NGO accuses Malawi religious leaders for fuelling HIV

A Lilongwe based non-governmental organisation has accused some religious leaders in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chimutu in the district of perpetrating tendencies that fuel the spread of HIV and Aids.

Chizongo: Religious leaders  in Lilongwe fueling HIV

Chizongo: Religious leaders in Lilongwe fueling HIV

Executive director of Centre for Youth Development and Social Empowerment (CYDSE), Nephtale Chizongo, said in an interview on Sunday that some religious leaders in the area are discouraging their people from using condoms, saying it is only Jesus who can protect them.

“We have been embarking on condom distribution among young people and we discovered that only a few were turning up to access them and some of them confessed that they were advised not to be using them by their churches,” he said.

Chizongo said that others who were on anti-retroviral treatment (ART) have stopped taking their drugs on advice from their church leaders.

One of the youths benefitting from the NGO’s services, who did not want to be named, said in an interview on Friday that some religious leaders were telling them that they would not suffer from any ailments if they put their faith in prayer.

Cases of religious leaders stopping their faithful from using medication have been reported widely nationwide and such practices have continued even when authorities have tried to convince them not to believe what the leaders say.

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when God created human he created him in his image, that means God gave us the gift to think, we have doctors who think on what medication to take,a pastor who is supposed to preach the word of God not give us medications but just a word so that whosoever believes in that word wil enter the kingdom of God..every person has a gift from God so who created condoms,arvs these pipo its a gift given from God so pliz preachers stop foolin pipo just spread the word of God cause thats your gift..kwinako ayi let pipo choose..


What we have to know is that God didn’t creat a man to have two wifes or woman to have two men or more. But because of the devilrtRrr works,that’s why it is so.but We people expeciary we christians we needed to know the scriptchers and do them , then we shall know what’s right and wrong

Missed Call

Shame on these pastors and religious leaders

If Jesus was here he could heal these people, since he is not he has given skills to those who can.

Is it not Jesus who has given us knowledge to cure or stop the spread of HIV, condom and drugs are Jesus’s gift,

Is it not a fool who walks in the face of danger without a shield or sword,


HIV and multiple partners: if all are free, and are collectively faithful to each other, no one gets it. HIV and one partner: if one has it, the other can get it.


Latalata ndiye yacheyo


Those who are told to use condoms are not religious faithfuls but church goers. If they were faithfuls they wouldn’t be involved in immoral acts. So religious leaders talk about faithfuls. Amakondomunu dzichitani, mukadzakhulupirira Mulungu ndipamene mudzamve chomwe amipingo akunena. Amipingo ake okhulupirira osati ongopita ku tchalitchi ayi.

jackson j

Why cant you just say Catholics and not religious leaders?

mbili ya bakha

kukhala ndi mkazi mamuna mmodzi mmodzi ndekuti sungakhale ndi HIV fullstop. koma zungulizunguli ali panoyi, nde basitu

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