Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: DPP vs Prophet Bushiri showdown is unnecessary

Am sure the government has more than plentiful of a myriad of problems in its plate and Prophet Bushiri is none of them. Put it simply, President Peter Mutharika’s satan for the road to the prestigious and luxurious Kamuzu Palace is not Prophet Bushiri. Neither it is Lazarus Chakwera. I do not think its any Malawian aspiring for the presidency in 2019. Rather it is inconsistent, unpragmatic government policies and leadership that has led the economy facing this down spin as well as persistent food shortages.

Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Bushiri

Up until now, despite assurances that maize is now available, people are failing to access the life saving commodity. The government is playing hide and seek on Access to Information Bill. The list can go on and on. So for the whole government to use its powers to fight this young man Bushiri is senseless.

For the government to order its Democratic Progressive Party propaganda machinery to wage war against Bushiri is mediocrity at its best. Even the way they are doing the propaganda leaves a lot to be desired, very immature and archaic. You do not fight a popular man of God that way. They need to employ sophisticated tactics. After all the DPP has no powers whatsoever to prevent Bushiri from running in the presidential race. It will be up to Malawians to make a decision on who their next leader will be.

The colonialists tried all they could to prevent Kamuzu Banda from becoming our leader but Malawians wanted him and had  an emphatic win.

In 1994, the Malawi Congress Party then the ruling party tried to block Bakili Muluzi from the presidency through smear [that he was going to Islamise Malawi] and arrests but Malawians had the last say.

In 2014 mama Joyce Banda did all she could to stay Professor Peter Mutharika away from Kamuzu Palace, our old good professor was arrested, forced to surrender his US work permit, our good JB took fun in mimicking how APM speaks, that did not work to force Mutharika away from the palace, thanks to the beauty of democracy that leaves the final say to Malawians.

Here we are now with APM as President and JB in self imposed exile. I thought the DPP and its leadership could have taken this as the reality of today’s politics. This why I earlier said the propaganda tactics employed by the DPP is useless, senseless, archaic and childish. The tactics are to the contrary making Bushiri more famous and more favoured and more loves.

Linking Prophet Bushiri to the death of Grace Chinga was in bad taste and the worst thing any propagandist can do. Malawi will never be ruled forever by the DPP. Kamuzu tried it but failed miserably, Bakili tried it he just got an embarrassment because Malawians are now cleverer than ever before.

The DPP therefore must tread carefuly in Malawi’s new political terrain!

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Chris Zinjonjo

God knows the truth

Chimpanda Khoswe Chimbano.

The only person who has supported this nonsensical dpp from the above comments, is a std 6 learner who doesnt know how to write this second language.


ine phee mukazamaliza muzatiuza


a kashot nawo alawa miracle money ndi miracle maize kkkkkkkkk


February, March and April are very critical months for Malawi. History has a tendency of repeating itself. Let’s wait and see. Before Fools Day Malawi could be waking up again only to be greeted by news that is not news at all but simply a repetition of history! Let’s wait and see!!!

Wright German

We are still fools and forever we will be. who is bushiri by the way what has he done to this country? he is only disturbing us with his ministry….. and if he is a real man of God why is he fighting with his country? what i saw in this man is that he want to be famous all over the world but in the name of God he will not succede.


“~2019 Tonse Tidzavotere Bushiri To Make Malawi Rich And We Will Be Rich Too””

# a

Peter ndi Buchiri onsewo amatumikira satana ndiye amalimbana ma udindo kumeneko moti chidani chimenechi muona sichidzatha.

mfumu Kalonga

Dickson Kashoti uyu ndithu ndimunthu opanda nzeru chifukwa zonse walemba pali be chachilendo zoti bwampini anaba mavoti sanalembe kuti bwampini anaotcha mavoti kuopa kuti tiwerenga chimodzi chimodzi sazidziwa angoti pali be angalepheretse sadziwa kuti njovu imayambana kodi linthumbwi iye sadziwa kuti bwampini sagwirizana kuti Bushiri apereke chimanga chaulere anthu adye iye ndithu zosamusangalatsa

Life goes

Very soon God is gona rescue us from the devil. Amen!!!!!

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