Ntata blasts Mutharika as Nyasa Times intends ‘ vigorous defense’ against Malawi President’s defamation claims

Following reports that President Peter Mutharika served Nyasa Times court summons through the press for alleged defamation, the online publication has indicated that it intends to mount “a vigorous defence” and believe the matter will help the battle to fight wrongful self-enrichment in Malawi.

Mutharika: To face Nyasa Times in court

Mutharika:  K92 billion cashgate is bone of contention

In a lawsuit filed at the High Court in Blantyre, the President is seeking damages and also wants a court order to restrain his fierce critic Allan Ntata and Nyasa Times from publishing further revelations on the K92 billion Cashgate linked to the Bingu wa Mutharika administration.

Ntata was legal adviser to the President’s elder brother, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, who ruled Malawi from 2004 until his death in April 2012.

Mutharika sued because Ntata’s article which was also posted on various media networks including social-media platform Facebook, was published on Nyasa Times on June 22 this year, alleging the President is implicated in the K92 billion Cashgate.

He further claimed in the article that the President was delaying to release a forensic report of the K92 billion Cashgate under his late brother’s eight-year rule because he was involved.

The President, according to the court record, said Ntata wrote on his Facebook page that a Mrs Sadiq of HTD allegedly defrauded government close to K20 billion on bogus purchases of motor vehicles and that President Mutharika is closely linked to and associated with HTD and the bogus payments could be linked to him.

Mutharika, in the lawsuit filed by Tembenu, Masumbu & Company, said in their natural and ordinary meaning of the published words, they meant he [the President] is engaged in fraud and corruption.

Nyasa Times Media Group CEO Edgar Chibaka and Editorial Director Thom Chiumia in a statement  on Tuesday said the media company intends to mount a “vigorous defense” against the suit.

“We have not seen the summons but we hope we will get a copy of the newspaper service and lodge our vigorous defence,” Nyasa Times statement said.

The online publication also laughed off  at reports that President Mutharika failed to serve the company  the court summons, saying their email and phone contacts and addresses are known to the President, his press office and  his lawyer James Masumbu including all cabinet ministers.

Masumbu also served Ntata court summons through substituted service in daily newspapers.

Ntata took to Facebook , saying he  was “surprised” to read that  “a whole president, with all the resources at his disposal can claim to the High Court that he cannot trace Z Allan Ntata, when, as many Malawians including Presidential Press Secretary Gerald Viola, know that Ntata has been in the country for almost 6 weeks now.”

He wrote: “The President probably thinks that lying to the court in this manner will buy some sort of public sympathy and portray to the public that Ntata is on the run or something and that service of the President’s lawsuit against him should be done via the media.

“But isn’t this failure to locate just one individual who is clearly right here in Malawi, presenting a public lecture, doing TV and Radio Interviews and meeting numerous government officials, and yes, including meeting with his Press Secretary just another display of the president’s incompetence?”

Germany provided K9.76 billion for the audit exercise  into the K92 billion which was prompted by a 2011 interim investigative audit report of government’s payment system—the Integrated Financial Management and Information System (Ifmis)—which revealed that ministries and departments may have lost about K577 billion through abuse and irregularities between 2009 and 2012.

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TA Kabudula

Ntata kagwere uko. Inu a Nyasa nanu mumasowa zolemba ndaona ndithu. You can not keep fighting with the President all the time. Leave APM alone. Wait for the 2019 war if you are men enough. The just voted councillor elections should tell you a big story that APM and DPP are winning the 2019 elections. Come on! be men enough guys.

Joseph Moyo

on Ntata APM incompetence:when you r abarrister and you work as ajournalist in the process to fail to do that job correctly thats incompetence if the president who is father and is meeting his children is there any problem?defamation uimvakuwawa ndipo wampwetekesa adalembayu ndi nyuz paper yo umva nyunyunyu aise tapangani zanu.Leave APM alone ntata

box13 bilila NU

Politics kuwawitsa mutu, shaaa bwanji tingokhala opanda president, mwina wotsogorera kuba asowa. E’eee, palibe president yemwe anachoka opanda mbiri yakuba since democracy.

Chilungamo Chimawawa
I am back again on Nyasa Times after long time without commenting. I have been following seriously on various blanders made by this government of thieves. Who in Malawi doesn’t know that DPP govt if full of thieves and day light robbers of our money? its true the Mutharikas stole 92 billion kwacha and most of that money is hidden abroad. please mr president stop wasting your time accusing Nyasa times and Allan Ntata on the issue coz we all know that you and ur late brother Bingu stole what belongs to malawians. We want justice to prevail here and… Read more »
Wanga ndi yemweyo
Malawians, listen to me and listen very carefully! WE ARE IN VERY BIG TROUBLE! I mean, if a whole sitting president – which to me means a whole government – can fail to locate an individual who is going about meeting government officials and conducting public lectures, do you really believe that they can locate and arrest people like those who murdered the late Njauju for instance? Do you need any more proof that all the issues which are under investigation by our “competent” government agencies will yield nothing? Yes, nothing, nil, nix. Now Malawi is in a state of… Read more »
Sometimes it good to say the truth than just implicating issues and confusing Malawians that JB and her crew are thieves. Sorry to say this Mr president APM, 92billion nayonso ifufuzidwe pakuti nacho ndi chuma chaboma chomwe chidaonongedwa. I salute JB and her crew pena pake, yes nawo adaba chuma cha boma but atleatst it was given back abit to the malawians through ng’ombe and nyumba. On 20th May elections you are still called thieves ngati ndikunama mwana wa inu a president (APM), VP, komanso Matiya from Blantyre were some of the main IT officers pakubera mavoti. This was also… Read more »

Peter Mutharika is a failed leader, very crook. wants to hide his cashgate by pressuring others. What about Malawi housing Issues where he was buying a K50 million valued house at K3 milliom just because he was in the leadership. What about government minister cars which he used relatives to buy on auction sales together with other selfish ministers like George Chaponda. Malawians watch out, Beware of these impostors.


Koma mbava izi zitionongerad dziko eti? Palibetu wangwiro apa, Chikhalileni abale angofa chifukwa chosowa mankhwala .


Mbava za blue(92billion) zikuzenga mlandu mbava za orage (24billion) pamene mbava za yellow (1.7billion) zapumila kaye kupita ku Khoti ………..palibe chanzeru apa drama basi………………..(magangsters alipezerela Dziko la masiye )


Sweet! …….Mr President you have just opened a can of worms now the game is on, I hope you are ready for this.

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