Nankhumwa urges DPP youths to stay away from violence: Hails Mutharika’s exemplary leadership

Governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president for Southern Region, Kondwani Nankhumwa has said youths make up to one-fifth of the world population, according to the United Nations (UN) and, therefore, younger generation engagement in politics is needful for greater political, social and economic development of any country.

Nankhumwa urges DPP youth not accept to be used by any politician to engage in violence of any kind.
Nankhumwa: That DPP won the elections is a known fact
DPP youth director for Southern Region, Yona Mlotha, thanked Nankhumwa for the interaction opportunity
DPP’s Nankhumwa interacts with top Southern Region youth leadership

Nankhumwa met DPP constituency and district youth governors from all 54 constituencies and 25 political districts.

“As youth leaders in our mighty DPP, you have a greater role to play not only in politics but also contributing positively towards the social and economic advancement of our communities and country. I invited you here in order to encourage you that as we exercise our right to political participation, we also ought to broaden our personal horizons by exploring how best we could also move our communities and country forward socially and economically,” said  Nankhumwa.

Again, apart from politics, Nankhumwa said young people should also get involved in serving the community through participation in health, education and charitable work.

He said instead of involving young people in clean politics and other productive social and economic activities, some “wayward politicians” engage them in acts of violence, injuring and killing innocent people, as well as destroying private and public property worth hundreds of millions of Kwacha.

Nankhumwa, who is also Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, said such politicians must stop this misconduct because it derails national development.

“I would like to warn our DPP youths to stay away from violence. You must not accept to be used by any politician to engage in violence of any kind. Let us take heed of President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’s call for unity and togetherness, as Malawians, even when we hold different political beliefs.

“Instead, our President emphasizes on training our youths in various vocational skills for personal development and that of the country and abhors violence of any form. We must all learn from that exemplary leadership,” he said.

Nankhumwa hailed the youth leaders for their “remarkable contribution” towards DPP’s victory in the May 21, 2019 tripartite elections, saying President Mutharika is extremely thankful to them for their relentless support.

“That we won the elections is a known fact; you deserve the honour and appreciation for stepping on the plate to campaign for APM, DPP MPs and councillors’ victory. As VP (South), I am extremely proud of you,” said the soft-spoken Nankhumwa, a youthful politician himself, at 41.

He urged the youth leadership in the region, the DPP’s political bedrock, file not to relax or to be drunk with power to the extent of forgetting the noble duty of solidifying the party’s support at grassroots.

“I am fully aware that winning an election like we had in May is a sweet thing and you are within your rights to celebrate this accomplishment because you worked hard.  As we are celebrating, I would like to reiterate what I have said before, which is that we must never forget that politics is a game of numbers. As such, we ought to continue strengthening our party on the ground so that we continue to record more victories in the future,” said Nankhumwa.

He said the youth leadership in the DPP represents the brighter future of party, especially considering that the majority of the voters these days are the youths.

The DPP VP pledged that he would ensure that there is constant interaction between the DPP regional leadership and the party’s leadership at grassroots.

DPP youth director for Southern Region, Yona Mlotha, thanked Nankhumwa for the interaction opportunity.

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4 years ago

MCP siyingalimbe apo mungowatsa zisankho basi . DPP woyee

George Malemu
George Malemu
4 years ago

Can you please define who is a youth? Looking at the picture to my understanding there is no youth or they are youth in politics

Mangochi Kabwafu
Mangochi Kabwafu
4 years ago

Is this unhealthy fat man positioning himself for presidency or what?

President Mkango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza
President Mkango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza
4 years ago

It depend the meaning of violence.

Mr Truth Pains
4 years ago

Who is Nankhumwa fooling? May be your fellow myopic followers from Gondolosi tribe.

You orchestrated the beating of Billy Mayaya in Blantyre and u didn’t condemn your Cadets by doing so. Now u can’t stand on the podium and try to look innocent while your hands is also deeped in blood and it’s not clean at all.

Just start compagning for Re- run as your ballets have shown that vote for Adad this coming election in February 2020.

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory
4 years ago

Does youth mean men? I can only see men in this picture. The problem is that Nakhumwa is good at presenting a positive image of himself in the media, but he is a “smooth operator”.

4 years ago

Nankhumwa urges DPP youths to stay away from violence,have i got the headline right?Is he not the same Nankhumwa who is organizing the same youths cause violence the opposition?He is the same guy sending youths to torch those who are against his DPP?Nankhumwa stop fooling us we are not in the era of one party whereby we were all hand crappers even for wrong things.We are seeing everything what is happening in our country but God willing one day you face the law.GOD BLESS ALL PATRIOTIC MALAWIANS!

HardCore Federalism Advocate

This killer is a joke. He incite violence against other tribes, and he says DPP won. As I’m commenting now DPP Interhangwe Cadets, similar to those who slaughtered the Tutsis are busy petrol bombing voices that disagree with them. What kind of animals are these? Some of these cadets are in China learning the tactics of a one party state. How can you learn politics of undemocratic China and bring them to Malawi? I guess those cadets when they return to Malawi their plane will be full of machetes and pangas.. I wish the youth will fight for FEDERALISM instead… Read more »

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