Nyasa takeover done ‘dubiously: Ex-Bullets officials in legal challenge

Former Nyasa Big Bullets Executive Committee officials are contemplating on a move to legally  challenge the Club’s Current Sponsors Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) Limited from completely buying out the team in abid for Commercialization drive and have instructed  private practice Lusungo Gondwe to obtain an injunction, Nyasa Times has learnt.

Fote: Challenge Nyasa takeover of Bullets

According to information reaching this publication, the move is being championed by former Chairman Kondie Msungama, former General Secretary Harold Forte, former Technical Director Billy Tewesa and Team Manager and player Rahim Ishmael on grounds that “it was done dubiously”

Nyasa Big Bullets Vice General Secretary Jack Mavutula confirmed in an interview on Wednesday that the former officials want to apply for an injunction restraining the cigarette manufacturing  company from proceeding with the takeover..

However, Mavutula refused to comment much on the matter saying: “We have not yet been served with the injunction and I will be in a position to comment once that is done and I set my eyes on it”.

He added that as a committee, they need to know to whom the injunction will be served before making its stand before seeking legal action.

Nyasa Big Bullets Supporters Chairman Stone Mwamadi said the issue of obtaining and serving of an injunction is a non-starter.

He has however quashed those intending to block NMC from taking full ownership of the club describing them as those who have been milking the club resulting into suffering of players.

“I advise them that they should not go and obtain an injunction but rather take over sponsorship of the club because it seems they have enough resources and money to take care of the club which belongs to
people” said Mwamadi.

Mwamadi further opted for the right time to comment thus when the injunction is served.

“Let us just wait and see because we might end up commenting on things that have no basis and are just mere rumours” he said.

But Fote  faulted the procedure that was used to offer the team to Nyasa, arguing it should have been  in form of an open bid, saying it wa s against the fair trade act and “it has denied the club an opportunity of getting the best deal on the matter.”

Nyasa Manufacturing Company expressed interest to take full ownership of the club early this year.

Thereafter, a Bullets Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM) held at Kumudzi Eco Centre in Lilongwe in June agreed unanimously to give NMC the go ahead.

A resolution was made that the process of handover from the trustees body take place within 60 days with some strings attached.

Among other things, NMC was asked to Construct a Stadium and Club House, Buy a Team Bus as well taking good care of the welfare of players.

The implications were that the Executive Committee, Trustees and and Supporters Committee will no longer be working on behalf of the team.

Nyasa  signed a K500 Million five year deal with the People’s Team.

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BB was suffering a lot and u guys ,u were no where to be seen -it took courageous pipo to approach Nyasa to sponsor the team-shame on u Kondi,Harlod -u failed ur time !if u think u have money go and support Lawson Nakoma to revamp Bt united-ife ndi anyasa basi -Kukonda kusolora basi? SHAME ON YOU KONDI AND COMPAY!

Hassam jussab

Pls Kondy n company before nyasa change there mind keep away from this issue and let nyasa takeover can 4 of u afford to pay mk20 million a month buy a bus a stadium etc…. then I ask the court to ask this 4 persons to deposit
Mk 2 billion cash for the Club and then talk


Kubwezeletsa mpira m’buyo nde kumeneku. Kufuna kumangodyela basi, uuuh Neba thanani nawo anthu odana ndi mpirawa. Limba mtima neba!

Msungama and his friends just want to complicate things because of selfishness. Bullets had been without proper sponsorship since Bakili Muluzi abandoned it and now when there is light at the end of the tunnel some people in the name of ex-officials coming to try to block this success, it is very painful to those who wish Big Bullets well, In short these people are nothing but fortune hunters who want to harvest where they did not sow. If they are capable of running a football club they should just form their own team other than playing with the tempers… Read more »



Yes, they may be wrong but the issue of an Open Bid System……..they are right. Who knows, another bidder could have come up with a good offer in support…I am a NOMA fan but on this one only they are right!

Jojo you are another big full , you need to understand that all Malawian clubs are reabilities not assets as far as football and business is concern , so for one to issue an open Bid system which company can bid, Bullets has been operating for close to 10 years without sponsor and it took bonafide supporters to contribute money during training for players as well as upkeep, yet Kondi had questionable business , if he is a star let him do za u gent zomwe amapanga but Kondi is a total trash, Malawi cant develop with such kind of… Read more »
These pigs messed up bullets big time, This Kondi is a total trash , he mismanaged bullets and left the club with big loans yet Bullets received numerous donations from former President JB , Airtel and numerous people, he is a bad planner and someone who want to accumulate money from Club coffers, We need to fight these pigs till the last drop of our blood , To hell with these pigs, players suffered in Kenya and Tanzania during the CAF matches and Late Douglous Chirambo was not taken care of during the time we were supposed to support him,… Read more »
Mc Bwampwapwa
Anthu okuba awa. Akuziwa kuti nthawi yokuba yatha ndipo sazaibelanso team yathu yokondedwayi. Ngati muli ndi chidwi ndi mpira bwanhi osayambisa team yanu,kapena kukatenga Blantyre united imene ikuthesedwa season ino ikatha. Kumangoyibela team kumatinamiza kuti mukuithandiza. Muyelekeze kukatenga injuction yo aliyense tizimuyendela pakhomo pake ndi kumakaotcha nyumba yake. Akanati azipanga zimenezi Higger Mkandawire kapena Malinda Chinyama bola chifukwa makosana amenewa ndi amene anayitola team yi ikufuna kutha. A Kondi Msungama m’mayesa anali ali ku Azam Tigers m’mene team imafuna kutha,ndipo palibe chimene anachitapo kapena kungoyankhulapo ziro. Ukakhala Harod Fote ndiye usayelekeze. Unabwela ku BB ulibe chilichonse koma mpakana unamanga nyumba… Read more »
Mfumu yopanda madyela
Mfumu yopanda madyela
Mwaonatu matukutuku anuwa zomwe abweretsa. Chikhala ena izi mukanangozisiya. Ngati mulidi okhonza inuyo ndibwino muzingopereka nawo upangiri. Now Harlod, you want to tell me that even when there is no interest from the public but still an auction type of sell must be done? In my opinion that was done. It is the same as with your clothes. You see a shirt in a shop then have the desire to buy it and go ahead. You don’t have to take someone to bid for the same shirt while he has no interest in it. Katengeni Blantyre United iyo. Akuti though… Read more »
Michail Gobachov

Ngakhale ndili wa Noma, koma Kondi Msungama ndi munthu osokoneza. The direction NBB has taken now is good for the development of clubs. Ifenso kuno ku Noma tere tikusilira kuti anzathu atiposa. Adziyenderano Marcopolo ngati matimu a kwangerezi ku Ulaya. Ifenso Nissan yathu ija mwina nkugulitsa kupezanso Marcopolo. But alas! There comes Kondie again. Mr Msungama ganizani bwino.

Goodson wa semanie

its good idea for nyasa manufacturing company to take over the team, for the benefit of players not greedy people the likes of the following …………………………………


palibe chovuta masapota anzanga aBB, musadandaule ndi agaluwa,asiyeni tithana nawo, asala madzi amozi. Matukutuku onsewa tithesa. This is Ndirande my friend, take care. Iwenso jaji amane ukufuna kupanga zimenezi usamale.ufera zaeni, tangoyerekeza.
Ngati mwtopa ndi moyo tiuchosa musadandaule ayi pempho lanu tamva zikomo.

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