No-holds-barred: DPP’s feeding frenzy on ‘Laza’ is a mark of failed leadership

It is clear, even to primary pupils that political campaign ended once we unanimously ushered in the new administration in the name of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Having given them the mandate to run the country, all what Malawians would expect is nothing but turning their dreams they touted during the campaign into reality.

Kaliati: DPP's attack dog

Kaliati: DPP’s attack dog

I must admit here, if education is a prerequisite for sound leadership, DPP would produce wonders. It is a party full of people with an assortment of degrees. Surprisingly, the party has let some “good-for-nothing” officials controlling the affairs of the party. No wonder, one Saulos Chilima who proved to have the gift of the gab, thought it wise to discipline the party zealots in public at the so
called development rally in Ndirande. Kaliati and company should take what the VP said with a pinch of salt.

I would want to tell you DPP gurus, that castigating Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera will bring nothing to the people who are suffering in villages. Your accusation that Chakwera left the pulpit to join politics to advance selfish ambitions is not holding water. After all, people would wish to be ruled by man of God as compared to an atheist.

One DPP outspoken lady reached an extent of saying, “I will start preaching after politics”. Are you trying to imply politics is for evil minded people? You mean DPP is for only evil minded people?

Come back to your senses Madam Kaliati and your company. Your empty speeches during the so called development rallies, are increasingly bringing the president’s professorial title into disrepute. Yes, whatever, you speak has a blessing from the MG 1, we firmly assume.

As Maggaret Thatcher once said “I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph.”

I’m also made to believe that the same driving force, could prompt Reverend Chakwera to join politics. And again, attacking his personality just shows that the man has something special which
threatens the incumbent.

We know pretty well that Chakwera is not ruling the country, so if something goes wrong, Malawians will not hold him responsible. If Chakwera criticizes your administration, he is doing that as a citizen and politician who is able to differentiate between good and evil. The best answer to his criticisms is just doing the needful.

Honestly, I always feel sorry for your accusations because they are always devoid of clarity and reasoning. Your critics seem to use the brain, and the mouth is just an outlet, while your accusations are just unnecessary noise from the esophagus.

Who told you that politics and God are incompatible missed the point! Why did you call Bishop Mark Kambalazaza to give a prayer at your rally? Your answer is as good as mine; asking God’s presence. So I don’t see any problem for a man of God to join mainstream politics. In fact I regard you political leaders as people who carry an incredible weight of responsibility not only as a steward of our nation and its resources, but as a steward of God’s desires.  That is why I insist, your feeding frenzy on  “Laza” is all Greek to me.

We have been struggling as a nation; political leadership has been a problem, but I believe that with men of God joining the race, a fresh approach will prevail and we will advance peace, stability, equality and prosperity as these are the people who are acquainted with the God’s desires.

And for sure, they will see people as God see people, they will rejoice at the things that make God rejoice and their hearts will break with the things that break God’s heart.

The Bible clearly states that, “For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”  So if God chooses leaders, can He fail to choose people who served him diligently to lead His people? That is why,  I conclude by saying that baseless and wild accusations against the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera, is in itself a mark of a failed
leadership on the part of DPP.

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Anthony phiri

chakwera dont be afraid with those silly things by 92bilion theft they done this just because they afraid of your, you won 2014 election but because of justice mbendela thats why ur in opposition so they afraid of 2019 election may almighty God bless you..


Chakwera ali ndi mphatso ya utsogoleri


Dr. Laza; inu mtima m’malo nkhondo akumenya Yehova wamakamu. Ngati chamukomera ngakhale wina atanyoza mudzakhala President wadziko lino. Umboni dili nawo pa Pitala, ananyozedwa koma siuyu akulamulayi.


You Patrick Nkhoma your comment shows that your IQ content is very questionable. Do you know John Chilembwe? If yes then you are worst hypocrite of which I am very sure you are. In the history of Malawi, where do you place this man of God John Chilembwe? What’s wrong with this man of God Chakwera?


Vomerezani kuti kulankhula mumantha. Kunyozanso mumantha. Utsogoleri mulibe. Mwina Laza akuposaninso chifukwa amaoneka kuti alibe phuma ngati lanuno.


Vomelezani kuti boma lakukanikani kodi munthuyo umo munayambira kumutukwana koma sakuyankhani osachita manyazi bwanji?

The great

It reminds me during my uncle’s tenure he too used to say,achipembezo asamalowelere ndale.which was by implication that ,this great nation is being ruled by the atheists.therefore,Kaliati and her company DPP will never stop rambling at nothing and her instigation for an insults against man of God will not cease.


Mwalemba bwino ambuye..Kaliati ndi bulutu..amaganiza ngati nkhuku imene imasiya madeya a size yake kuthamangira fupa chonsecho ilibe dzino olo limodzi..zoti our very first freedom fighter anali Reverend mutu wawo odzadza mamina sungakumkulire…to me DPP Is telling us that Chilembwe’s character was quedtionable..mxi

When people talk alot of bad things about you, one thing is for sure: they are jealousy of your blessings and there is something that God put in you that they are so much afraid of. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has such a mark that when DPP cohorts like Patricia Kaliati see it, they have their tails between their legs. Akunthunthumira ndi mantha at the name of Lazarus Chakwera. They know he is the President of Malawi whom God chose. Also know anthu akamalalata kwambiri, demise/downfall is nigh. Bingu was a perfect example. Towards his end, he did the same. So… Read more »
Patrick Nkhoma

I can see no problem with what the akweni said about laza as a lost creature, a slippery taste of the goodness of the Lord. Leave politics aside if you choose to serve for the Lord or leave the Lord’s work alone if you want wage war for politics. They are two different things. Through out the bible, you shall never come across the will of man suceed but the will of God succeeded succssefully. CHAKWERA must repent and go back to his pastoral duties.

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