Mutharika hits back at Joyce Banda on ‘corruption’ accusations

President Peter Mutharika on Wednesday went to town to rap his predecessor Joyce Banda to return home other than continue to live in self-imposed exile since her defeat to Mutharika and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections and  making disparaging comments against DPP administration.

Mutharika Hits back at JB

Mutharika said Banda should come home and appreciate what his administration has done to seal  ‘cashgate’ loopholes in government  where there is no more embezzlement of public funds.

Muwauze aja anaba ndikuthawa dziko lino kuti abwere. Last week amanena kuti zinthu zatikanika, chakanika ndi chani? … asiye kuyakhula zachipongwe kwambiri (Tell that person who cashgate public money and fled the country to come back. Last week, she said things are not working out  but what has failed? She should stop the nonsense of making allegations),” said Mutharika.

Banda branded the administration of her successor and bitter political rival Mutharika as “deeply corrupt” and incompetent.

The immediate past president expressed her sentiments to members of her People’s Party (PP) through a teleconference whose leaked audio went viral on social media.

In the recording, Banda—who ascended to the presidency on April 7 2012 in line with constitutional order after the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika—also vowed to return home, but fell short of giving her timeframe for the return home.

In the audio recording, whose date could not be confirmed, Banda started the teleconference by shouting her party’s slogan before greeting the party cadres at a unconfirmed venue.

She said she was disheartened by the failure of the DPP administration to tackle worsening corruption and food insecurity.

She said: “Katangale ali tho tho tho! Kuba ku chipatala, kuba ku Tevet. Kuba ku Escom. Kuba ku water board. Anthu kusowa madzi kusowa magetsi. Anthu akupezeka ndizindalama mmanyumba tho tho tho. Kuwotcha ma office mkati. Koma lero People’s Party ndiye chipani chimene achipezelera kuti adzichiseweretsa kumazunza atsogeleri ake. [Corruption is deeply entrenched. They are stealing from hospitals, Tevet, Escom; they are stealing from water boards. People have no electricity; no water. People are being found with huge sums of money stashed in their homes. Yet, at the end of the day, the People’s Party and its leadership are the punch bags].

But President Mutharika, who spoke at the opening of the Malawi International Trade Fair in Blantyre on Wednesday, said his government has done a lot to clean the rot left by his predecessor.

The ‘Cashgate’ scandal engulfing Malawi, known as Cashgate, has dire implications for its economy. The European Union and other donor nations  suspended direct aid to the government.

About 40 per cent of Malawi’s budget came from overseas aid payments and paid the wages of 170,000 public servants, army and police.

Mutharika claims his administration is now winning back donor confidence.

The so-called Cashgate scandal first came to light following the near-fatal shooting of the Malawian budget director, Paul Mphwiyo who is thought to have been about to blow the whistle on the scam.

Mphwiyo is also being prosecuted on ‘cashgate’ related charges.

In the police raids that followed, civil servants were discovered with thousands of dollars stashed in their car boots and at their homes.

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chatonda Mvula
Joyce Banda ordered her cabinet ministers to steal money for campaign from their ministries and ACB , DPP Kachale and Police have names of these former ministers namely Uladi Musa, Ken Lipenga, Rachel Mazombwe Zulu (k 35 million for Zulu only using PS late Triza Namathanga, Chief Accountant J.N Banda, Accounts Assistant Mr Mphatso, and Leornard Kalonga was the architect. Documents are there in my office and I am ready to give them out to anyone who can put them to good use for the benefits of the nation. Others are Dr Mwalwanda, Dr Mkwezalamba more particular regarding the false… Read more »
mikondo salijeni

Opening the international trade fair is not a podium of talking your trush Mr president.Nzeru za u professor zinathadi eti


Nkhalamba zatikwanna. Nonse ndinu matchona, we need somebody new, young and energetic not these self serving nkhalambazi. How can you call yourself a leader when you abandon the party??

Mwana Wakwithu

ESCOM House was burnt to cover katangale wa Ntila ndi anaache…..vuto la aMalawi ndi kusachedwa kuiwala (publications by Mr. Elesoni Bakili Muluzi Ghama)…..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Concerned observer

Joyce Banda saakunama as DPP ndi yomwe idayamba cashgate koma Peter amabisa amnzake akuba. Eee wathawitsa moyo wake chifukwa mukufuna kumutsogoza nthawi yake isanakwane. Peter ndi mbava yotheratu koma amalimbana ndi Joyc Banda chikhalirecho anthu ambiri akunena kuti DPP ikuba kwambiri. Iyenso Peter anavomereza kuti katangale alipodi nanga akukana chiyai apa? Mudzazisiya ngati akulu anu a Bingu.


Asiyeni bwana anthu a chipongwe amenewo, akadzabwera azadabwa kuti munakonzanso bwino kwambiri ma banquet hall onse at Kamuzu palace……………………………. ndiponso kuti mwamanganso bwino mseu opita kwa Khwisa ku Balaka……………………..!!!


Anyani kusekana zikang’a.

Koma ndiye JB wanyanya. Mpaka 3 years moyenda and she calls herself a leader? Koma zoopsya abale.

That said, we should not forget Cashgate started under DPP watch and JB was part of the scrum


Makondi, Chaponda, peter Mbava


A thief pointing fingers at another thief. I can assure you that once a clean party takes over the reign you will notice how progressive this country is going to be. All these poor infrastructure we see, read or hear about is because of corruption. Party funding in a form of overcharging on government contracts awarded to sympathizers of these crooked political parties. APM will not be taken seriously on curbing corruption until he does the following: 1. let loose ACB. Allow parliament to be the appointing authority. 2. Prosecute the maizegate Chaponda.


Kusowa mfundo agogo awa.wakalamba kwambiri nzeru zatha.

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