Mutharika says more Malawians can now afford a car: ‘Life is improving’

President Peter Mutharika has maintained that  his government has made progress in improving the economy to improve the welfare of the people and that life is improving for most Malawians as they can afford to buy a car.

Mutharika: Malawians have taste for good cars

In his New Year’s message, Mutharika said Malawians must have a reason to look forward to and make 2018 a year of hope but said  there is no easy walk to progress.

“Progress is a long mountainous journey climbed step by step. And little by little, we are getting somewhere,” he said.

Mutharika  said most Malawians are having quality life  and have the luxury of owning a car.

“More than ever, I am seeing new cars on our roads – and Malawians have a high sense of taste. More and more Malawians can now afford to buy a car,” said Mutharika.

He said with the growing number of cars, new filling stations employing  young men and women are rising everywhere as “ signs of a growing economy.”

Mutharika said according to Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), the country has been importing 3,526 vehicles per month in 2016 and the number has risen in 2017.

“This is happening because we have reserved enough forex as a result of sound economic management,” said Mutharika, while patting himself on the back for managing the country’s economy without donor budget support.

“Currently, Malawians are buying and importing 4,047 vehicles per month. This means we are regaining our confidence to spend. Most people have the confidence to spend their excess cash,” he said.

Notably, he said,  the mode of transport is changing in most rural communities as many people can now afford motorcycles as they migrate from the bicycle.

“Everywhere, young Malawians can now afford to buy a motorbike while in the village. We are moving away from kabaza to the motorbike as a mode of transport in most communities. This is a revolution coming slowly but surely,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader said people’s housing is improving in rural areas and grass thatched houses are being phased out in most villages of the country.

“Slowly, the rooftops of our villages are changing. In many villages, grass-thatched houses are slowly disappearing. From the sales of tomato, I have seen women buying one iron-sheet after another.

“I have seen them carrying iron-sheet after iron-sheet on their head or on the bicycle to build a descent house for themselves. These Malawians demonstrate to us that progress is slow but achievable. They understand the patience of developing a nation,” he said,

Mutharika said he confident that “ the Malawi you see today is not the Malawi you will see in five years to come.”

The President  said this year he will ensure the economy grows further to benefit more people.

“We have managed the economy through economic shocks of national disasters. We survived national floods, drought and famine for two consecutive years,” he observed.

The country’s economy has risen from 2.7 percent to 6.4 percent of real Gross Development Product (GDP) growth. Inflation has also fallen to the single digit of 7.7 percent.

The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) also recently announced the reduction of the policy rate from 18 percent to 16 percent and Mutharika said he expects commercial banks to follow suit and reduce their lending rates.

“This will make borrowing money from commercial banks cheaper and easier. I want a farmer, a teacher, a nurse, a soldier, a policeman or policewoman to walk into the bank and walk out with a loan that can build him or her a house somewhere,” he said.

Mutharika also said he wants make Malawi a producing and exporting country and  bring in more foreign direct investors in 2018.


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85% of govt revenue os stolen and this a##***e of a President doesnt know it and doesnt understand that is what is fueling the car buying [email protected]!! What a moron of a Preaident! Just as stupid as JB but only that his brain is in his baxkside and hers was in her big mouth!!!!!!!

How I wish

Magalimoto akunenawo ndi a ngongole osati extra cash.. anthu akulira ndingongole zimenezi…

Hallucinating Mutharika
Hallucinating Mutharika

President Mutharika talking like that only shows that he is not only loosing the show but also his mind.

If people can’t afford a minibus fare how can he say malawian lives are improving.

david suarez

A year ago most economists doubted that we could achieve 5 % GDP growth but we surpassed that. Inflation has never been this low, and yes the Kwacha just gained against the dollar a week ago. Progress is being made.


i question the judgement of this predident. us youth we dont need cars.. we first need jobs or oportunities. You must level the ground for those of us who want to venture into diferent economic activities. we hv had enough of collegrs we now need companied……..I question wat are your advisers doin shsme


This is the kind of talk we like, otherwise talking without tangible statistical evidence is nonsense, useless and empty. Your Excellency you have really shown us that Malawi is progressing and for that I salute you!!!


i would be happy if you could tell the nation that people are buying brand new cars not the so called kaunjikas malawi or africa are just dumping sites of the these japanes cars nothing to celebrate just check the life span of theses vehicles


Anthu kuba maningi in district assemblies. buy two two cars including for girl friends. look at old business pole that have been toiling. zero car. six month at the job, galimoto kale. a juniyo officer ngati uyo, 400 cars versus 18 million popoulation

Indicafors of development includes: improvent in balance of trade by resucing exports imcluding that of used cars and chinese donations. How has the Kwacha stabilised. We havent forgotten that the brother with advice of old Goodal artificially held the kwacha. Weak in generating exports! Better school with full time elwctriciry for students to study (not full blackout even at University) and well paid teachers (not the ones getting 50 to 500 USD equivalent a month). If I were a president i would ask myself, who is buying cars and where does he/she get the money? Students study in darkness=doomed future?… Read more »
Guest is evident that our President in Malawi is very being ill advised. Whatever analysis it is does not reflect the reality on the ground. Lack of knowledge sure it is

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