Mutharika puts Malawi power deals under wraps

President Peter Mutharika has said the government has identified a serious investor in the struggling power sector but could not confirm reports that ESCOM was being privatised.

Mutharika; Investors coming

Mutharika; Investors coming

“Several investors are coming to invest in the power sector. Soon we will be signing the memorandum of understanding,” Mutharika said.

His comments come amid calls for the DPP led government to improve the services at Escom as Malawians now experience long hours of unexplained power cuts.

Mutharika said this Tuesday to state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

On Monday, Pentecostal pastors openly challenged Mutharika to ensure Escom provides power all day to attract serious investors in the country.

Mutharika however did not say whether the government will direct the investors to buy off shares in Escom or put up new power infrastructure altogether.

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History repeating itself here. When bakili saw that some companies were a thorn in his flesh he privatised them but at the end it ended to be a very grave mistake. We are not in Israel where water has to be fetched from distance places and be refined for it to be used in agri or for use in homes. What lacks in malawi is patriotism and a heart that loves this country. Electricity is the only way to ensure that we have a stable economy. We need companies to invest in this country but without electricity even a malawian… Read more »

Eee koma mwakwiya a malawi


The biggest problem in Malawi is that we put dull people in strategic jobs like in ESCOM simply on reason that they are our tribesmen. The consequences of such myopic decisions are so evident today. Nothing is working in the public sector today resulting in vices like casgate.


True and they are people from their party whose level of expertise is not in accord with the company’s objectives. Useles mala wi

Jelbin MK , I feel pity for you. My friend, I have travelled i n Europe and America, In South Africa , I just connect sometimes at Oliver Tambo. Check with people who have travelled widely. For example ask people who are in UK or America , number of energy companies? You have not travelled my dear , you are still in Africa. What you are forgetting is the history of South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe which you have mentioned. All received their independence after Malawi , and the colonial masters had time to invest in those countries. What you… Read more »

There were no blackouts during Kamuzu!


Tathatu A Malawi, watigulitsa mchonayu. Mai kalanga ine, Oh we are finished, finished ndithu

Jelbin mk
Achingolopiyo mwayenda kuti? Bodza ilo mukunena kuyenda kwake kupit kutyolo ndi kumulanje. Go to South Africa despite having a population of over 65 million excluding foreigners who are also in millions but one eskom is supplying cheap and affordable electricity and water is cheaper than a price of bread in south Africa it costs R40 (K1600) for a house hold with 15 tenants in the location for the whole month’s water bill and yet South Africa imports water from Lesotho, ask those who have lived in South Africa will tell you that it is true and yet there is only… Read more »
Kanthu Ako!!

In South Africa water is privatised since 1996, its not one supplier, and there are problems there also.

Eskom has the only Nuclear power station in Africa, so don’t compare with Malawi.


Like his late bro Bingu! He will steal even more than his late brother did. Stupid Malawians who voted this poor man to power to continue stealing where his late brother left. God plz punish Malawian Leadership!!!


A gouvernment of try and error.
A gouvernment without vision.
Anangokopera manifesto ya PP lero akulephera kuyichita implement.
Ena akuti tiyipatse ma plan DPP yo, eee? Zoona?
Mayesa kuli ma professors menemo, ma dokotala menemo. Ndipo anasankhidwa ndi iwowo. Ife tiwagwilire ntchito olandira azikhala iwowo?
Mwalephera, STEP DOWN


Good comment no23 though Escom did not start with Kamuzu, it started with Colonial masters, it used to be Nyasaland Power Supply Company before it changed to Nyasaland Electricity Supply Commission. We had electricity in our house before Kamuzu came back, my father was a Warrant Officer Class One in the Kings African Rifles!

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