Mutharika ignores opposition on socio-economic challenges:  Kambala says patience of Malawians wearing thin

The opposition parties in the country have bemoaned the failure by President Peter Mutharika to grant them an audience to discuss and find solutions to the current social-economic problems facing the country.

Kambala:  Patience of Malawians is wearing out

Kambala: Patience of Malawians is wearing out

Last month Mutharika during his national address expressed a willingness to meet opposition parties and critics on issues of national importance.

And two weeks ago a grouping of opposition parties wrote President Mutharika seeking to have an audience but the Malawian leader has ignored the call.

The opposition parties include Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Peoples Progressive Movement (PPM), Umodzi Party (UP), Alliance for Democracy (Aford), Malawi Forum for Unity and Development (Mafunde), Unity Party UP), New Labour Party (NLP) and United Transformation Party (UTP).

Efforts to speak to the Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) George Mkondiwa proved futile as the phone went unanswered.

In an interview, UTP leader Newton Kambala speaking on behalf of the grouping said they have not been given any explanation as to why Mutharika is not responding to their call to meet.

“We feel the issues raised in the statement which was handed to the OPC are critical, and based on the President’s call, it was relevant to meet and give us a chance to discuss and explore means and ways of ending these challenges the country is passing through,” said Kambala.

Kambala added: “Maybe he is too busy to grant us that audience. All we can do is to wait, but the patience of Malawians is wearing out; the country is in bad shape and we need drastic solutions which we feel as opposition can provide.”

Among other issues, the opposition bloc want immediate address to drug shortage in public hospitals, continued blackouts, dwindling education standards, access to water and other social and economic amenities among other issues.

Recently, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Malison Ndau said Mutharika was willing to meet opposition leaders who have been pressing for a courtesy call in a bid to discuss a myriad of socio-economic problems facing Malawi.

Ndau said Mutharika has always asked the opposition to bring forward alternative solutions to the problems facing Malawi.

“They should draft their agenda and bring to the government. The President’s door is open on issues of national importance,” said Ndau then.

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Malawi does not need opposition party or ruling party, otherwise ma politician umbuli ukukuvulazani, Malawi need professionals, technocrats etc. to lift it up. come with strategic proposals which most of the idiots dont see, clear and distinct. The politicians should just help in implementing those strategies.


He failed as a minister of various ministries. Can he perform as a president? Doubtful, it stands.

staford nduwaluwa

dpp ikuwopa aku kana ku tchipa koma ndi kwa bwino alole opposition iwa wuze zo chita kuti malawi a peze ntende le chifukwa ndale sa madya


Chosamva chidamva nkhwangwa ili mmutu, china adachiphikira mmasamba.

Maybe he doesn’t need your audience. Iam not really sure of what system of government we are practicing. We have Ministries covering energy( electricity), water, Finance, Trade, Health, Education etc. we have Policies in these Ministries and Parliamentary Committees in all these Ministries represented by all MPs( government and Opposition). What issues do these committees discuss and what solutions do they bring on the table and who implements those solutions and who makes follow ups and to who do these committees report? I don’t hear anything to say these committees recommend this and that but Mutharika is not implementing them;… Read more »

This maffia needs a couple of shots in the head to wake him up.Taking you for granted guys


This Mutharika is useless, what a shame leader we have here!!!

Zinenani Zoona

Kambala should simply have joined the MCP. New parties in Malawi only flourish if you start it while already a president (eg. DPP and PP). Otherwise you will see your savings evaporating like mist in October heat. Take my advice – the sooner the better

Wa Mbuzi

Government is afraid that the moment they offer that opportunity to discuss with the opposition awonetsa kulephera kwawo.



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