Mutharika upbeat 2019 re-election, rubbishes MCP

President Peter Mutharika says his administration’s intense development programmes will propel him back into office in 2019 election, saying the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)has virtually nothing to offer to Malawians.

Mutharika confident of winning again in 2019 elections

Mutharika confident of winning again in 2019 elections

Mutharika was speaking on Tuesday when he was officially launching the K3.9 billion ($7.2million) Lilongwe City West bypass road which has been funded by the African Development Bank as part of Nacala corridor.

“There are some people who don’t want development in this country, they don’t wish you well. This is why they are saying a lot of things against me,” he said.

He said the MCP literally failed to develop this country for the 30 years they were in power yet the DPP’s eight years has witnessed massive development across the country.

Mutharika said the MCP busy insulting him while the governing DPP is busy developing Malawi, a move he said assures him of the second and last term of office in 2019.

“The MCP deserve to be in opposition, that’s where they belong, after all. They don’t have a clear agenda of this country,” he said.

He said the DPP will be unbeatable and will emerge stronger than before in 2019 because of its development track record that will make the party sweep parliamentary seats in the central region and weaken the MCP which he said takes the region as its power base.

“After adding the seven Chinese funded projects to our development, the MCP will tremble, they will collapse with fear. They will prove that we indeed unbeatable,” Mutharika.

MCP officials were not readily available for comment Tuesday.

Infrastructure development

Commenting on the Lilongwe City West Bypass road, President Mutharika said the road is another testimony of his government’s progress and part of a bigger vision of the DPP Government.

“We have opened this road in order to improve the route connecting Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. At the same time, we are reducing traffic congestion in our capital city,” said Mutharika.

“I want Lilongwe to be a different place in a Malawi that is different.”

He said DPP had lined up many projects that works of his hands will speak for himself at the end of his first term.

“ Yes, the Green Belt will bring us sufficient food and end hunger. Yes, community colleges and skills development will create jobs and businesses for us.

“Indeed, the Malata subsidy project will give our people decent homes. And yes, direct investment will bring money to Malawi. But we also need a good road network. And this must start from the heart of the country.”

Mutharika pointed out that in August this year, his government launched the construction of the Kasiya–Santhe Road, saying construction work is now in progress.

“. We are now going to construct a new Lilongwe City East Bypass. And we are soon making a dual carriage from Kanengo through Area 25, Area 49 to Mchinji Road. This will reduce traffic congestion and complete a beautiful ring road around our capital city.

“But we will also construct a dual carriage between the Parliament roundabout and the Kamuzu Central Hospital roundabout. And another dual carriage between Parliament and the Area 18 roundabout! The dualisation of the M1 from Kanengo to Mchinji roundabout will also happen soon.”

Mutharika said his government is also completing the major construction projects that stopped for over two years.

“We are resuming construction of the Dowa-Lumbadzi Road and contractors are already on site. We are resuming construction of the Zomba-Jali-Phalombe road, the Thyolo-Makwasa Road and the Lirangwe-Chingale road. The Mzuzu–Nkhatabay road is being handed over to the contractor before this year ends.”

He said the reconstruction of the Liwonde – Mangochi road begins soon in the new year.

“We are proceeding to reconstruct the M1 road from Karonga Boma to Songwe border. And as I speak now, we are upgrading the road to Misuku Hills of Chitipa with grading, construction of concrete pads and tarmac application. Every part of this country must open up.

“When I am done with these projects, we will all be able to see why Malawi is land-linked and not landlocked!”–Additional reporting by Wanga Gwede, Nyasa Times

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Dpp is telling us about a project which JB and Mwai kibaki already told us about. The projects that DPP is on about will never take place as this party has no money because donors will never give thieves money again. All that they can do is talk rubbish. During Kamuzu time there was no load shedding. Medicines were there in hospitals. Look at things he did from building Lilongwe itself to roads,electricity, hospitals, airports and universities while DPP is just about cash gate. Malawians wake up izi ndi mbava basi period.

Ujeni Phiri
Just a list of few developments that still stands out: Kamuzu International Airport, Railway system, Capital hill, university of Malawi and its constituent colleges, TTCs, NRC, College of health sciences and other numerous colleges, M1 the longest tarmark road in Malawi not tima 13km, Zalewa road and many other roads, Liwonde baradge, ports at Chipoka, Chilumba and monkebay, Police headquarters, Kamuzu barracks and several other millitary bases, numerous primary schools, numerous secondary schools, Kamuzu central hospital and other numerous hospitals and health centers in Malawi, institutions and statuary cooperations including ESCOM, water boards. etc Apitala mukufuna kunena chiyani. combine all… Read more »

Ruled by an old man? Are you sick? Dont you have a better person? What is wrong with Southerners? Buildings are the only development you want? Wha about jobs, schools, hospitals,. Your lives. Poor Malawians dont even know development of a nation. Look at western and Asia. As long as lives of people are poor you are nt developed. They call SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. Human beings development. NO JOBS? what kind of development is that?

Chitsiru chiri ndi mwini
Chitsiru chiri ndi mwini
Ngati pali munthu chitsiru chotembereredwa ndiwe pita muthalika, sungatukwane kamuzu kuti sanachite chilichose pa zaka 30 pamene iwe ukuliza nkonono munyumba zomangidwa ndi Kamuzu. Kapena ndikukumbutse ukukhala mu Lilongwe mu Kamuzu Palace, ukapita ku Blantyre umatchaya nkonono ku Sanjika Palace kose ku mzuzu, ku mangochi kuli manyumba omangidwa ndi Kamuzu. Muziganiza polankhula osalankhula ngati mbuli yoti sikudziwa mmene dziko limayendera. The whole professor like you ma porofessor timakutengani ngati anthu a nzeru koma aaa!!!! KAPE WENIWENI.Bola mkuluwako Bingu amazindikira ntchito za Kamuzu. Anabwezeretsa maina onse amene muluzi anafutafuta, ndiye iwe ufuna uoneke ngati ngati ndani pakamwa pobonyokapo. Samala ndi mzimu… Read more »
Mbowe Mulambia

As I have been saying MCP too much sleeping you pretend as if you know much ndizimenezo

evance Mangani

amanena kuti kamuzu anali wakupha,wobwela komatso dictator, tikaonesesa wobwela yemweyo anabwelesa ma university,ma state house,zipatala,ndende zoopsya zija. nanga athuwo abweretsa chani? ena kumati kutsolola,ena kumati kusolola si koma kutapa(cash gate) ine ndi wa Dpp zikalakwika tikabe basi. tsongoleli amatsakhidwa ndi mulungu. bible linanena kale kuti mtsongoleli tsatchuka ndi mbiri yabwino.


Those saying Kamuzu developed Malawi given period of 30years simunayende pazikoli. I think all ur lives u hav lived in Malawi

Mlomwe Ozindikira

tatiunkoni oyenda wo abweretsanji kuno ku malawi, poti mwati amene amati kamuzu adatukula dzikoli sadayende


Come on the president, I like. DPP is unbeatable and mcp belongs to opposition side and will be there for ever.

Tony Kanyenda

What a brute, bingu was.more civilised than.this fool, I feel sorry for the dpp folk be coz. They know .They. have a dunderhead as a president

A wise leader dont talk like that when opening a road. Sometimes I wonder michona iyi how do they think about Malawians ho has stayed at home or went to study abroad and returned home? He did not come home after studyin abroad. He worked in TZ university before going to US. I know Many Malawians dont know that. They think all his 40 years was in US. Every leader has a part to play untill his term ends then another one takes over. Most importantant development started with Kamuzu. Kamuzu built first University. All state houses. Hospitals. Colleges, etc.… Read more »

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