PAC break-way in the offing: Bishop Bvumbe says ultimatums does not reflect church-based governance watchdog

Some of the  Public Affairs Committee (PAC) quasi-religious governance watchdog are in the process of forming a different grouping that will offer different approach to what the body is taking on national issues, Nyasa Times understands.

Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe: PAC needs to review its mandate

Former PAC chairperson Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe has accused the body saying its approach   does not reflect on an organisation that is church-based but an opposition political party that is against President Peter Mutharika’s administration and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“As a church, I have always believed that our approach to issues should be peaceful by applying contact and dialogue.  But if you look at the recommendations from the recent conferences, they are confrontational and aggressive, I don’t know whether that is a true representation of a church organisation,” he said.

Most of the recommendations made on Thursday by the delegates had timeframes of 30 days (one month) while one had 14 days (two weeks) for government to address.

The delegates even went further on some recommendations to say if they are not addressed “they may be forced to mobilise Malawians” and call for fresh elections.

Among others, the delegates want government to immediately open Chancellor College, trim down prices of maize, institute serious investigations into the murder of The Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa and Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) senior official Issa Njauju, establish a Public Appointments Commission, charge former Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda for his alleged role in the Zambian maize imports saga.

Bvumbe criticised PAC saying it excluded from some of its mother bodies and member churches from the 5+1 All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference which was held in Blantyre

“We did not receive any communication or invitation to attend the conference. Maybe it’s because we are holding different views, but that shouldn’t be a reason,” Bishop  Bvumbwe said to Nyasa Times.

Bvumbwe bemoaned Pac’s conduct, revealing they have not been given convincing answer on why they were excluded from the conference.

“All we were told is that there was not enough space for the delegates; but we are Pac members therefore in their planning they should have known that and plan according to the venue. Pac stands for integrity and shouldn’t exclude anyone because they have different views.”

Pac Executive Director, Robert Phiri insisted they sent the invitations to all their members.

“We sent invitations to all our members. And it was up to the members to choose who was going to represent at the conference, but as far as I know, the invitations were sent,” said Phiri.

On reports of a breakway grouping,Phiri said was not surprised with the move, arguing “It happens all the time. It’s nothing new. They have tried it before when we had another all-inclusive conference at Limbe Cathedral in Blantyre. So it’s nothing new.”

While Bishop Bvumbwe said he would not be surprised to see other religious groupings seeking new approach to current Pac’s political stand.

“I won’t be surprised if church leaders find Pac irrelevant. They might be compelled to find different ways to communicate. But it’s very unfortunate that Pac is being used as a vehicle for political parties to communicate their position. Pac is a vehicle for religious organizations,” said Bishop Bvumbwe.

Last week Pac’s mother bodies cautioned the executive committee not to use the All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference to advance its political agenda.

In a meeting that took place in Blantyre on Thursday, Pac mother bodies comprising of Episcopal  Conference  of  Malawi (ECM), Muslim  Association  of  Malawi (MAM), Quadria  Muslim  Association  of  Malawi (QMAM), Malawi  Council  of  Churches (MCC)  and Evangelical  Association  of  Malawi (EAM) demanded for an early Annual General Assembly, accusing the elected executive committee of behaving like a political party.

PAC brought change from one party s to multi-party system of government in 1992. It has at least 35 member organizations that form an Annual General Assembly which appoints and elects its 7 Board of Trustees and 9 Executive Committee members respectively.

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46 thoughts on “PAC break-way in the offing: Bishop Bvumbe says ultimatums does not reflect church-based governance watchdog”

  1. Maunits says:

    Bvumbwe ndi bvumbwe wosadabwa wosadabwa please.

  2. Mudzamva liti says:

    Uyu simunthu wa Mulungu; chitsiru cha munthu.

  3. Zex says:

    The bishop is right, there is a better way of doing about things than the approach that is being taken, PAC is not a political party and neither is it a violent and arrogant organization. The members of PAC should ask themselves that if Jesus was here now would he have used the approach they are using now?

  4. Zoona says:

    Lest you forget…his ascendancy to the bishopric was marred with controversies and some of his competitors were forced to resign. Just look at the way he runs the ELDS……

  5. Bandung Cincau says:

    Uchitsiru. Typical of a bootlicker. Bvumbwe you are pathetic. Wadya ma sikono.

  6. ndondwa says:

    Bishop Bvumbwe ngati mwadya chibanzi ingokhalani chete a Malawi ambiri akuvutika what are you saying chokani zikadyani mabanzi anuwo isaaa munthu wa Mulungu wamadyeramphoto choncho bwanji shame on you Bishop Bvumbwe

  7. Kudzadza Lembwende says:

    Bishop, PAC cannot approach issues in similar way now, 2017 as it used to do in 1990s when you were its chair. You should be the first to know the dynamism of religious and political issues.

  8. Bololo Sakondamadzi says:

    The prophets of old gave ultimatums. For instance death was pronounced for one king Hezekia and many others for their evil ways. PAC provides prophetic vision on how this country should be run based on equity and justice for all. Those who were lucky to repent in time survived the wrath of God. And many pretenders serving as men of God also suffered the same. And many prophets who stood by the truth were killed by the evil kings. Mind you these were dangerous times. There was no democracy. One man’s word was law. Today we have democracy. Should our prophets of today not talk freely on issues affecting the masses. I have no rigtht to condem the Bishop but his own conscious should convict him if indeed he is a servant of the most high God. For his utterances will surely come back to haunt him in due time.

  9. Bvumbwe2 says:

    His name is Bvumbwe. What else do you expect from him?

  10. Central says:

    Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe, God loves us all and does not want to see any of us suffering!!

    Sincerely, I for one know that you are protecting pomwe mukupeza zanu…………………….. however, remember that love of money is the root of all evil – 1 Timothy 6:1 0. As stated by “Civil Servant”, one wonders if ever you had liberation theology on your curriculum during your theological studies. Mukakhala pa msana pa njobvu a Bvumbwe musamati kulibe mame…………….!!!

    Iwe ndi munthu odzikonda kwambiri………………………………………………………….!!

    PAC don’t mind him, he is ‘Judas Iscariot’ of our time, a “traitor,” and a nkhandwe mu chikopa cha nkhosa……………………..!!!

  11. Bazzoka says:

    Bishop Bvumbwe does not understand why PAC was formed. PAC stands for Public Affairs Committee. So what is wrong with PAC to point out things which are not going well in the interest of the public. Some of these clergy are greedy and selfish. They do not have people’s welfare at heart , they only think of what they are getting from the current government. Shame.

  12. Mpandamantha says:

    The Bible clearly says that you can’t serve two masters at once. Bishop Bvumbwe is serving two masters ie as a man of God at the same time a MERA board chair. He has two faces. His allegiance is more to MERA position than serving the Almighty God. Ichi chakoma, ichinso chakoma, pusi anagwa chagada.

  13. Odandaula says:

    Bishop Bvumbwe is really worth His Grace. He is showing Malawians what the original ideology of PAC was. He would like Malawi to remain peaceful. Of yhe two camps in PAC, if Jesus came down and sided with one of the groups. Iam sure He would side with Bishop Bvumbwe’s side. He realises that no authority comes but from God. Chingota is serving opposition and is deaf from even the direction of the Mother bodies. He needs to repent. He will spoil the image of the Catholic Church.

  14. Jamax says:

    It doesn’t matter how many autimemtum PAC will give APM – the fact is APM is the President of Malawi and he will be the President of Malawi until 2014, he was chosen by GOD and no one can remove him axcept GOD himself………he will white wash clean all his rivals in the next general meeting 2019 – tell me which opposition leader can stand with APM……..????? God can not and will never allow anyone dumping his spiritual work to become a Political Leader, take for example what happened in Zambia and S. Africa -No any religious leader has ever been successful politically. Mind you if you ran away from GOD, GOD also rans away from you and you can not achieve anything.

    1. Jamax says:

      Until 2024 as for correction

  15. StatesMan says:

    Am not surprised with aBvumbwe…typical of Board Chair Persons…..MERA,..akudyerera …selling ordinary ppo’s rights with his mouth..,agent of the devil in the name of church…very shameful..

  16. Rift Valley says:

    I have a problem here. How did Bvumbwe get as far as Bishop status with his level of thinking? Malawians put APM in the position of President on trust and should we just watch him and his cronies messing up the country and do nothing?

    Come on your Grace. You and your kind, Bishop Malasa and Sheik Chabulika, should be in the forefront giving thieving DPP a tough time on behalf of your flock. And all we get from you is rubbish statements which most people conclude as pay back for the favours you have received from the powers that be.

    Unless people like you lead the way, mediocrity in government will continue.

    The alternative, of course is for you and your colleagues to form your own praise singing group because you are a burden to those who want the country to move forward.

  17. chatonda Mkandawire says:

    Former PAC chair, Bishop Bvumbwe want the grouping to change the way of operating. Every body knows that the group is a Religious body but tackles political issues that are seen to be oppressive to citizens. I am not sure how he want to see the change may be he want to see the grouping start operating as a Church or a Fellowship. Just very curious

  18. Mmalawi says:

    Bvumbwe turn to TVM now and what is there? I profecy mwadya za magazi. God is above everyone and is in control. Mark my words, chimwemwe chidza very soon. Mmene tikuvutikilamu inu nkumabakila mdyelekezi. Akukwapulirani kumodzi.

    1. mundali says:

      Lets get facts correct. Mr Bvumbwe is not a man of God. He is an impersonator Man of God. He ascended to that position through deceit and treachery. He deceived the man who brought the Lutheran Church to Malawi from Tanzania. This was a co-worker Lilongwe City Council in the seventies. The man died very miserably. I can also prophesy that Mr Bvumbwe is nearing his end and it will tragic and pitiful for someone who people believe is a man of God. The CCAP honour David Livingstone by naming a whole synod after him. The Anglicans celebrate Bishop Mackenzie. He has put himself the father and founder Lutheran Church in Malawi

    2. Odandaula says:

      Zeru za dyabulosi ndi maganizidwe a opposition awa.

  19. Dula moyo says:

    Bishop Bvubwe is indeed a man of God who loves peace to prevail.
    Two wrongs does not make a right thing.
    Can our so called church leaders understand the facts of democracy plz where people of different views should come together and make a resolution.
    Be reminded that we are all people created by the same God to claim to serve. We all go to church /mosques. So are politicians.
    I am afraid you church leaders if not trade carefully you will loose popularity.

  20. civil servant says:

    obviously the Learned bishop did not have liberation theology on his curriculum during studies

  21. Watipa says:

    Bvumbwe has nothing to offer, am so happy that PAC is not headed by a northerner, tikanava zambiri, that’s how God fights for his chosen generation

  22. Richard Soko says:

    Bishop Bvumbwe, if anything
    stop making public statements in defence of govt that offered you a public job for which you have no qualification and experience. The best approach is to keep quiet and receive the corruption money. How can you say giving ultimatums to govt is political? If you do not give ultimatums how do you monitor performance? Shaaaah! Do not behave like a fool.

  23. chapita says:

    Bvumbwe Bvumbwe Bvumbwe Bvumbwe, happily castigated fellow men of God on mbctv prior to pac meeting. Abusa, mwasokera. If RC bishops had the attitude like yours In 1992, they wouldn’t have authored the Pastoral letter. Poor Bvumbwe, moti simukuona kuti Chaponda sakumangidwa pa milandu yaikulu koma pac ikhale chete? Pe pani a bvumbwe

  24. Tenzi Mzungu says:

    Wait for 2019 people will speak. What are you afraid?

  25. Akasungu says:

    Bishop Bvumbwe, with the due respect I hold for you. What is wrong with ultimatum? As Christians do you want us to crawl on our knees before a politician and expect to make progress on the very things the politicians cherish? Abusa mukunama. Please don’t work against truth you will die soon…..I have seen mbendera dying like a nobody, yet he was a respected man of God, and a judge……if you can’t change,change will manage you

  26. Iwedi ndi bvumbwe eti iweyo sukuona anthu m’mene akubvutikiramu? munthu wa mulungu kulandira ziphuphu.ndalama inaphadi yesu munthu wa mulungu kulandira ndalama cholinga anthu azibvutika bvumbwe iwe pa chakuti pako pa mtumbo pako pa mnyero pako.

  27. Chimwene kwa chinyama says:

    A bvumbwe musaiwale kuti mkhosi mwanumo muli white collar WA mpingo.Kungoti munthu ukakhala board chair ndichoncho.sungalume chala chomwe chikukudyesa.
    Shame on you.

  28. Mipando says:

    Mr. Bvumbwe ,the reason why you didn’t attend the PAC meeting is that a lot of DPP members were there. You’re DPP with Chabulika and Malasa . you have political positions all the three. Board chairmen are political positions in Malawi. You never applied for it. Did you submit your CV there?. Have you ever heard of any Catholic priest being a board chairman?. . you’re the one practicing politics. Stop barking if you’re a man of God. Stop politics. Who is APM not be told the truth?. He is just no body before our Reverend’s. Where were you when the Catholic priests wrote the first pastral letter?. A strong kamuzu bowed down to priests and accepted multiparty politics. So who is this Peter boy before Malawians. We are keeping an eye on you three greedy DPP pastors.Do no talk Rubbish.

  29. Becks says:

    Bvumbwe ndi Bvumbwe whether in PAC or elsewhere. Bvumbwe remains Bvumbwe. Mphaka wamkhwilu

  30. NAB says:

    PAC today is not a religious grouping but rather a political grouping for all who has a grudge with Govt. shame all of the executive nominees. Let the devil carry you all to hell.

  31. joze says:

    Shame to Bishop Bvumbwe. he has received bribes from govt so to disturb PAC in not forcing govt to arrest Chaponda. Digging into the death of Chasowa / Njaunje and silence on the 7 rotten ministers.
    Bvumbwe true to his name meaning is another Judas Escariot in PAC..shame shame…go and start your stupid Bvumbwe-aka-BPAC…no one will join you greedy reverend, Maulana and muslim chabulika all are greedy after cashing from govt they do not feel the plight of Malawi teachers, chanco students, primary learners who are denied their rights to quality education.
    What stupid Bvumbwe wants is piling up wealth on him alone and DPP fools.



  33. Kalanga says:

    I have known that sometimes the devil can attack even well mannered men of God!
    If I heard properly,,PAC just provided a forum for the public to speak! Hence ultimatum is not from PAC but the public!
    Why did you choose to call it Public Affairs Committee and not Religious Affairs Committee!
    I feel Bvumbwe should be in a better position to understand the meaning of Public!
    Why did you involve us when we were moving from one state,,referendum,, and yet it was a religious body!
    face reality please!

  34. KUCHITHEKETE says:


    1. Citizen says:

      Certainly u are also out of mind & out of context. Which things are falling apart here? Diversity of opinion does not entail falling of things apart. On the contrary it’s a clear demonstration of democracy at work. Big up man & start contributing constructively to the issue at hand.

  35. chitutu says:


  36. Mzika says:

    I lost respect on you Bishop Bvumbwe munadya scorn ndi udindo wa Ku Mera I don’t expect you to talk anything bad of ur boss but let me tell you this the agenda was the issue of worsen corruption in Malawi nde tikanike kukumana kupanga Map forward tikayima pachulu mutipange chasowa

  37. Guantanamo Bay says:

    Bvumbwe is now swimming in DPP money as board chair for MERA. We know this. Even when Bvumbwe was pac chair the ruling party never liked him. Since 1992 pac has given deadlines to ruling parties. And that does not mean pac is comfrontational. When Bvumbwe was chair all religious leaders gave him support. Now that the carrot has been dangled to him by dpp pac is evil. I thank my church, the Catholic, it has always remained relevant to its sheep

  38. Tuvitwana says:

    Bishop bvumbwe represents satan in Malawi. An evil man.

  39. bristone mabichi says:

    The Bishop is right and he is also the board chair for MERA. Nothing surprising, it would have been surprising if he had not said it. This is normal as board chair.

  40. benedict says:

    Please dont get divided but work together

  41. zooo says:

    Any of democracy,shame

  42. Patrick Phiri says:

    Great observation, Bishop Bvumbwe. The current PAC leadership is full of MCP and PP operatives. They will not succeed.

Comments are closed.

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