Mutharika to welcome Uladi and BJ Mpinganjira in DPP

President Arthur Peter Mutharika who is also leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  will hold a political rally in Blantyre on Sunday where he is expected to welcome into his party some political gurus  who are recycling themselves to the governing party ahead of next year’s elections.

Uladi Mussa: Changes goal

Blue boy: President Peter Mutharika greets veteran politician Brown Mpinganjira

According to a statement issued by Chief Secretary to government Lloyd Muhara, the political rally will be held at at Lunzu Community Ground.

Nyasa Times understands that among politicians the DPP will present to Mutharika will beformer acting People’s Party (PP) president Uladi Mussa, a persuasive politician who is nicknamed ‘Change Goal.’

Mussa was fired as PP  vice president for the Central Region  for  alleged indiscipline.

He was accused of continuously bringing confusion in the party by claiming that PP was in a coalition with the DPP.

DPP insiders said Mussa, a member of Parliament (MP) for Salima South,is among politicians who have been vetted to join the party he helped to found together with late Bingu wa Mutharika.

Mussa said after being expelled from PP, he has changed his political goals.

“Yes, it is time to move on progressively in politics,” he said with a hint of joining DPP.

Pressed if he is joining DPP, Mussa said a number of politicians from his former party were already working with the governing party.

He alls the blurry DPP-PP alliance a reunion of two parties born of one mother—United Democratic Front (UDF)

DPP already has a working relationship in Parliament with UDF whose president, Atupele Muluzi, was drafted into Mutharika’s Cabinet in 2004.

But PP secretary general Ibrahim Matola said the owners of the party are the grassroot supporters who have rebuffed the alliance.

Meanwhile, another former PP vice-president for Southern Province, Brown James (BJ) Mpinganjira is set to be welcomed in the DPP fold.

Mpinganjora hinted on a possible comeback into frontline politics after ‘the break’ , saying he was available to render his assistance given an opportunity by the government.

Political journey continues

Mpinganjira, who is also an evangelist,  was one of the first members of United Democratic Front (UDF) and served in Bakili Muluzi cabinet before he resigned and formed National Democratic Alliance (NDA) which he used its ticket to stand in 2004 presidential elections.

Mpinganjira, who came forth during the 2004 presidential election, used to be Muluzi’s trusted aide and a senior minister in the UDF government, and was at one time even tipped to take over from Muluzi at the end of the president’s two terms.

But relations between the two soured when Muluzi began contemplating constitutional amendments to extend his stay in power.

Mpinganjira was arrested several times soon after leaving government for offences ranging from corruption to treason.

In 2009 he contested the presidency as running-mate of MCP presidential candidate John Tembo.

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Kanthiti Mzandu

Uladi Mussa 50 passports B J Mpinganjira Makolija both of them dead woods. Uladi kaya ukuti wathawira ku Talisi koma msomba ikubweretsa mpakana udzayankha ya ma passport, D P P ikuweta nkhuku zoleka kuikila pomwe M C P ikuweta misoti kuti iyikile koma 2019 kuli ntchito. A Uladi chonde ndalama za Cashgate muwafotokonzere bwino bwino a zanu iwo so akufutokonzerani pakuti mwakumana tsopano. Koma M C P yakutsekulani m’mimba mpakana kukasolola Makolija


Anyamatawa ndi owinawina kale nchifukwa chake MCP mmimba kuti buuuuuuuuuuu. Paja ndale za MCP ndi za retribution and vengeance,. In politics anything can happen. Koma DPP ndikuitaira kamtengo chifukwa imasewera ndale moipa zedi. DPP leads in politics and others follow. Enanu tawirikizani kumenyana ndikutukwanana mchipani mwanumo. Ife a DPP tili pheeeee, tikumwa yoghurt.


Uladi has been an MP ever since he joined real politics. Whichever party he stands for he is always elected to parliament. Even if he stands for MCP this time he will still make it to parliament. This is why MCP feels pain to hear that Uladi is joining the party which MCP hates most.

Waku Gauteng

Malawi has run out of ideas. The politics of Malawi makes one want to vomit. Why bring back politicians that have zero track record. No! guys you can do better than this. Bringing back corruption riddled politicians for what now?


Mmene ndikuonera ineyo ngati mbwiwi pa ndale. Dpp yasowa chochita basi, and dpp tsopano ililbe nzeru nzeru zatha. Anthuwa Profesa Bingu Wamtharika anawachotsa mchipani. Tsono a dpp muziona kuti komwe akuchokera wachikeranji. Mudzi ukamalandila anthu amisala okhaokha mudzio watha basi.


Uladi Mussa, Brown Mpinganjira are rolling stones. These are useless and unprincipled politicians not even worthy second mention. They are here for their personal survival. Uladi has been in parliament since 1994. What impact has he made to Malawians.

Sam Nuga

DPP, UDF and PP are parties of recycled cashgaters. Malawi will never change. Church needs to rise up and pray for the healing and deliverance of the nation and also deal with the principality ruling that region. The problem is spiritual and if not dealt with from the root, poverty, hardship, wickedness and backwardness will continously prevail.


Madeya as a Chair used to say


Malawi dziko lomvetsa chisoni,,dziko loti silidzatukuka.Brown Mpinganjira what else do you have to offer mother Malawi other than stealing from government coffers.Or do you intend to divorce mai ake a Jill and snatch someone’s wife mukaba ndalama Ku bomako??I hear you are evangelist, why can’t you concentrate on spreading the word of God??Know that you are past your prime,retire hounarably .And to you DJ dzidzidzi(Peter Muthalika) open your eyes,osamangolandila zilizonse mchipani.These two guyz won’t bring any change to your out!!!

Mlomwe Wanzeru

This is laughable. i can laugh out loud and loud. When shall these wonders end?

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