Mutharika dares critics: Keep your empty rhetoric,I will keep developing Malawi

President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika says Malawi is moving forward on the wheels of development, and has challenged critics “who chose to deliberately turn a blind eye” to keep their empty rhetoric.

President Mutharika talking to Leader of House Kondwani Nankhumwa

Mutharika made the assertion in Parliament Friday in his State of the Nation Address during the opening of the 2017/2018 National Budget Meeting of the National Assembly.

The first citizen declared that his Government was focused on development issues that matter to the common Malawians and boosting the country’s economy, and that credible international bodies like the International Monitory Fund (IMF) and the World Bank were appreciative of the progress he had so far effected.

“I am determined to ensure that our economy grows, and grow it will! Let those who say ‘there is nothing happening’ keep living a lie, and let those who see emptiness in everything keep their empty rhetoric while we keep making progress,” explained Mutharika who further admitted that the country had persisted through an episode of tough economic times in the past two years.

He said; “This country has been through some of its most difficult times in the past two years but Government consistently pursued fiscal and monitory policies that focused on the ordinary Malawian; when everything was at its worst, we were at our best and now the economy has turned for the better.”

Mutharika further stated that though positive minded Malawians had every reason to be optimistic, especially as per the rains that have blessed the country in the last growing season, he urged against complacency, saying there was still need for a lot of patriotism, collective self-sacrifice and hard work for Malawi to achieve the status of a fully developed country.

Amongst the successes, the Head of State pointed out implementation of tax reforms and improvements of tax administration which has effected revision of tax revenue from K 783.3 billion to K 840.5 billion at midyear.

He also pointed out that; “The annual rate of inflation has been declining steadily in recent months, reaching 51.8 per cent as of end March, 2017. This is the lowest level of inflation achieved in recent years and it is mostly due to decrease in food prices, a relatively stable exchange rate, and lower international fuel prices.

“This trend is expected to a favorable agriculture season we have had this year and also due to expected decline in international prices of petroleum products.”

Concluding his statement titled “Harnessing Economic Gains for Sustainable Development”, Mutharika called for long sighted investments as opposed to the current trend of budget for a particular year.

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phelani ntshangase

which development mr. kunda?????????


Let’s invest the budgetory support from world bank into irrigation Agriculture. This is 21st century, no way we can still be talking of rain fed agriculture. The moment Malawi shall solve the food problem development will never be a problem ever again. Please, politicians be patriotic. Don’t always think of yourselves.

Tit for tat

I hate this world patriotism. Okoka ngolo ndiye akhale patriotic? Okwela ngolo azidya, my foot. Tiyeni tonse tisankhe kukonda kapena kuononga dziko lathu. For me, I will follow exactly what the elected will be doing. Akaponda maize inenso kuponda basi.

winston msowoya
Peter who are you fooling? You have disgracefully failed in your first term,how would you go through in your second last term?It is a criminal political offence for what you have done to our country.Firstly,you have divided our country on tribal lines in order to rule us and secondly,you have ruined the national economy to irreparable level that will plunge our country in complete disastrous political and economic tulmult.With irreversible political instability and economic total failure,Malawians must emblace a black future for a long time to come.Your so-called PHds have misguided you to the extent that you do not know… Read more »
truth pains

president wanena kale kuti nonse amene munasankha seeing emptiness in everything government is doing, continue seeing the emptiness. so no surprise wina pano akamanena kuti palibe chimene akuwona

winston msowoya

Lomwes are intelligent in tracking down MBEWA that’s it!!!!!

winston msowoya
Peter,you are fooling who? Please keep your nonsense and misguiding rhetorics in your shoes.Your first term Presidency,has been a waste and laughable,how will you develop Malawi in the second term,what strange mechanism do we expect from you? The majority of our masses,have lost confidence in your leadership,what they expect from you are mismanagement and stealing of public funds in conjunction with your pack of hyenas who have devoured the economic fabric of our loving country.Again under your leadership,Malawi will be the garbage-pit of Africa,turning our country into a man-eat-man society.To be honest with you,you have failed in both ways,politically and… Read more »
-dowa district hospital & completion of the lumbadzi-dowa-chezi road -then chimwaza-nambuma-mtiti road -then mwansambo turn-off-ntchisi road -then ntchisi-KK road. This road would not only shorten the distance between KK & LL but also lessen traffic on the Lakeshore road, hence prolonging its lifespan. These roads are very important because they pass through the country’s most agriculturally productive areas. So, yeah, your president is indeed developing the country and he deserves another term of office. Don’t forget that he is also building an ultra-modern international airport for dying “commercial city” down south and he is doing something about those ruins in… Read more »
Alex Nyalapa
Peter you are a professor of thieves. Which economy you are talking about iwe wunagula Wu professor. If they is someone dull you are one of them, Goodall GONDWE is cheating you. If your economy is better why things are not cheap inu muchoka mboma zinthu zili chomwechi. IMF and World Bank foolish you have impoverished us. You cheated JB mpaka kugwetsa ndalama inu a asatana oyenda masana ngati fiti. You have plundered our policies. African Rising we don’t want you. After misonko yapangisa umphawi you idols. Mwatiphinja ndiye mukufuna mbava yanu iyi yili mboma muziyinamiza chifukwa choti tayandikila 2019.… Read more »
Konge Lesi

Yoswa ameneyo…kuchikweza. Kongelesi yonse njenjenje kunjenjemera!

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