PAC slams Malawi govt over failed negotiations

Quasi religious body, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has threatened to pull out of the negotiations with the government unless the President Peter Mutharika’s team shows seriousness.

Rev Chingota: PAC chairperson: Government team playing delaying tactics

Rev Chingota: PAC chairperson: Government team playing delaying tactics

President Peter Mutharika appointed a government technical team to dialogue with PAC —a civil society, inter-faith organisation made up of the main Protestant, Catholic and Muslim faith groups in the country— on “matters of national interest.”

PAC chairman Reverend  Felix Chingota has accused the government side of showing no seriousness in the talks.

“The government is showing no commitment. The issues we presented to the President have huge bearing on ordinary Malawians but the government seems not to care much,” he said.

Chingota said the last meeting was held on May 16 and agreed to meet before the elapse of two weeks.

“ The government team has been giving excuses,” said Chingota.

He said the meeting on May 16 was to set an agenda for subsequent meetings.

Chingota blamed executive arrogance for failure to hold further talks.

“We wanted to meet so that we deal with issues that are making Malawians suffer, but with the attitude of the government team, Malawians will continue to suffer,” he said.

He said the government says the next meeting will take place after parliament rises.

The government technical  committee  composition comprises Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Samuel Tembenu, who is also the chairperson and spokesperson of the government technical team; Dr. Collins Magalasi, Chief Economic Advisor and Executive Assistant to the President;  Mavuto Bamusi, Special Advisor and Assistant to the President on NGOs and Civil Society;  Dr. Peter Kumpalume, Minister of Health and Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba, Chief Advisor to the President on Domestic Policy.

At its Fifth All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference in Blantyre in February.

PAC developed actionable resolutions on each thematic area, including governance, agriculture, economy and health. Delegates, notably opposition political parties—Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and People’s Party (PP)—called for Mutharika’s resignation and that call was inserted in a document present to Mutharika.

But government condemned PAC for being hostile towards Mutharika.

Father Peter Mulomole, PAC’s spokesperson, gave a newspaper interview on 27 April 2016 which he said President Mutharika   seemed  not  to  be  aware  of  some critical  issues .

“We had a tough exercise to discuss with the Head of State in a live broadcast given  that he  maintained  from  the outset  that  he had  been  transformative and that there was no need  for  some of the actionable  solutions. And yet those issues  have  constantly been  raised  in  all  the three  regions  of  Malawi,” Mulomole said.

He said: “ The President and his DPP may hate deadlines, but Malawians do not. So let the President not belittle what the conference has recommended. Malawians should not be taken for granted.”

Fr Mulomole said Malawi still lacks a listening and bold servant leadership.

 “There is too much Executive arrogance. We lack the kind of leadership that is ready to make hard decisions the country needs on various  issues  such as  Fertiliser Input Subsidy Programme, Green Belt Initiative, crop diversification, fiscal discipline, reduction  of  presidential  powers, our flawed electoral system and reactionary Constitution. Most of the decisions that administrations have been making are for political convenience and not for real national development,” PAC spokesman said.

But government spokesperson Patrici Kaliati said contrary to the dismissive and hostile stance taken by PAC, government  still regard the religious grouping as partner in constructive dialogue towards finding solutions to Malawi’s longstanding challenges.

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The whole thing is a joke if they can not meet now so that if there are some issues which needs parliament in put interms of financial resources should be done now. These people they take Malawians for granted. Dont forget that God is watching and will deal with these issues at his own time.

Patrick Phiri

The current pro-PP partisan PAC will not achieve anything if it continues to be partisan. This is the most silly PAC ever.


I will repeat what I have said before that putting DPP in power again was the biggest mistake this country made. These are the stupid fools who messed the country through theft, killings and under performance. The foolishness with our electorate is that come 2019 they will vote for The same idiots. So expect continued arrogance as long as this party is in power. They behave as if they know everything yet they are a crop of dull minded fools.

Joseph Banda

Malawi sidzatheka.

Martin Nyirenda

Kodi is arrogance junior, middle level and executive? What is executive arrogance. PAC uses words it does not understand. They failed to explain transformative vs transactional. Kumvetsa chisoni.

Dr Mbilixi

Foolish leadership haunting Malawiand. government taking Malawians backward

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