Mutharika fires CEO for Malawi tobacco regulator

President Peter Mutharika has fired the chief executive officer for tobacco regulator, the Tobacco Control Commission (TCC)  Dr Albert Changaya.

TCC Chief Executive Officer Dr Albert Changaya has been fired from his post and redeployed to ministry of agriculture

No reasons have been provided for the firing.

Changaya has since been redeployed to the ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development .

David Luka, who deputised Changaya at the Tobacco Control Commission has taken over as acting chief executive officer.

Tobacco remain Malawi’s main foreign exchange earner despite the ongoing global anti- smoking lobby.

President Mutharika recently vowed that Malawi will keep on supporting is tobacco industry, the mainstay of the economy, despite the anti-smoking lobby.

Tobacco accounts for over 60% of Malawi’s total exports and contributes about 10% of the gross domestic product.

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12 thoughts on “Mutharika fires CEO for Malawi tobacco regulator”

  1. Abiti Mtila says:

    Arhomwe nophiya. Musova. Boma iloooo

  2. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    Malawians do not think beyond their noses.

    What is the population of Lomwe in Malawi (%)

    But still people are surprised that everywhere you look there is a Lomwe?

    Muthalika was elected almost single handedly by lomwes that should show you how many they are.
    It is not surprising they are everywhere, nothing to do with nepotism just statistics.

    Tumbukas in the past had the education and so they had to be in high offices nothing to do with regionalism just statistics.

    Majority of Malawians are lazy and there is hunger in Malawi, nothing to do with Chaponda Just statistics.

  3. Chala Changa says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Changaya failed. It is during his reign that Malawi has witnessed the lowest tobacco prices since records began

  4. Duncan Mulauzi says:

    Mr. David Luka comes from Thyolo.

  5. Sailota says:

    Mmmmm koma Malawi wa lero. Differentiate btwn southern region & lomweland please!

  6. Ibrahim says:

    Chiboma cha zitsiru zokhazokha. We saw this coming sooner or later since Dr. Changaya is not a Lomwe by tribe. He is genuine Kasungu smart guy ans a professional to be precise. Khalano nozo nyansi zanu.

  7. Joseph shadow Mabedi says:

    Stop blaming the president in any decision he make.He may hve his own reasons for doing so.However the one to b fired was supposed to b Chaponda.lf mr Luka comes from south nd Qualified,is it a problem?is it wrong for someone coming from south to b CEO of any organisation or company?My countrymen pliz dnt bring nepotism in any decision the president makes.l know evn if we choose the people we want now individually,not all will b employed.Kamuzu nd Bakili were presidents but up to this tym my situation remain unchanged(poor)No president will come nd change things for u nd me if we dnt workhard in our endevours my people.Stop depending on somebody to come to our rescue sizolamba nyani if continue like this.

  8. Joseph Banda says:

    KUZOLOWELA SANKHO. You big Bigot!

  9. Cashgate1 says:

    Why not fire Chaponda? Who has a lot issues to deal with and can even cost them election?

  10. kennety says:

    He was as effectiveless as his predecessor…

  11. james zimba says:

    Changaya is a former Kasungu Secondary School student and he comes from Kasungu. This has to do with the issue of nepotism. Find out where Luka comes from.

    1. Pure lomwenisation of most of the institutions in malawi is the reason 4 this firing! Alomwe akhale pa top in most organisations! Nepotism at best

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