Mutharika goes to town on Chakwera: Malawi President says opposition leader could be mentally ill, should be examined

President Peter Mutharika on Saturday went to town to hit back at leader of the opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Lazarous Chakwera who had  made a scatching attack on him un parliament, suggesting Chakwera could be crazy and mentally ill who need psychiatric expert examination .

Mutharika attacking Chakwera during the stopover in Kasungu, saying the MCP president needs to be examined if he is mentally fit. –Photo by Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Mutharika made the remarks during an address to ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters in Kasungu on his way back from the Northern Region to his base  in the capital Lilongwe.

He however did not mention Chakwera by name, but insinuated  by reffering the leader of opposition as “that man.”

“I want to write the Speaker that perhaps ‘that man’ should be sent to Kamuzu Central Hospital [so] that he head should be tested to understand why he is speaking that way,” said Mutharika.

“It is embarasising that a man who wants to become President of this country should speak so childishly and like a mentally challenged person,” he added.

The address was covered live on taxpayer-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

However, a leading daily newspaper, The Nation has said in an editorial comment on Mondya that remarks made by Mutharika in Kasungu are “unpresidential” and that they do not insire confidence in the office of the President.

The paper advised Mutharika to “rise above pettiness” and focus on addressing real issues affecting the nation.

“Two wrongs do not make a right. Verbal echanges have never developed any country or brought food on people’s tables,” the  editorilo comment pointed out.

Speaker of National Assembly Richard Msowoya on Friday ruled that Chakwera disrespected President Mutharika with the use of words “incompetent President” and as “a Prince of Thieves” presiding over the most corrupt administration in recent history, in his response to Mutharika’s address made at the opening of the 47th session of Parliament last week.

Msowoya has since ordered the House to strike off the unparliamentary words from the Hansard saying they are an improper personal reflection on the President.

Government chief whip Henry Mussa took up the matter with the Speaker arguing that it was out of order for Chakwera to use such words when reflecting on a Head of State.

The government benches were also not happy with statements like “the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government is the most corrupt and untruthful in recent memory. Chakwera also said “it is not the only fraudulent deal happening under Mutharika watch.”

The MCP president also took a swipe at the DPP-led administration as allegedly having a “stench of corruption” as well as remarks that “if the President is not a thief”.

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We in the DPP are happy that the president finally nailed the pseudo man of God. Because none of what the Psedo said was at all true. The DPP is not the one causing the blackouts. It is ESCOM and EGENCO. That’s why we asked the President to try shifting Evelyn so that the incoming Engineer can now be blamed for the irreversible mess at ESCOM. Am told also that our Engineers have also proposed a PhD in Urban and Rural Loading Shedding in order to improve on the load shedding efficiency. Mbwiye, ESCOM does not intend to invest in… Read more »

DPP ( Daily Power Problems). Mukhale ku Escom and sort the electricty woes, campaign will not bring you any votes, tatopa ndi mablackouts

Dziwani ichi, munthu wamisala amaona anthu enawo kuti ndiye amisala. A President athu ndiye amene ali ndi misala yovula nayo. Sakuzindikira mpang’onong’ono pomwe kuti iwo ndiamene akuonekera misala pamaso pa anthu m’dziko muno. Pali chiyani chimene akuchita mosonyeza kuti mutu wawo uli bwinobwino? Munthu kumalephera ndi kutchula maina a maboma a dziko lino lomwe akulamulira iwo omwewo. M’malo moti chikwawa akuti Mgabu, mmalo moti Ntcheu akuti Lizulu, zoona?!! ? Akuti maboma ammbuyomu sadaike chidwi ku ntchito za magetsi. Nanga iwo chidwi chimene aika ndiye chozimitsacho basi?! Poperekanso maudindo akuluakulu akulepheranso kuzindikira kuti akulamulira dziko lonse, akungoyesa akulamulira Thyolo, Mulanje, Chiradzulu,… Read more »



Why is the president going so low to the level of a DPP northern region governor? Tanenani fundo bwana zothandiza a Malawi, tikuvutika, how long it may take, one day you’ll be out of that position, chitani zinthu zoti anthu adzathe kukumbukirani osati kulalata


It is a shock and embarrassing that a president in waiting could be sensored and found that the speech was just full of mucous and slippery saliva. So whoever wrote the speech is equally brainless. For the whole wise speaker backed by legal facts to dismiss the speech is an embarrassment to the whole party. And people expect this runaway pastor to be a head of state, what a silly thinking!!!! The cursed pastor is mentally ill indeed.

Dangerous Dave

Wamisala ndi ndani pakati pa Abusa ndi munthu wokwatira nafedwa wamatenda despite advice against the move from the family?

Chakwera will not rule malawi
Chakwera will not rule malawi

APM thumbs up for spitting fire. Chakwera felt he is dominating the world of strong words. Let him now eat his words. He failed and cheated the church and now wants to fail and cheat the country. Let him speak like man of collar if he is indeed one or have his collar dirtied if he cannot control his verbal diarrhea.


If “that man” is mentally ill, then most of us Malawians are, because what he expressed in Parliament is what most Malawians are expressing on the streets.

It is only a few of you, who are in government who are really enjoying things as they are. The rest of us are crying, and are speaking the same language which “that man” brought to your attention Mr President.


Whatever Chakwera said is true. Nothing less and nothing more.

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