Ngolongoliwa rubbishes PAC conferences on ‘the  future of Malawi’: Analyst Hussein says its platform to voiceless

Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa of Thyolo has said the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) all- inclusive stakeholders’ conferences on “the future of Malawi” have no relevance to the citizenry but  University of Malawi political analyst Mustapha Hussein feels PAC conferences remain fundamental platforms for the public.

TA Ngolongoliwa: PAC meetings not useful

In comments reported by the press, Ngolongoliwa said he sees no benefit in PAC conferences, arguing it only benefits educated people in town who come together to argue on issues.

Ngolongoliwa said as long as food was available in villages, people are happy.

“There is food all over, people are happy. What PAC discusses or comes up with, doesn’t help villagers out here,” he said in quotes reported by Weekend Nation on Saturday.

His comments comes after rhe quasi-religious body just concluded its highly-emotional Sixth All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference Thursday in Blantyre with delegates making several recommendations to President Peter Mutharika’s administration.

The paper, however also quoted Mustapha Hussein,  a political science lecturer at Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima), feels PAC conferences remain fundamental platforms for the public as they project a common man’s view of how government or democracy is performing.

“These PAC conferences, whether they are liked by some quarters or not are very relevant because they contribute to the discourse on issues relating to our democracy.

“They are an important feature in our democratisation process because they provide a platform for the majority voiceless to appreciate the other side other than that of government,” he said as quoted by the paper.

According to the report, Hussein cited a presentation made by law lecturer Garton Kamchedzera also of Chancellor College on public trust which touched on “sensitive” issues.

He noted: “That really raised eye-brows because it touched on some of the sensitivities and perceptions people have. So the success lies in the messaging and the passing it on to the government.”

But Hussein also stated that failure to implement or follow up on previous resolutions was a source of lessons regarding the strategies that PAC needs to be put in place.


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Wise one from the East
Wise one from the East

Chitsilu cha Mfumu. How do the Hlomwes expect us to respect their reasoning, if this is the best they have in Chieftaincy??????

Wise one from the East
Wise one from the East

Komanso this Chief is talking a lot of bullshit!!!! I am tempted to suggest that his true name might not be Ngolingoliwa but Nkongoliwa because is not only shit but rubbish bootlicker!!!!! I rest my case!!!!


Its unfortunate that the whole newly elevated Paramount chief can speak this nonsense. For your information chief, Malawi does not want chiefs at all. You are stupid, lazy, greedy and opportunists. I grew maize. I bought fertilizer at MK22,000 per bag. God gave us good rains. I did not receive your subsidy coupons. I have harvested 120 bags. I want to pay fees but alas the price is very low. Will you pay me fees amfumu????? Stop saying stupid things. Your days are numbered. We are not happy with your status quo.

che nnungu

This is one useless chief Malawi as ever had


Kodi inu a Hlomwe, paja mukati ngolongoliwa tanthauzo lake ndiye kuti chani??

Ndikungoganiza kuti mauwa amatanthauza………………………………………!! Kikikikikikikikiki!!

konda nzako

the most stupid mfumu in Malawi , chikhope kuyipa chonchi what more mtima wake ndiyopita bwanji ????


Gong’onthi wakanthukanthu,hehehehehehehehehehehehe,kikikikikikikikikikik,koma abaleeee,munatonena nokhatu mbwiyeeeee,mwati ndinu gong’onthi mulibe kali konse ,siuwu ugong’onthi uja,hatoziwa kanthu awa anta.kikikiki


musiyene che Ngongoliwa sakudziwa chomwe akuchita chifukwa choti ndi pumbwa weni weni.

Bandung Cincau

Utsiru ndiwo wakula pa Malawi. A mfumu opanda mzeru. Mwatafuna ma yellow bans musanza soon. Mxiii


Ili ndi dziko, INUYO mukamwalira ana anu zizawavuta, afumu if development is maize then you are very dull

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