Mutharika doesn’t care about the poor, PP blasts Malawi President

Malawi President, Peter Mutharika has come under heavy criticism for failing to consider the plight of poor Malawians as  he travelled with a delegation of over 100 people to the 2015 United Nations General Assembly.

Msonda: Mutharika is insesitive to the poor Malawians

Msonda: Mutharika is insesitive to the poor Malawians

Mutharika on Monday left for United States of America to attend the UN General Assembly’s 70th session which will attract leaders from 120 countries across the globe.

Surprisingly, instead of being considerate to the country’s current economic woes, Mutharika has opted to take on board over 100 individuals with a budget cost of about K350 million.

The revelation about Mutharika’s trip expenditure comes at the time when government is failing to provide medical supplies and food in country’s hospitals due to lack of funds.

One of the country’s opposition political parties, Peoples Party (PP) has joined the country’s citizens in condemning Mutharika over the bloated delegation.

PP Publicity and Administration Secretary, Ken Msonda said it was very disheartened with the Mutharika administration’s way of running this country.

”Malawians are currently going through economic hardships and it seems the leadership doesn’t care,” said Msonda.

”It is undemocratic way of running a country. The DPP administration don’t have the welfare of poor citizens at heart”.

Msonda argued that the country’s leadership is clueless on how to run the affairs of the country.

”It is talking about other government institutions tightening economic belts on expenditure as the country is experiencing economic meltdown whilst the Executive is doing the opposite”.

This is not first time Mutharika has come under fire for failing to be economic when he travelling outside the country; he was once accused of living a luxurious life during his first trip to America as Malawi President.

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Shame on malawian CSOs, church organisations, PAC, shame on you, Evangelical churches including Episcopal conference of Malawi!!!! you are watching all this shit and clap hands. you are not for the people. Amalawi akuzinzika. Look at where the country is going with this idiot!! and you are doing completely nothing!! Adakakhala JB bwenzi pano muli balalaa demonstrating in streets of this country. Useless leaders. We are indeed in dark times. akudyetsani ma bans mukulephela kuyankhula????????sssshhhh!!!!

We Malawians forget very quickly. There is a report stating that during the DPP era MK577 bIllion and nobody is talking about this in DPP. Why? Because if one is involved in the issue you tend to overlook as if it never happened. IF you read newspapers from Monday this week you will see headlines about hunger looming in this country. Today when everyone is worried about hunger we go FOR SHOPPING. if you fail to run the department you can not run the whole company. Let us feel sorry for our country ladies and gentlemen. One day hotel accomodation… Read more »
masa masina

Let the poor take their life in their own hands rather than always looking to government for everything.


Nsonda don’t talk like wise man from the east. You were in the government. If you were angels in running government the poor people in the village couldn’t have returned to Egypt after being free from king Pharaoh. This means PP was not a better substitution at all.You performed badly and you are still performing badly as well. All what you are good at is being eloquent like that all the times. Uli mutu gwa ngati uli pa ma ARV treatment. How many times did you defend for JB’s global trotting. Its JB who introduced global trotting in Malawi dictionary.

food for thought

I would like to see proof of this expenditure. It is pointless to make comments on the basis of what seems to be hearsay. Please give us the proof of this expenditure as well as the means by which this delegation of government officials and other stakeholders paid for the trip. This is a government looking for re-election, dumb moves like this logically should and would be avoided. Patiently waiting for confirmation…

saiton phiri

We are tired of this government, let them do as they wish.Let poor people die in poverty and hunger no one cares.

azungu andituma kutii...

It is some few civil servants that are failing this nation. Not the presiden because he can not do it alone. They were employed to be watchdogs and bell ringers but alas! They have turned themselves into thieves. Judiciary included.


Kodi ndalama zasakazidwa mwa uve chonchi zikanakhala kuti zidagawida ku zigawo kuti eni zigawo ayendese zitukuko; mbavazi zikanatha kukatapa ku zigawoko?

Tamverani a Malawi. Boma la chitaganya kapena la federalism kapena la mphamvu kuzigawo ndi lokhalo lingateteze chuma chathu ku mbava izi. Ndizomvesa chisoni kuti a Malawi ena chifukwa choziganizila iwo eni akukana kuti chuma cha boma chizigawida ku zigawo kutenggela population ndiponso kutengela kupezeka kwa natural resources za ku ma region. Apo biiii, a Malawi tipitiliza kulira!


Am not even surprised with this behaviour,but first of all I shud blame malawians who voted to Dpp due to the works of the late president.Pipo differ and here we are Peter and Bingu totally different,the economy is very bad to all developing countries but its so shocking to take 100 pipo plus to america in the name of bringing forex well we will wait and see if those very same pipo didn’t just go for a holiday of shopping in New york.


That is what happens when someone ascends to the presidency through the back door…..clueless!!!

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