Mutharika insists he has delivered in his first term as Malawi President: ‘Celebrate our economic gains’

President Peter Mutharika has given his state of the nation address (Sona) in Parliament on Friday to mark the official opening of the Budget session and said he is delivering what he promised to do in his first five-year term despite not being supported by donors.

Mutharika signs the visitors book (C) Stanley Makuti

“Mr. Speaker, Sir, my Address this year is on delivering sustainable development.This is the title of my Address. My message is simple. We have delivered to the people, and we will continue delivering,” said Mutharika in Lilongwe.

Mutharika said  four years ago  when he assumed the office of the President after defeating Joyce Banda, the country had a broken economy, stagnated projects and smashed hopes.

“Today, we have the economy fixed, confidence regained, projects moving, and hope rising,” said upbeat Mutharika.

“Those of us who are proud of our nation should celebrate our economic efforts as a country. We all know that nothing works when the economy doesn’t work. And we know that a working economy is the beginning of a prospering nation,’ he added.

Mutharika said his government has delivered both micro and macro economic outlook.

 He told the August House that there is now a clear sense of economic direction and that the nation can count its achievements .

”In general, we have achieved macro-economic stability, inflation reduction and a rebound in economic growth,”he said.

Mutharika said the International Monetary Fund has just given the vote of confidence for approving  a new Extended Credit Facility for the next three years.

“This means the IMF is satisfied with our economic management, ” said the Malawi leader.

Mutharika said Malawi is making history, pointing out  that in 2014, the country had a deficit that nearly equaled annual national budget saying  after three years his government  worked had turn around the economy from the devastation of cashgate, and through national disasters of floods, drought and hunger.

He said four years ago, inflation was at 24 per cent but now it is on a single digit .

“Four years ago, interest rates were at 25 per cent. Today, interest rates are at 16 per cent. We have taken our foreign currency import cover from the lowest point to the highest point in our economic history. From an import cover of below 2 months, our import cover now stands at 6 months. Our local currency is now stable and predictable,” said Mutharika.

On whether the economic data have a trickle down effect to the citizenry, Mutharika said the “answer is yes! “

He said: ‘’Our progress does not mean all people are economically equal. That does not happen anywhere on earth. The point is: there are signs of progress with more people participating in the economy to create their own opportunities.’’

Continued Mutharika: ‘With the state of our economy, our business community find it easier to access forex for smooth cross-border trade. For two years now, prices of fuel have not risen. Consumers tell us prices of many goods in shops and fares of buses have been stable.

“There is more business in construction materials because Malawians are building more than ever – and you can see this all around us. Malawians are buying more cars than ever because more and more people can afford a car. You can see the rising population of vehicles on our roads. You can see the rising demand for fuel as new filling stations are rising everywhere.

“In our villages, you can see more men and women constructing modern houses with iron-sheets. In our communities, you can see young men buying motorbikes because now they can afford. These motorbikes are transforming the transport system in rural communities.”

Mutharika said  there is a “quiet economic revolution” slowly happening among Malawians.

He said his administration has  proven that Malawi can rise and shine “if we work with patriotism, integrity and hardwork.’’

Mutharika, who has indicated will seek a second term in office during next year’s elections, said: “We have tried and proven that we can transform this country.”

The President also said his leadership  has proven that it can make Malawi a prosperous nation.

“Now, let us move with that conviction,’’ he concluded.

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I am sure the president is leaving in another country.
The Malawi everybody knows is degenerating beyond extreme poverty


This is the only President who has effectively run this nation for 4 yrs without donor budgetary support.


so what? are we supposed to use these fallacies to blind fold the poor?


donors account for 40% of budget support of which 30% is stolen. He is no better than all the presidents before him!!!

winston msowoya
Mr President,your narration is misguiding in the sense that the economic gains you are talking about,is your own and your dupes,but the overwhelming majority of our people are living in sink-holes.Most of the people can not afford to feed their families three-times a day.Mr.President,is that a success you are boasting for? How about the corruption that is condemned throughout the world? How would you and your serviles,choose to live in an exuberant hotel abroad,while the national economy is in complete disorder,without a sense of dignity and care for the people of Malawi,how would you pay BR STERLING 450 (MK450.000 per… Read more »
SCORE SHEET Fighting Corruption 5% Power/Electricity 7% Agriculture 30% Press Freedom 60% Education Standards 20% Health 15% Creating Jobs 10% Internal Security 30% Average Score 22%

Abwana President mukamva uchitsiru wa munthu wamkulu ndiye umene mukulankhura inuwo. Popeza ambirife a Malawi takuyikirani kumbuyo mnyozo wa anthu aku UK ndiye mukuona ngati kuno zinthu zilibwino? Pakati pa iwe ndi Mzimayi uja amene adapeza ikonome yotheratu ndindani? Mafuta, forex, kutsika mitengo ya zinthu sudazipeze Mzimayi atakonza pa miyezi itatu yokha? Pamene iwe ngakhale mafuta oyendetsera maliro amkulu wako adachita kutigawira ndi Zambia ndi South Africa? Ndiye lero ungamalankhure zokhuta kuona ngati ife tayiwala-Mbuzi?

Mukandi Chilewo

This is a clear sign that Muthalika is out of touch with the situation on the ground. Let him look at the clear signs of times! He has failed.


If you are a genuine professional, then you should be the first person to appreciate that external evaluators could be the best judges!

Again, as a teacher you should be the first to understand that no student marks his exam papers………………………..!! Makaniwa bwanji kodi……………………………………………………………………………………………..!! Muli dziko liti……………………………….? Komwe kukukhala anyamata a IMF kapenatu………….? Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Baba ndinu omva zanokhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

This why Malawians are telling you, your excellency, that you’re too old to govern. If you look at all the photos you took in the UK; you’ll have an idea of what development means. I am sure you didn’t experience any blackouts, you had running water, the roads (highways) were impeccable, people had food, schools were modern with a lot of universities, generally buildings were modern and clean etc. What we have in Malawi is a sorry state. This is a shithole country. Even Zuma laughed at our roads. To make things worse, Global Economic Data is telling us that… Read more »
James Nkhoma

It is obvious Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has delivered! there is so much development taking place in our cities, towns and villages. We now have National IDs, we now have best roads being constructed, we now have best Community colleges being constructed. We have enough food in our houses, save for pocket areas. We now can borrow from the banks at a better rate than before. General, Mutharika has performed beyond expectations.

innocent m'bama

well done mr president keep it up

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