Nigerian arrested with two Malawian ladies at airport over drugs

Malawi Police at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe have arrested three people for illegal possession and importation of the dangerous drug called Ephedrin contrary to section 11 (a) Regulation 19 of Dangerous Drug Act.

The Nigerian businessman and two Malawian women arrested

The table where the drugs were hidden

The three are 43 year old Christian Osingwelen from Nigeria, a 39 year old Lusungu Mlenga from Mijumiju village, Traditional Authority Nkhondowe, Nkhata Bay and Rita Juma aged 33 from Mlangeni Village, Traditional Authority Njolomole, Ntcheu district.

Airport Police Branch Public Relations Office Sapulain Chitonde Lee told Malawi News Agency (Mana) that police received a tipoff from MRA Officers who were working in the arrivals hall that Mlenga is suspected to be collecting a table which is suspected to have concealed drug.

“Police searched the table and found packets of unknown powder and later broke one of packet to see the powder where they found a dangerous drug called Ephedrin

“We are yet to finalize interrogating the three to where the drugs were coming from and who owns it,” said Chitonde.

Chitonde added that Mlenga received a phone call from an unknown person (name withheld) to collect a table from the airport which had gone missing.

He said that USD2000 and additional MK700, 000.00 was paid as custom clearance for the table from MRA without knowing what was inside.

“Juma, a girl friend to the Nigerian man received a call from his friend to collect 1000 USD in town and give it to him at the airport without telling her the use of the said money.

The Nigerian national while accepting the statements from his friends is however denying ownership of both the table and the drug, despite giving Mlenga all the money to clear the table at MRA,” said Chitonde.

He further said MRA Officers who handled the matter revealed to the police that Mlenga tried to bribe them with the said amount taking advantage that they were all women who needed to be helped saying if they felt they needed they should get it from the Nigerian.

“We are thanking MRA Officers for being professional when discharging their duties and tipping them about the three who they managed to get hold of them until police were informed”

However, we are sending a warning message to the general public that the long arm of the justice will catch them if they try to use the facility in importing or exporting anything dangerous” said Chitonde.

The three are all partners in business and stays in Lilongwe City.

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I know the guy he has a chitenje shop in Limbe. Sometimes we wonder all the way from Nigeria and open a chitenje shop. Not knowing that they are dealing in shaddy deals. MRA mwaja zambiri za anthu awa. Musaoneke ngati mwachenjera. Tikuululani. timakuonanituuuuuuuuuuuu


Others mukuwanyoza coz inu ma Nigerians sanakupezeni. Atakupezani inunso mulola coz they pour out a lot of cash. Wait and see. Nkhani iyi siipitilira coz these guys have cash and their cash will help them to get out of this mess. The MRA officials at the airport was many thats why the reported this. Akanakhala modzi or awiri dilu apa imadutsa. Ndani sakudziwa

Keen Observer

Umphawi, umbuli ndi ugule Azimayi athuwa. Is a Nigerian a person to trust to be in business partnership????????? You just accept to be used as drug mules? Shame on you young ladies. No easy money you must work or just do a legit business. Don’t be fooled Nigerians will use your & when time comes they will throw you under the bus.

nsanai kugwe

ce citonde mwauze anyamata anu kuti asamacotse katundu wa ma passenger nkucotsamo tina ndi tina, anthu ocoka ku mudzi kuno akamapita maiko ena amatengako zakudya za kumudzi komatu akamakafika kopitako kumapeza matemba , nsinjilo, mifutso , acotsamo, nyembaso. musanamizile a mmaiko ena poti zakumaiko kwina sadya zomwe ife timadya. evidence ilipo. musamangokhala ma boss musakugwila ncito yanu, mastaff anu alibe mphavu zomatenga katundu wa anthu . kodi bwanji dziko lathu langochukila kuba? kuti poti zimayambila kuntunda

Nganiza Muthulika
Most Nigerians and African foreigners are using Malawians in there crimonal acts. They engage themselves in relationship which for them is not true relationsjop but desperate Malawians believe in that. Nigerians are not men tog marry. This was going on in Zambia but Zambians are more intelligent than Malawians in this. Many Zambian women lost their businesses or went bankrupt before They realised their so called husband was after their money and stay in The country. Malawians are sleeping. If u go back to Kamuzu Banda time. Who did he not allow in Malawi? Nigerians, Congolis, Most People from West… Read more »
Imraan Sadick

La 40 lakwana throw them behind bars and give me the keys


This is why we say nigerians are bringing crimes in this country, they dont just be your friend but also they want to take something from you…. many are doing bad businesses . Immigration service s you have alot of work .. arrested them those living in this country without status .. send them back by using their own money freeze them in bank send them back…
We love them but many are criminal lets love our country please our best home …..THESE MUST ARRESTED 10Years behind bar atengere phunzilo


Malawi is still primitive and so poor so they need people to uplift their economy if not, what resource do they have to compare with other African countries. So shut up your mouth and think of how to make money have a good living ok.

Lets wait and see where this will end to there are alot of airport issues of drug ,ivory, stones and forex passing through but check all the people are moving scott free , why ? its a long chain you can not get them our ACB do not know how to these issues from the point go up to the court. Law enforcers involved in these are transferred for some time to another station then after some time they are back because of the link .Dou you transfer a problem or fire it. NIB, IMMIGRATION, POLICE ,LIHACO and MRA very… Read more »

IF Malawi is that poor and primitive, why do foreigners like you flock to Malawi in your large numbers?


Hey!! To add salt to the bleeding wound, this Nigerian was deported by Government of Malawi and is surprising to see him back into the country. It just shows how porous our entry borders are. I cry for my poor country, corruption is the root of this. Let us wait to see what happens this time around..

\'\'Mwanza baby 1\'\'
\'\'Mwanza baby 1\'\'

Sure ??????

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