Nankhumwa ‘pardons’ youths who scorned him over academic certificate: Denies being George Malemia

Innuendoes are awash on social media in Malawi, suggesting that the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president for southern region ‘stole’ the primary school certificate he holds.

Nnakhumwa: Malawians are free to crosscheck with education institutions that he has been to ascertain his educational qualifications

Those spreading the allegations say Nankhumwa, who is also Minister of Local Government  and Rural Development, was born George Malemia but adopted his late relative’s name when he ‘adopted’ his Primary School Leaving Certificate in order to gain entry into secondary school.

A video clip featuring two young men has been circulating on the social media giving credence to the allegations.

But in response to the allegations, Nankhumwa has rubbished those advancing them, saying Malawians are free to crosscheck with education institutions that he has been to ascertain his educational qualifications.

Nankhumwa said it is unfortunate that some quarters have launched a smear campaign against him for no apparent reason but has posited that he has no hard feelings against them.

Two days ago, 42 year-old Stanley Munyowa and a colleague, had alleged through a video clip that has gone viral on social media that Nankhumwa is using a Malawi Certificate of Education (MSCE) of his uncle who died in an accident.

The two men went into hiding after the release of the video, saying they were receiving threats.

But on Wednesday, Nankhumwa said the attacks on his personality came to his family and friends as a shock.

“Unconfirmed reports indicate that some youths are working under the influence of some opposition figures, to assassinate the characters of their perceived opponents. I don’t think such kind of behaviour will take the country forward,” wrote the youthful minister.

Nankhumwa  said he has always advanced issue-based politics “not mudslinging” to gain political mileage.

He stated: “The issue of my academic records and qualifications (not mentioning my Professional qualifications) can easily be checked at Chisitu Primary School in Mulanje, Chitundu Primary school in Dedza and Mayani Secondary school in Dedza.

“In all these schools, I had numerous teachers, friends and classmates who would easily corroborate my story, including testimonies of different leadership positions I held that time.”

He said some of his lawyer friends had already started filing a defamation case against the two men but he has since advised them to stop.

“My understanding is that the two men have no any economic activity and they cannot manage to pay millions of kwachas if convicted. They would end up being put in jail a situation that would worsen the economic situation in their homes,” he said.

He added: “And if it is true that some Police officers are hunting for the duo I urge them also to STOP that and let them come back home to lead a normal life. Unconfirmed reports are also indicating that some overzealous supporters went ahead to assault the duo, I order an immediate stop to such behaviour. I for one will never sanction nor condone torturing of any soul using my name.”

He reiterated that he would assure the two maximum protection saying nobody will intimidate them for what they did.

“Let me close by reiterating what I have said before in my rallies that it is politically immoral to use our youths for hate campaign, character assassination and violence. Regardless of our political affiliations we all have one home we call Malawi,” he said.

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Nankhumwa wasiya liti mudslinging? Si amene ankati JB anapha Bingu Kunsonkhano kwawoko. Lero poti ndi VP wa DPP nde aziti he is advancing issue based politics.


Why stopping the lawyers and police to investigate the truth? The truth has to be known.. Ngati a George Malemia afuna kukhululuka adzakhululuke anthuwa akadzapezeka olakwa but not now. Lets hear the truth first.


this is what we expect from a matured and democratic honorable minister, let them castigate but teach them how to behave, bravo to you hon


DPP is full of mature people, even when they were in opposition there is no any point they blocked and intimidated pp in parliament, neither APM fought jzu for leader of opposition mattle in parliament. Don’t be cheated even its follower are smart and cool no matter after election people don’t understand why it wins.


DPPis the party of mature people, cool and development conscious. Do you remember ben phiri when he was beaten and damped almost dead along mudi river by pp rough necks, ena mwaiwo anayambisa kabungwe kawo, but the guy forgave them and stopped the police from arresting them after dpp had won the election through tough court battle. Moti a dpp i salute you. You’re cool. Angakhale ena akumamenya dala antchito awo, ndi kuziotchera magalimoto kuti azikunamizirani.


Well done Nankhumwa. That is the way to go for a better Malawi. However, the root of this must be established. These youth are learning these stupid habits from Mchacha, Jefrey and Ngalande and many useless guys in DPP. Unfortunately, APM, Nankhumwa, Uladi Mussa and Goodal as presidents of DPP have not condemned their members in the public. We need a better Malawi and this can only be achieved if we have issue based politics.

Chilima Sangawine Wagwanayo

Adawatuma anyamata amenewa ndi Chilima sangakhale winanso. Chilima watha ma plan kwabasi. Pofika December ka Movement kake kakhala katatha ngati makatani.

Kotakota mtalamo

Ndine wa mcp koma nankhumwa at least DPP yonse ndiwe wekha ukupanga zinthu zoganizako


Sign of maturuty from the honorable minister.


Your own strategies u hv been using are backfiring…….ili ndidziko… limasintha…..DPP u r gonna pay for very evil done…It will be more painful than this……

Boland MCP