malawi for ages.

“Please let us consider others. Rotation Leadership is a solution to all parties in Malawi. For your own information Malawi has three regions, we have north central and south. We don’t have an eastern region,” he says.

DPP will hold its convention in July where party members are expected  to elect the party’s President who is going to represent the party in the 2025 polls.

Among the party’s six presidential aspirants who have so far shown their interests to compete for the presidency are Paul Msikula Gadama, Kondwani Nankhumwa, Dalitso Kabambe, Joseph Mwanamvekha, Bright Msaka and Cedrick Ngalande.

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Joseph Mwanga
Joseph Mwanga
1 year ago

Atumidwa amenewo APM is our hopeful candidate

1 year ago

We don’t need greedy politicians and people who think they are wise while they want to milk Malawians. They talk like Angels and reberators.

1 year ago

It’s well spoken Dr. Gadama, let’s start rotating this presidency for Malawi to be one country. As it is now, there’s nothing to be proud of, as a Malawian. This thing of handing over power to the son, brother, nephew, aunt, it’s not going to help our country, for example, Bakili Muluzi stole lots of money and fucked up Malawi big time, what do you expect Atupele Muluzi to do? To come and finish Malawi? Another good example is Bingu Wamutharika( May His Soul Rest in Peace) put his brother, Peter. And what Peter only achieved was to make sure… Read more »

1 year ago

We need new band of theives and liars.

1 year ago

Akukamba ngati azakwaniritsa what they are saying but nice speech and there is something to learn from it

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