Nyamilandu reign of terror to cling to FA Malawi presidency

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Mc Millan Walter Nyamilandu Manda has unleashed terror on his critics and challengers by resorting to violence and manipulation ahead of the December 12, 2015 elections.

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu :  Going ahead to seek another term

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu : Going ahead to seek another term

Dan Kafandiya: Victim of Nyamilandu terror

Dan Kafandiya: Victim of Nyamilandu terror

Nyasa Times can report that Nyamilandu has hired roughnecks to beat up those who oppose him and those supporting other contestants in the race for the FAM presidency.

The roughnecks are being led by a rogue popularly known as Trouble from Chilomoni township and they are being assisted by Nyamilandu’s right hand man Suzgo Nyirenda, FAM General Secretary and head of Secretariat.

The first victim of Nyamilandu’s terror was an innocent sports reporter working for state run Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) who was conducting a vox pox on the eve of the Malawi Vs Tanzania match at Kamuzu Stadium when he was approached by Trouble and his crew of bandits.

They asked him why he wanted to remove Walter (Nyamilandu) and Earnest Mtawali (Flames Head Coach) from their positions but Chataza had no idea what Trouble was asking him, according to our source, privy to the incidents.

“Before he knew it Trouble and the group descended on Chataza and started beating him up and this surprised even some members of great Angels Choir who were nearby and Trouble wanted to break his neck but was disturbed by some people who came to rescue Chataza,” said the source.

Chataza told a local paper, The Daily Times that he was unconscious and woke up at his workplace and sympathizers took him to the hospital before he reported the matter to Police.

Sensing that things may get out of control, Nyamilandu is said to have sent one of his ‘boys’ Mabvuto Missi to go and cheer up the reporter with a K35,000 ‘gift’.

Chataza confirmed to have been visited by Missi and was indeed given K35,000 which he has ‘kept’ as he is ‘not sure what the money is for’.

Police are yet to make any arrests in the matter.

Another ugly incident of violence occurred soon after the Malawi-Tanzania match when Suzgo Nyirenda, who is part of the electoral body overseeing the FAM elections threatened a football fanatic Dan Kafandiya accusing him of trying to ‘destroy bwana Nyamilandu’.

Kafandiya confirmed the incident saying Nyirenda was in the company of the notorious Trouble and his gang when they tried to attack him.

“But I told him that they are small boys, they cannot threaten or intimidate me. In fact I wondered why Suzgo was saying I am trying to fight Nyamilandu when I am not even contesting in the FAM elections, I am just a football fan, that’s all,” said Kafandiya.

“But they will think twice if they want to come and beat me up. I have been waiting for them, they are yet to come to me, they know where to find me and they know that I am ready for them,” added Kafandiya.

Nyamilandu’s use of violence especially to sports journalists is well documented after he sent thugs to ‘kill’ his then fiercest critic Pilirani Kachinziri, now Assistant Editor for Malawi News a few years ago when the reporter was coming from his routine exercises at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

Kachinziri was badly stabbed and was saved by a good Samaritan who rescued him and took him to hospital where his life was saved.

News from media circles indicate that Kachinziri is now a good friend of Nyamilandu after receiving a personal apology from Nyamilandu on the incident and is now helping Walter in his fourth term bid.

  • In our next series of the FAM elections, we will reveal why Walter is clinging on to FAM seat following a financial deal gone sour!
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Both Nyamilandu and Suzgo Nyirenda are suppose to leave the Football governing body
because they are conducting themselves in an un ordinarily manner contrary to the spirit
of sportsmanship and fair play. Both are not fit to govern football because they are failing to govern their lives, how can they govern others.

Dausi Phiri

Nyama yamilandu zero pa 10.


walter must continue why u hate anthu abwino


waltes must continud why u hate anthu abwino

Bushiri Mprofeti Wakuba (BMW)
Bushiri Mprofeti Wakuba (BMW)

If these things are happening why haven’t you reported to police? If Walter is so evil why have you kept him in that role for 3 terms ?


Ife tikamakuonani pa TVM paja mukuwanamiza anthu kuti munayamba kupemphera timadziwa kuti mukunama.Kuphiri kwanuko mumangofuna kukawabera anthu ndalama zimene amasonkhazo.Church gate.


mwagwanayo a Mijiga cash mumapeleka ku Wine house yapita madzi . munakati mukamangira nyumba bwezi itatha pano


Amadalira kuthira NSEMBE ameneyo tiona ngat November yu wina sapita. Simungamutheeeeeee!


Mwatitopesa nazo izi mwamva! Mxiiiiiiiii

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