Mutharika touts plans to make Malawi an air-linked country

President Peter Mutharika has underscored his government’s plans to transform Malawi from a land-locked country to an air-linked one.

Mutharika poses with ICAO  members

Mutharika with Aliu

Mutharika said this will be achieved through rehabilitation of the existing airports such as Chileka and Kamuzu International Airport and construction of new ones in Mzuzu, Mangochi and other places.

President Mutharika disclosed this during an audience with Dr. Olumuyiwa Bernard Aliu, President of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) at Chikoko Bay in Mangochi today.

“My Government is committed to the aviation industry. We are already upgrading the airports in Mzuzu, Blantyre and expanding the Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe.

“We want to get connected to the world. We want to turn Malawi from being a land-locked country to an air-linked country,” said Mutharika.

He said Malawi is also making sure that it continues complying with the Standards and Recommended Practices of ICAO.

The President disclosed a number of measures his government is undertaking to improve the aviation industry in the country in keeping with international standards.

These include developing a Corrective Active Plan aimed at resolving previous audit findings for the Malawi aviation industry, review of Specific Operating Regulations and development and issuance of technical guidance material for safety oversight inspectors and the industry.

The Mutharika administration has also reviewed the Primary Aviation Legislation and it will be tabled in the coming June Parliamentary sitting.

“Mr. President, Malawi Government decided to establish an autonomous Civil Aviation Authority to regulate the aviation sector. Draft legislation is already before Parliament and we will ensure it is passed soon….
a lot has been done. And we are committed to do more. But we need your support,” Mutharika said.

For Mangochi district in particular, Professor Mutharika said his government is planning to construct a state of the art airport as part of government programmes to turn Mangochi into a city.

“Mangochi is a potential great city. This district is beautiful, and it is already a serious tourist destination,” he said.

Mutharika indicated the airport would be a window towards boosting tourism on Lake Malawi.

“Lake Malawi is a unique tourist destination in the world. This lake has the most beautiful and greatest number of species of fish in the world. And along this Lake, we have some of the most beautiful sceneries of Africa. What we now need is state of the art airport for us to open Lake Malawi to the rest of the world,” he said.

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10 thoughts on “Mutharika touts plans to make Malawi an air-linked country”

  1. billy chikumbutso says:

    Kodi Nsanje Inland Port itsigulidwa liti? Tisanayambe kumva izi za connecting the world Airport…. Kaya chani chani …

  2. Chikho says:

    I feel pity for inconsistent of the president. learn to start a thing and finish before you start the other. You promised to open the port in a day in office why now you plan for this unhelpful project just to appease those visitors. Prove to Malawian first before you dance that international tune.

  3. PeterMustFall says:

    Peter, u have failed to show ur leadership skills….please step down and let other pple who have the skills to take over….u want to start talking ur lies because elections are around the corner…

  4. NGWAZI says:




  5. NGWAZI says:




  6. Apm your brother made the same mistake by ignoring
    Mozambique. This was during shire Zambezi project. End results
    Now you want to drill oil when you have failed to resolve the
    Lake Malawi issue.
    End result war.
    Are you ready to fight Tanzania. ?
    A Malawi this mtchona when things get tough he will run away
    To USA. Koma inu ndi ine Malawi is our home.
    Don’t you know that airline usage could be very expensive
    And you import maize by air.
    Use your head.
    Railway line is best option.
    Remember Kamuzu was using Beira and Nacala.
    You also connect The Tanzania Zambia railway at Tunduma.
    This is north of Chitipa.
    Take my free advice or leave it.

  7. APM are you aware that air link can be very expensive. ?
    My advice to your shit is first improve your relationship with.
    your neighbours . Tanzania , Mozambique, Z ambia.
    Your brother made a big mistake by ignoring Mozambique
    during the Shire Zambezi project. The project failed.
    Now you want to start Oil drilling project when you have
    Failed to resolve the issue with Tanzania. Do you want to
    start War. Tell the nation that you are able and ready to fight
    A Malawi this Mtchona will not help us. If things get tough
    he run away to US. When you and me Malawi is our home.
    My advice again use railway line as it is less expensive and you
    Can carry Tons of commodities including maize.

  8. Yahya Jammeh says:

    How many times and for how long is Chileka going to be rehabilitated? It is now 5 years since the rehabiltation of the airport began, but there is very little progress. Munapereka contract kwa zibwenzi zanu. I was in a Kenyan Airways the other day and whe we had just landed at Chileka, the Stewardess had a problem to tell passengers that we had arrived at Chileka International Airport. She had to look at her script three times to be sure she was not reading wrong information. She said it finally with disbelief because her eyes could not tell her the standards of an international airport. For the time being the best is to simply call Chileka Airport without the word INTERNATIONAL which is more befitting. You quickly called it international airport as a gimmick to get landing fee from the international airlines. The fact that SAA, KQ and Ethiopian land at Chileka does not qualify it to be an international airport. – it doesn’t have the facilities of an international airport and these airlines are do so their lust for money, but they know the risks. In Chichewa we can say tikudya mfulumira. AITA would be disappointed if they inspected the airport that you call international airport. You should ask yourselves why the British Airways stopped flying into Lilongwe. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  9. Mwakipiki says:

    Your priorities are upside down Mr. President. I travel a lot in rural areas and I feel pity to see our children up to now still learning under trees or if they are lucky in mud wall classrooms. Our people 52 years after independence are still drinking from zithaphwi! Our health services are still not offering any hope. Amidst all this, you stand here and say you want to transform Malawi from a land locked to an airinked country. Really? is that the urgent need of Malawians?

    If I were you, I would devised a plan to concentrate on one sector per year. Transform it, then move to the next. E.g. I would declare no learning under trees or mud walls hence channel 50% of the budget to revolutionizing education. Then move to health, etc. The only countries that develop are those that invest in their social sectors. They create a conducive environment for absorption of change hence development. Lets follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Izi za airport yes ndizabwino but I don’t think is our priority now as a nation.

    1. Ggg says:

      Airport, buy aeroplane first. We already have two ports but not even 1 plane.

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